Aug 04

The Mac Sale Bundle
A fantastic opportunity gets better on macZOT!

Normally: $450.00

ZOT Price: $47.49

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$450 worth of great Mac apps for $47.49

Today macZOT is partnering with the creators of “The Mac Sale” to make an amazing bundle even better. Get 10 great pieces of software at a MAJOR discount, and Take another 5% off when you buy it through macZOT.

The apps?

  • Flux
  • Scribbles
  • Interarchy
  • Iris
  • WriteRoom
  • REALbasic
  • HoudahSpot
  • Stuf
  • TaskPaper
  • MarinerCalc
  • Click to The Mac Sale site for more info.

    Jul 29

    OverSite 3.0.3
    Easy wireframing and interaction design

    Normally: $65.00

    ZOT Price: $33.00

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    If you design, develop, or architect Websites, then OverSite is the app you’ve been waiting for… even if you didn’t know it! OverSite makes it simple to mock up and prototype your Website. You can quickly define your site’s overall structure… and OverSite will automatically generate a graphical site map. Creating wireframes of your individual pages—complete with hyperlink navigation between pages—is a breeze. You can attach notes to your wireframes to provide further details. And once you’re done, you can export your site structure to a number of different formats.

    OverSite’s rich feature set includes:

  • An easy-to-use structure editor with drag-and-drop functionality and the new Rapid Structure Creator.
  • A wireframe editor, allowing you to mock up pages and screens of your site.
  • Detailed notes attached to widgets within your wireframes.
  • Reusable wireframe components with OverSite’s composites and templates functionality.
  • Automatic sitemap generation with customizable colors, fonts, and other UI elements.
  • Ability to test site interaction with OverSite’s Clickthru browser.
  • Ability to import pre-existing Web sites, and modify their site structures.
  • Ability to export site structures as folders and HTML files, clickable images, and other formats.
  • Get started quickly

    OverSite’s Rapid Structure Creator lets you simply type in your website’s structure… At the click of a button, OverSite will transform your text into a full-blown site architecture!

    Widgets and wireframes with ease

    OverSite’s rich menu of widgets lets you create wireframes and interactive mockups for your web site and software prototypes, including:

  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dividers
  • Images
  • Labels
  • Drop-down Lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Circles
  • Lines
  • Spreadsheets and Tables
  • HTML Components
  • Scrolling Panels
  • Textareas
  • Paragraphs
  • Textfields
  • Sliders
  • Triangles
  • Stars
  • Polygons
  • Don’t like the default look of the components? Customize them however you want them to; size, colors, border sizes, fonts, and more can all be easily modified. Even the overall painting effect can be set to anywhere from no effect at all, to subtle shading, to glassy Web 2.0 effects. Don’t want to tweak the look and feel of every component individually? Just define your own custom styles and apply them to all of your components with the click of a button.

    But OverSite’s just getting started at that point. Its Composite tool lets you construct your own complex components, based on OverSite’s built-in components, that you can apply over and over again throughout your wireframes. Because let’s face it… repetition sucks! OverSite’s alignment, arrangement, and even-distribution tools let you quickly place components onto a wireframe, then even more quickly lay the out properly. Take advantage of a section’s wireframe canvases to create partial layouts that will appear in all of that section’s pages. Want to create a slight variation on an existing page? Don’t start from scratch with a new page; don’t even start with a cut & paste copy of the existing page! Just create a Version of the page, and make your modifications there!

    Create a page… and then create a Version and make a few tweaks

    Clarify your mockups

    Annotate your wireframes by attaching notes to your widgets. Notes describe the type of each widget, and any other information you need to provide to ensure your mockups are crystal clear.

    And lots more…

    OverSite’s list of features goes on and on and on… From autogenerated—yet fully-customizable—sitemaps,to built-in interaction testing (in regular or full-screen mode), to a plethora of exporting options, there’s a lot of functionality packed into this tiny price!

    What are people saying about OverSite?

    “This is the most full-featured and easy-to-use IA/wireframing/prototyping tool that I’ve come across and frankly I’m amazed that I’ve taken so long to discover it (it’s been around for 3 years).”

    - Christian from SmileyCat web design blog, A Better Way to Create Information Architectures, Wireframes and Prototypes

    “Thank you very much for creating OverSite – from my point of view it’s a blessing.”

    - Tony Cundiff

    “I have been using it for a week in two different projects and I’m impressed. Does what it says very well. Building the wireframes and prototyping the navigation is very fast and painless.”

    - Alexandre

    “I’ve been using this great little program for awhile, and the more I use it, the more useful I find it. The developer is friendly and helpful as well, and has even added bits of functionality that I’d asked for!”

    - Becca


    For more information, visit

    Jun 13

    Freeway Express
    Web design for the design-minded.

