Mar 31

Web Devil is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting web site content, helping to maintain web sites for content authors, and more. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want, and has a simple to use interface. Just enter a URL and it downloads the content with a single click. It contains several powerful tools for downloading and processing web content with ease, including an URL and e-mail extractor, batch URL downloader, incremental downloader, and more.

Web Devil 6.3 is a universal binary, and requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or later.

Download and try Web Devil here

Normally $34.95

ZOT! Price: $9.95

Save 71.53%

Mar 30
“AppZapper is a great piece of software that is easier to use than I had expected. There are very few obvious weaknesses of the Mac OS X, but the clean uninstall has been one of them and the AppZapper has taken care of that.”

AppZapper – The Uninstaller Apple Forgot !

Offered for the first time EVER – A Friends and Family Pack of AppZapper

A MacZOT Exclusive!

“The graphical appearance of the application is so simple, its stunning. Everything has been kept to a minimum, therefore providing the user with a stress free, simple removal of applications.” … “A must have application for anyone who owns a Mac!”

“As a Newbie this is a Must Have application.” … “In many ways AppZapper captures the Mac experience totally – you open AppZapper, you get a neat box that you drag the application you want to remove into, you press OK and woosh – it has gone! A quick check on Spotlight and no residual files are lurking around in the depths of your system. It really is that easy, and I cant recommend it enough.”

“Not only does it help keep your system clean and save hard drive space, after using it today I have to admit theres a bit of fun when you zap an application. There is a satisfying flash and zap noise that prompted me to delete three or four unused apps just to hear it again.”

“This is soooo cool. So simple. So much a Mac application. Its a one trick pony that does a trick you need.”
-Tera Patricks,

“I would highly recommend this to someone that downloads and tries out a lot of freeware or shareware. Its ease of use only makes it more worth it.”

“This is definitely a must have thumbs up app…”

“This application is great for quickly removing a new program you just wanted to test. It almost always finds the associated preferences and support files, removing them is simple.”
-JetsGo, MacUpdate Review

“Great app, stable, easy to use, and very friendly developers ;-)”
-Billy Ray Valentine, MacUpdate Review

“Of course, OS X should have this functionality built in, but until then this little app is a life-saver. If you can’t resist trying every intesting looking shareware app out there, then AppZapper is an essential.”
-iPhillip, MacUpdate Review

“I like this app a lot!!! Fast, easy and stable. High recommended!”
-AlleyCat, VersionTracker Review

“Totaly worth it if you download and try apps off this site alot!”
-phatmancam, VersionTracker Review

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Excellent concept and interface, just the right amount of eye (and ear) candy and a reasonable shareware fee. I bough my license right after the first zap.”
-tcloer, VersionTracker Review

Back by popular demand – and lots of requests. If you didn’t get it the first time, or you didn’t get it the second time, AND you didn’t get the MyzteryZOT 1.0, or you haven’t purchased it directly, now is your chance to get the most popular uninstaller for the Mac OS – AppZapper.

AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.


Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files, lets you preview them and delete them with a single click.

A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files you’ve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

AppZapper is a very popular application right now. If you do a search on Google, you’ll see it’s linked everywhere. It’s localized in Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, German and more. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s FUN! You have to try this application.


Just try it and you’ll know why it’s been downloaded over 100,000 times


Get more info here:

Normally $64.75 a 72.2% savings.

ZOT Price: $18.00

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Mar 29

World of Where

World of Where is the easiest way to learn the countries, capital cities, flags, provinces and physical features of the world.

Navigate "atlas style" to one of the many colourful political maps or gorgeous physical maps within World of Where and click test to begin a customisable quiz of the countries, cities, flags or physical features of that continent.

World of Where also includes maps that teach the provinces/states and cities of countries including the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia making World of Where a great tool for students, teachers, travellers and anyone else wishing to achieve an impressive knowledge of our planet.

World of Where comes in English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese.

Its fun, educational and slightly addictive.

What are people saying:

MacUpdate Reviews:

- “Great App! It’s so easy to learn my geography with this”

- “Genuinely useful software made by a friendly guy.”

– “Great app, they should give it to every US citizen at birth, I actually talked to an American that thought the capital of the UK was France! ”

- “World of Where is awesome! I’m using this software to prepare my kids for geography class in high school! They learn, and have fun in doing so with this software! Keep up the good work!”

- “Wow! What a great piece of software! I am a geography student in highschool, and for me, this software is perfect.”

– “Great! Showed me how much I didn’t know about the rest of the world and helped to correct that”.

