Mar 11

We had to cap it and sell out early. It appears many people wanted to buy, buy, buy today!

Thank you!

Email being sent out in case you’re checking:


Wow! Congratulations for overwhelming us with your support.

That was completely overwhelming. Our first MyzteryZOT! and you went nuts!

Thank you!

The thing is, you are now an official member of the ZOT! FAN CLUB (The meaning of which is to be determined.)

We had such a great response, we’re going to respond in two emails.

1. This one, and

2. The one with all the registration information.

If you already purchased all the MacZOT items this week, you get Sudoku Companion by Verek software as your bonus.

If you didn’t purchase all the ZOTs, we’re catching you up. The apps in the MyzteryZOT! include:

1. AppZapper –
2. BlogLight –
3. DockStar –
4. Swift Office Ships (SOS aka Battleship over Bonjour network or against computer)
5. Sudoku Comp –

We saw a comment that pointed out: “Yipes, it might just be a bunch of apps from this week!”

It is. But we warned you.

However, as a consolation, you get premier status as far as MacZOT! goes and gosh darn it, we’re going to make that mean something.

We appreciate your support and encouragement and will follow up with the registrations for each of your apps.

Kind regards,
The MyzteryZOT! Team
(at MacZOT)

26 Responses to “Lots of Myztery Shoppers”

  1. driveblind Says:

    Unfortunately, this bundle left out a few of the apps that I really wish that I had bought this past week (Wallet, iClip), but oh well. I still feel honored to have been a part of the first MysteryZot!

  2. lesbrown Says:

    So, where’s the email with the registration info? Is their some secret to that, too?

  3. zicklepop Says:

    I want my second e-mail with the registration info. Come on! :-D

  4. Kyle Says:

    Guess this was bound to happen. Complainers who got their hopes up for that thousand dollar package of 5 apps and got a few useful utilities instead. AppZapper and DockStar were worth the price alone. Bloglight doesn’t seem real useful to me but we’ll see. The two games are neat, I was going to buy MacSudoku but this one here seems to be essentiallly the same so it’ll probably be fine for my use. $15 well spent for me. Sure I would’ve liked iClip and Xyle Scope in there instead but oh well, life goes on.

    Thanks to the vendors who allowed this neat little package. I’ll be sending an email to the developers of each product thanking them for making their products available here.

  5. William Sun Says:

    I’m pretty happy with the applications bundled in the MyzteryZOT but I understand why some customers would be angry as the majority were already showcased on MacZOT.

  6. wordtrip Says:

    Ummm, am I the only one who bought the mystery zot but haven’t actually gotten any e-mail about it or any codes yet? are we not getting them till Monday?

  7. ndrake Says:

    I’m ok with the apps I’m getting, but am getting annoyed with the fact that I haven’t received the second email with the registration codes yet.

  8. wordtrip Says:

    I’ve not even gotten the first e-mail yet… though my account shows that I bought it… kind of disappointing that I won’t get to install these yet. (mainly appzapper so I can clear out some junk).

  9. weatherh Says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with the reg codes, but this is a good way to ruin a great business model. I’m satisfied with the apps in the bundle, but I could download these demos for free. All I have so far for my $15 is a bunch of demo software. It will be a real shame if MacZOT discourages this early following, since it was word of mouth that got me to join in the first place. Come on guys, don’t dissapoint your founding members of the “ZOT! FAN CLUB” like this!

  10. Kyle Says:

    I got my Reg codes this morning. They say in the FAQ that the reg codes are shipped out within 24-48 hours. So chill.

  11. ryeenv Says:

    People usually take statements like “will be processed with in 48 hours” as a way for the company to protect them selves from little technical glitches. I think anyone purchasing downloaded software online would expect to get their registration emailed with in 30 minutes. The listing clear stated the mystery applications wouldn’t be available until the end of day, so you would expect the 30 minutes for registration at the end of the day. By delaying, what would seem to be, an automated process for close to 48 hours would be going against customer expectations. And in this sense they most definitely dropped the ball.

    On that note, it’s been over 48 hours since I received my pay pal receipt of payment. The pay pal receipt is dated March 10 @ 10:30 am it is now 1:38 pm on March 12. This no only violates customer expectation, but their own guidelines.

    This kind of thing wouldn’t stop me from purchasing again in the future, but it most likely cause hesitation in the future.

  12. yahtzeen Says:

    Still no codes for me. Yesterday I was okay with how things were going but today I’m pretty upset that I’ve yet to see any registration codes or a second email explaining why I haven’t gotten the codes yet.

    Like others said this was a great idea but if this is how you handle your customers macZOT! isn’t going to last very long.

  13. DolceMortem Says:

    It’s been over 48 hours since I’ve received my receipt of purchase from pay pal. User expectation for receiving downloadable applications registration is well bellow an 48 hours, my expectations are below 30 minutes. So in this sense they have not only failed user expectations, but their own.

    This is definitely putting a dent in my experience with maczot.

  14. zicklepop Says:

    I just got mine!

  15. Kyle Says:

    Q9: How long does it take to receive my registration?

    A: You will be able to download the software immediately and registrations will be processed within 48 hours.

    The download stuff was already posted …

    1. AppZapper –
    2. BlogLight –
    3. DockStar –
    4. Swift Office Ships (SOS aka Battleship over Bonjour network or against computer)
    5. Sudoku Comp –

    it ended at 11:59 PST FRIDAY. It is now SUNDAY and it isn’t yet 11:59… they still have approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes as of this posting at 3:30 EST.

    It’s probably not real fun gathering 5 serials (1 of them is a license file) and doing all that stuff to send them out. I’m doubting it’s automated. So basically there’s probably someone doing this by hand. Cut them some slack.

  16. myscreenname Says:

    Check your junk filters.

    The first email was caught in mine. I was lucky to see it. The 2nd went directly to me.

  17. weatherh Says:

    I just received my reg codes. I still have to say that a >48hr turn around to send a registration code is excessive. I’m not too thrilled with the model.

  18. Kyle Says:

    it was a day and a half. :-/ I’m guessing that the slow down was mostly due to having to get codes for 5 apps rather than just one. This is the only thread i’ve seen where people have complained about the time it took to get the codes.

  19. zotbatman Says:

    I think the apps are great. Well worth the $14. You told me I would find out until midnight and then I just downloaded the trial versions the next morning and knew they would all last until I got my codes. I figured I wouldn’t get them until monday and received them early, so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. It sounds like Maczot did exactly what they said. I am sure you aren’t a big company, but it sounds like you stood up to a bigger job than you expected.

    Thanks Again

  20. DolceMortem Says:

    To post a follow up, this morning at 9 I received an email stating that they are having technical difficulties beyond their control. That is understandable, it’s nice to have acknowledgment of the issue instead of dead air.

  21. Kyle Says:

    The only one I’m having trouble registering is DockStar, I can’t find a place to enter the code into. Anyone wanna point me to the place to do it? There’s only a “Buy Now” button on the preference panel and that takes me straight to the webpage to buy it not enter the code.

  22. myscreenname Says:

    You need to email them. I had to and they gave me a special link.

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