    Normally: $79.00

    ZOT Price: $39.00

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    Do you dream of creating fantastic websites but feel intimidated by the complexity of all that code?

    Are you a traditionally-trained graphic designer that has no interest in learning HTML?

    Freeway is for you.

    With Freeway, you can create beautiful feature-rich websites without writing a single line of code. And there’s no need to worry – the code generated by Freeway is always clean and standards-compliant.

    Act now! Get a great price on the starter version of Macworld’s 2008 Creative Product of the Year.

    “When it’s time for you or your business to post a Web site…’ll want an affordable program that you’re comfortable using. Freeway 5 Pro (version 5.2), or…. Freeway Express, fits the bill whether or not you’re a professional designer or have Web design experience.
    – Macworld

    Web design for the design-minded.

    Freeway Express is the cost-effective way to get your company, group or family on the web without making sacrifices in quality. With many of the features of its big brother, Freeway Express is the tool-of-choice for casual web designers.

    Design freedom

    Freeway Express is based on a DTP application, not an HTML editor. This means it works like any drag and drop application. And there’s no need to know HTML


    While a large number of templates are available, the best part about using Freeway Express is in starting with a blank page. Design exactly what you want without being saddled with a pre-configured website. And if you can’t come up with an idea, the templates are always there to fall back on.

    Master pages

    Tired of typing/copying and pasting the same thing over and over again? With Freeway Express, those days are over. Use the Master pages to set up items that never change, like your logo, navigation and footer. Each time you create a new page, Freeway Express automatically brings your Master page content along for the ride. You just add your content!

    Design for all browsers

    Freeway Express makes it very easy to design pages that work on all modern browsers. The HTML generator built into Freeway Express writes clean, standards-compliant HTML for you.

    Rich media

    Import movies, audio, and Flash into Freeway Express—without writing a single line of code.

    Read more about Freeway at

    Watch Freeway screencasts at

    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

    All copies of Freeway 5 Express (including those purchased from macZOT) can be upgraded to Freeway 5 Pro via the Softpress Store ( for $169.

    We do not have a direct download available today. The registration form linked to from our TRY button above is very short.

    May 06

    Flux 2
    Web design rebooted.

    Normally: $60.00

    ZOT Price: $30.00

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    Flux 2

    Flux 2 from The Escapers is a XHTML & CSS design tool featuring an amazing array of features for an unbelievable price. Flux supports advanced CSS editing, and unlike simpler tools, also permits PHP, Yuma and JavaScript to be included in your pages. Flux 2 represents a massive improvement over Flux 1, with a shower of new features,such as re-written rendering engine, new publishing system, support for many more advanced XHTML elements and CSS styles.

    In the press…

    Flux was reviewed in, not only did it garner a 5/5 score, but also comments like this one:

    “All in, Flux offers the best of both worlds. Flux really is the Dreamweaver killer.”NZMAC.COM

    We’re building a community of enthusiastic users

    Not only have we established a growing user forum, Flux has attracted comments such as

    “The developers have proven to be so responsive, I’ve went ahead & purchased Flux with no reservations. I’m amazed at how powerful and flexible this program is!”Ace Erickson

    Flux gets updated… a lot!

    The Escapers is committed to providing continual updates to Flux, providing user-requested tweaks and features, as well as major upgrades. We have never charged for a version upgrade, and don’t intend to for a long time. We believe it’s far more important to build a base of happy users than to “nickel and dime” them for every little upgrade.

    We pride ourselves on quickly meeting the needs of our customer base, so if you’re a disillusioned GoLive user, and don’t want to move to DreamWeaver, why not use this opportunity to try out something new at a sensational price? We think you’ll appreciate working with a company dedicated to it’s product, it’s customers, and the Mac.

    The Escapers… Completely Mac focused

    The Escapers is dedicated to the Mac, we’ve been Mac users since the 68k days, Flux is Mac-only, and always will be!

    The Escapers are based in London, UK, when we’re not paying far too much for cocktails, we’re putting on the precious to make a coffee to keep us going for another night of coding.

    Please note that the pricing is converted from UK pounds sterling, and may be slightly inaccurate at the time of publishing. The full retail price of Flux is £40 GBP.
    System requirements
    Flux is a Universal application, we recommend either a PowerPC G5 or any Intel Mac, with at least 1GB of RAM.

    Click to The Escaper’s Site for more info.

    Apr 27

    Modify RapidWeaver Theme images and code.

    Normally: $15.00

    ZOT Price: $9.00

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    RWThemeMiner is a RapidWeaver theme editing assistant. It enables you to edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme. It provides a user-friendly interface between the contents of your RW themes and your image and text editing applications. With RWThemeMiner making theme modification is easy and intuitive.
    RWThemeMiner assits you in editing or replacing theme image files as well as editing text files such as: css, html, js, plist, etc..