Version Tracker Reviews:

- “This is an excellent program. It is very full featured and easy to use. Perfect for learning all of the world’s capitals!”

- “This is a nifty app, its a quick and convenient way to learn your geography.”

- “Very helpful, friendly, kind and all the other things a Good Scout is. An excellent reference and a built-in quiz tool to expand your knowledge of geography.”

- “As a homeschool Dad, this app has come in handy in our geography class. My youngest thinks this is a lot more fun than the geography book that we no longer use”

Macworld Magazine:

“World of Where is a great way to learn geography on the cheap” I admit to learning the locations of a few tiny countries myself during my testing. And if you’re a teacher, World of Where can be an invaluable teaching aid.”


Download for Mac OS X

Get more info here…


Normal Price: $11.95

ZOT Price: $5.95 a 50% savings

World of Where :

Dozens of positive reviews



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Mar 28


RapidWeaver makes it easy for everyone to instantly publish Photos, Movies and Blogs online. If you’re thinking about starting a blog or a website, RapidWeaver is the perfect choice. Not only does it allow you to work in a familiar iApp style environment, it also integrates seamlessly with iLife, .Mac and Mac OS X.


What is RapidWeaver?
RapidWeaver is an easy to use web design application allowing anyone to create and publish professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex html is required, RapidWeaver takes care of all that for you.

What can I do with RapidWeaver?

Using easy drag and drop technology you can build a website tailored to your personal needs. Blogs, Photo albums, Movie pages, Styled text and more can be created at the click of a button and customised to make a site to be proud of. If you can use the iLife Suite, you’ll feel right at home with RapidWeaver.

Nothing else on the market comes close to RapidWeaver’s ease of use and power. Create anything from a small family site with photos & movies, to a professional business site in minutes.

Theme Based Design
RapidWeaver comes with over 20 professionally designed themes as standard, but this is just the start. The latest version of RapidWeaver has a revolutionary new feature called "Theme Variations" allowing you to mix and match styles to create the perfect site. For example, the "Blog" theme alone has over 100 different combinations.

If none of the built-in themes suit your latest project, then there are literally hundreds of extra themes available from 3rd party companies. Visit the Resources page for a comprehensive list of plugins, themes, tutorials, and other 3rd party resources.

Beautiful Flash Slideshows
RapidWeaver can produce beautiful Flash slideshows from your iPhoto albums. You no longer need to own or learn Flash. It’s as simple as picking the images you want and letting RapidWeaver do the rest!

Powerful enough for Professionals
While RapidWeaver appears simple, it has many powerful features that will appeal to professionals and high end users. These include modifiable themes, live php rendering, smart publishing, XHTML and CSS based site output, viewable source code and built-in error checking.

Built in .Mac and FTP Publishing
Once your site is complete, publishing to the web takes literally moments, with RapidWeaver offering one click publishing to .Mac and FTP. RapidWeaver keeps track of the changes you make to your site and only uploads modified pages, keeping publishing time to a minimum.

Plays Nice With Tiger, iLife & .Mac
RapidWeaver is built in Mac OS X’s native language, Cocoa. This allows it to easily integrate with Mac OS X and all the great new technologies Apple has to offer. For example, RapidWeaver offers one click publishing to .Mac (& FTP), seamless integration with iPhoto and an easy way to publish Podcasts.

Download for Mac OS X

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Normal Price: $34.95

ZOT Price: $26.21 a 25% savings


Dozens of positive reviews


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Mar 27

Easy Frame

Have you ever looked at a photo with a cool torn-paper edge and wonder how you can get that effect on your own photos? Using EasyFrame, you can apply all sorts of cool frames and edge effects to your photos in seconds.

Just open an image file, select a frame, adjust the image by dragging if necessary and save. That’s it. Instead of saving, you can even drag the framed image straight to another app (think Mail, or blogging software).

EasyFrame comes with a rich collection of built-in frames, but it also lets you very easily add your own edge effects.

Download for Mac OS X

Get more info here…

Secret Folder

Normal Price: $18.95

ZOT Price: $9.47 a 50% savings

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Mar 25

Wow! Another crazy week is over, but once again, it’s been our best ever!

What defined it? We sold out and had a MyzteryZOT explosion. So, we cooked up a little something for those of you who might miss our great deals…

Keep tabs on the latest news with the MacZOT! widget. We’ll be back Monday, 12:00 a.m. PST.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Mar 24

Secret Folder

Want to hide those online dating profiles, your financial files or other private documents from others who might look over your shoulder or use your Mac?

