Mar 21

MyzteryZOT! Redux?

It’s not just the same, great apps that ran last week. It’s four products completely new to MacZOT and two returning based on dozens of requests. Each have found praise, whether by winning numerous awards, receiving high ratings from visitors to download sites, or even being featured on’s front page.

What will you do?

Will you join the MyzteryZOT club?

Take the plunge. Acquire six great apps.

Walk away, and you can get all your Starbuck’s Marble Macchiatos this week, but you’ll miss the chance to own this bundle for a discounted price forever.

$14.97 for six great apps — 72% savings

(Did you know? 4 of the 6 apps are Hot Picks on MacUpdate.)

The last MyzteryZOT sold out in just ten hours… and quantities are limited. Miss this opportunity, and you’ll find yourself revving up your RSS reader hoping to never miss another MyzteryZOT AGAIN!

Good Luck, and Happy ZOT[buy]ing!

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19 Responses to “MyzteryZOT! Redux?”

  1. ZOT Says:

    Re: Purchases made on 3.22.06 for the MyzteryZOT!

    Fulfilling 6 applications is not an instant process. Please be patient. All orders will be fulfilled within 24-72 hours of your purchase.

    You can always send an email to if you have questions after this time.

  2. brab Says:

    By the way, will you let us know when the contest is over?

  3. slam Says:

    I’d like to get this but I am afraid that there will be some of the same apps that I purchased in the last mystery zot.

  4. Kyle Says:

    I bought the first, i’m buying the second.

  5. ndrake Says:

    I couldn’t resist the pull of the MyzteryZOT! I’m in for one.

  6. yahtzeen Says:

    As much as I complained last time around, I just purchased the second mysteryZOT!

    Looking forward to seeing what it is and I’ll patiently wait for the registration codes.

    love the site!

  7. rpaskowitz Says:

    Knowing that 4 of the apps are new this time round is good. Hopefully there’s a fair bit of value, perhaps get surprised by a couple nice apps. Somehow I feel AppZapper will be one of the two repeats, seems like there’s some leftover licenses.

  8. mbazzoni Says:

    I am in for another mysteryZOT! The last one was good, can’t wait to see what apps we get this time…

  9. Laurence Anderson Says:

    I finally caved, this is my first ZOT and is probably gonna be the best.

  10. dalton Says:

    I’m in. It’s painful not to find out until tomorrow…

  11. slam Says:

    Well I got this email:

    WIthout giving the Myztery away, I think it’s safe to say there are no overlaps between the MyzteryZOT bundles.


    Brian Ball

    So I decided to go ahead and order. Should be good.

  12. zebra3 Says:

    i didn’t buy the first one not knowing if it would be new apps or a package of previous ZOTs but i did buy this one.
    What decided me this time around is that you announced how many apps are new ZOTs and how many are “redux” ZOTs, it’s a good idea imho.
    This my third purchase and probably not the last one, thanks for keeping up digging great apps for us :)

  13. Ecommerce Consultant Says:

    I’ve ordered. This is a cool site and a great idea. Just wish some other stuff hadn’t already sold out by the time I got round to visiting. Can’t wait to see what I get!

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  15. Toews Says:


    That T-Shirt site is sweet! I just ordered the Godfather one. Thanks for the link.

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