    Requires OS 10.4 or later

    Click to Developer’s Product Page for more info.

    Company Home Page

    Apr 16

    Crossword Forge 5.5
    Make crossword and word search puzzles easily
    Plus a Developer Bonus Giveaway and a Weekend ZOT Preview Below

    Normally: $49.95

    ZOT Price: $24.97

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Try the Snow Leopard puzzle here

    Extra! Extra!

    In conjunction with this Zot we are giving away some of our iPhone apps. We have 9 copies of Save Benjis and 9 copies of Adam’s Game to give out. Email us at help AT (hint: replace ‘ AT ‘ with @) with the subject line “MacZot: Save Benjis giveaway” or “MacZot: Adam’s Game giveaway”. We’ll randomly pick 9 from each group Saturday morning , so be sure to send your email address before then.

    P.S. Yes, you can enter for both apps but please don’t enter more than once, because we’ll only count you once.

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    April 18th and 19th


    Secure protection for individual folders. Encrypt documents, email, anything. – Unobtrusive, intuitive, and simple to use. Espionage is designed to integrate with Apple’s Finder seamlessly, so that you can protect only the data that you want protected, and without having to resort to any special “vaults”.

    Learn more about Espionage here…

    Mar 03

    Create Flash animated text effects in seconds!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $28.00

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    Text-Osterone is an extremely easy program to generate eye-popping Flash animated text effects in seconds! Works with your installed True Type and Postscript fonts. Text-Osterone is easy to use and is great for websites and presentations.


    • Output Macromedia Flash (FLA) files! No need for using ActionScript
      to load in your text effects like other text effect programs. Compatible
      with Flash 5/MX/MX2004/8.
    • Output Macromedia Flash movie files (SWF). Over 97% of all browsers
      already have the Flash Player installed, so you won’t have to worry about
      your audience being able to view your text animations.
    • Output HTML files to quickly generate a web page to show your animated
    • Output self-executables to run on Macintosh and Windows based computers.
    • Output QuickTime movie files.
    • Supports your installed True Type and Postscript fonts.
    • Choose from over 200 effects! Most are customizable for endless possibilities.
    • Add multiple lines of text.
    • Mix and match effects on different blocks of text.
    • Add on click actions to launch web pages or load other SWF movie files.
    • Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes
      over time.

    Click here for System Requirements

    Get more info about Text-Osterone

    Jan 30

    Freeway 5 Express and Rage Sitemap Automator
    Build Your Site and Get it Listed In All Major Search Engines!

    Normally: $108.95

    ZOT Price: $54.95

    Click to MacZOT

    For a full introduction to Freeway Express please visit The Freeway 5 Express Features WebPage…

    Find out more about Rage Sitemap Automator here…

    Freeway 5 Express and Rage Sitemap Automator – A Dynamic Duo to Build Your Site and Get it Listed In All Major Search Engines!

    What is Freeway Express?

    Freeway is simply the fastest and easiest way to assemble content and create stunning, standards-compliant websites. It is THE total solution for professionals and home users. Powerful and intuitive, Freeway is full of features like advanced graphic handling, graphic text on-the-fly, the ability to employ dynamic content and database integration and so much more. And you never need to write code.

    Hundreds of delightful visual effects, billions of possible buttons, templates that get you started and don’t lock you into a box—all this and more is made possible through the simplicity and direct approach of Freeway 5 Express. Once you start, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can finish something, and how many new ideas you will want to explore!

    How will RAGE Sitemap Automator help get my website seen?

    RAGE Sitemap Automator helps search engines with their job so they can attract more
    visitors to your website!
    Don’t wait for search engines to find your website among the billions of others trying to attract their attention. Lead them through your websites with specially formatted XML Sitemap files.

    Just enter your website address and RAGE Sitemap Automator will take care of the rest, generating Google, Yahoo, MSN/ and compliant Sitemaps allowing you to take control of how search engines treat your webpages.

    Freeway Express

    You Supply the Creativity – Freeway Supplies the Code.

    “Getting Started with Freeway Express” Screencast Here…

    Wether you’re a professional looking for a commercial advantage or a talented creative who needs a tool that’s natural and easy-to-use Freeway Express will fit the bill.

    Freeway automatically optimizes graphics for the Web, slices overlaid images instantly, and creates GIF text on-the-fly with any active font.

    You can add dynamic content and e-commerce, and make use of content management systems…. All without coding. And there’s no need to worry about the code that freeway produces, it’s always clean, efficient and standards compliant.

    Freeways powerful features will save you time and help you do things you thought were impossible.

    Some of Freeway’s powerful and unique features include…


    Designing a Web site using master pages is one of the keys to the amazing level of productivity that can be achieved with Freeway. Master pages are used for repeating features such as layout, navigation bars, page backgrounds and graphic elements. Use as many different master pages as required.