Apimac Secret Folder provides an easy and fast way to protect personal documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users. It allows users to hide multiple folders and their contents. Files and folders can be added by means of a single click on a choose dialog box or via drag and drop.

It’s not fully encrypted hiding, it’s simple password protection and hiding.

Download for Mac OS X

Get more info here…

Secret Folder

Normal Price: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95 a 51% savings

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Note: If you work for a company like Enron and need secure encryption, this is not it. Or, if you’re hiding anything from a Unix hacker, you’d better be one yourself. But, if you’re just hiding stuff from general mac users, Secret Folder is perfect.

Mar 23


An application that enables you to automatically download and browse batches of pictures much faster and much more conveniently than you can with conventional web browsers. iScooper is designed to work with web pages that contain many links to pictures–for example, a celebrity web page that contains several links to photos of the celebrity. iScooper can take a web page like this and automatically download all the linked photos on it. Once they’ve been downloaded, you can easily view them in a full-screen slideshow right from within iScooper.
There’s a great review of iScooper over at Tera and Bambi’s Mac360: Super Model Photos On Your Mac? One Click.


A beautiful media cataloging solution isn’t supposed to feel like an extension of your disc browsing needs – rather it seamlessly blends offline disc browsing into your work environment. Browsing in Catalog feels just like browsing in the Finder – your files are right there in front of you. Once you find the file you want, just look to see where it is, pop in that disk, and open it up. Whether you are cataloging your backups, your music collection, family recipes, or your super secret world domination plans, Catalog will work exactly how it should.

More info on Catalog

Normal Price:
iScooper: $19.95 + Catalog: $20

ZOT Price: $14.95 a 63% savings

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Mar 22

The second MyzteryZOT is now over, and if there was a lesson to be learned, it was to never underestimate the response from loyal Zotters. We vastly increased our supplies this time around after a 10 hour sell out of 150 MyzteryZOT’s two weeks ago, but once again, we’ve ended the day without a single ZOT left!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Myztery Revealed!

For those of you lucky enough to participate, here’s what you will receive within the next 24 hours:

Back by popular demand…

iClip: Get past the limitations of a single Clipboard – $19.95, with free upgrade to v4 when released!
MacMinute Showtime Award Winner

Menuet: Best of the breed iTunes controller, with completely skinnable remotes, high-res album art downloading, and more – $12.95

And new to MacZOT…

VoiceNotes: Powerful, quick access, and sleekly styled voice memo widget, supporting all common audio formats – $5.95, as featured on the front page!

NotePad: The ultimate widgetized notepad, with built in search, print, and resize functions – $4.95, 2nd place winner of the 2005 MacGeneration awards for best Dashboard widget!

FTP Drop: Grab a file, open the Dashboard, drop it into this widget’s unique package design, and FTP Drop does the rest (set up as many as you like!) – $4.95

Statosphere: Quick, visual feedback of your Mac’s vital activities (including CPU usage, wireless strength, and more) in one, aesthetically pleasing glance – $4.95

And, of course, while the total retail price of these products would have normally been $53.70, MyzteryZOT customers will be receiving the same bundle for the single low price of $14.97, or 72% off.

Thanks to all you Zotters who made this once again a resounding success.

Mar 22

What are they saying… MyzteryZOT?

The MyzteryZOT may not be revealed yet, but customers are already chiming in with positive feedback! Here are some comments from the blog:

ndrake said, “I couldn’t resist the pull of the MyzteryZOT! I’m in for one.”

mbazzoni said, “I am in for another mysteryZOT! The last one was good, can’t wait to see what apps we get this time”

zebra3 said, “I didn’t buy the first one not knowing if it would be new apps or a package of previous ZOTs but I did buy this one. What decided me this time around is that you announced how many apps are new ZOTs and how many are redux ZOTs, it’s a good idea imho. This my third purchase and probably not the last one, thanks for keeping up digging great apps for us.

Ecommerce Consultant said, “I’ve ordered. This is a cool site and a great idea. Just wish some other stuff hadn’t already sold out by the time I got round to visiting. Can’t wait to see what I get!”

That’s the good news. The bad news?

We’re well on our way to selling out! MacZOT! prepared 500 units of today’s MyzteryZOT and we’ve already sold 402 bundles. After selling out of 150 last time around we negotiated a bit more this time. And, it still appears that it won’t be enough.

Are you interested at all in potentially making your best decision for the day? If so, better hurry up! And thanks to everyone for already making this second MyzteryZOT a resounding success!

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