    Including transformation, zoom, guide and ruler features, all with both graphical and numeric controls for accurate positioning. Content can be placed in overlapping boxes, text on graphic, text on text, graphic on graphic, even text on animated GIFs! Drag and drop directly into Freeway from most applications (for example iPhoto, iTunes, Extensis Portfolio, iView Media Pro, and so on).

    Link Styles

    Freeway 5 has an improved user interface for setting link styles, and Freeway 5 Pro allows you to set link styles on CSS items as well as pages.

    • Select a page.
    • Change to the Appearance pane of the Inspector palette.
    • In the Links section, choose link colors from the color popup menus and/or select the text style properties from the button group to the right of the color popups.


    • Built-in preview within Freeway (Safari/Webkit)
    • Integrated .Mac upload
    • Navigation Pack supplied separately as free open source software
    • QuickLook compatibility in Max OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
    • Spotlight compatibility in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and beyond.


    “Designing a professional looking Web site requires good coding and good design skills — a combination that isn’t overly prominent in the Web design world. Freeway Pro 5 helps overcome that problem by giving designers the tools they need to build great sites without requiring them to develop strong coding skills, and it does it all without compromising on visual and behind-the-scenes code quality.”
    Rating: 5/5

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    For a full introduction to Freeway Express please visit The Freeway 5 Express Features WebPage…

    Rage Sitemap Automator

    Get Your Website Listed In All Major Search Engines

    Click here more screenshots.

    Don’t wait for search engines to find your website among the billions of others trying to attract their attention. Lead them through your websites with specially formatted XML Sitemap files.

    RAGE Sitemap Automator makes it so easy to create XML Sitemap files that tell search engines all about your website including which pages to index, how often to come back for fresh, new content, and how important each page on your website is. It takes the hassle out of submitting your website to search engines by automatically notifying major search engines when your XML Sitemap file has changed. Best of all, with these XML Sitemap files search engines give you important submission feedback such as the top keywords your web site will appear for in their index and who is linking to your website.

    Just enter your website address and RAGE Sitemap Automator will take care of the rest, generating Google, Yahoo, MSN/ and compliant Sitemaps allowing you to take control of how search engines treat your webpages. Whether you built your website by hand, in Dreamweaver, Rapidweaver, or iWeb, RAGE Sitemap Automator will work for you.

    Help search engines with their job so they can attract more visitors to your website!

    Now works with Yahoo, MSN and search!

    Jan 18

    Multisite for iWeb

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    Multisite is a utility for Apple’s iWeb Application

    Apple built iWeb to manage a site going to a single server. If you have found, like many others, that you need to build several sites then Multisite solves your dilemma. It also speeds up iWeb’s publishing by putting sites into individual files behind the scenes so you do not have to publish every site each time.

    Multisite Features

  • Multiple websites with iWeb. Set the current site and all the details are taken care of for you
  • Create, duplicate, or delete entire sites
  • Import and export entire sites
  • Easily move sites between people and computers
  • Support for iWeb ’08 and also iWeb 1.1.2
  • Support for Leopard (OS X 10.5) in addition to Tiger (OS X 10.4)
  • Searchable Apple help from the help menu
  • This is an absolutely excellent utility for managing iWeb projects. I was getting fed up attempting to manage my sites by renaming and moving the domain.sites files; and losing track of my projects (not good when you are doing light commercial work with iWeb). I googled for a solution and up came Multisite. I must say it is really really good, works nice and fast too. Well worth the price.”
    — Guy Hemmings

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    iWeb ’08 or iWeb 1.1.2 (iLife 2006)

    To find out more visit Clarkwood Software’s site.

    Jan 08

    Add punch and movement to your still images online.
    Weekend ZOT Preview below

    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $29.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Hassle Free Banner Animation Software

    Visit the Aquafadas Site and scroll down to see BannerZest in action.

    For bloggers or website designers

    Enliven your website or blogs in seconds and at low cost with BannerZest. It’s the fastest and easiest way to add punch and movement to your still images online, and create professional-looking slideshows.

    Integration with all major web site editors is a snap !

    Social websites are supported too.

    So Fast

    The Flash-based animations require zero understanding of Flash. In fact you don’t even need to own Flash. Everything has been pre-integrated into BannerZest, allowing you to be up and running- or rather, scrolling, popping and rolling!- in no time.

    So Easy

    All you have to do is select, drag and drop the images you want into a designated area. Then choose among BannerZest’s menu of creative pre-set animated themes, click and you’re done!

    It’s that simple.

    So Professional

    BannerZest creates slideshows and animated banners that give your website or blog a business-like, professional appearance while improving functionality.

    Click here to view a sample slide show made with BannerZest – Standard

    It allows you to reorder the displayed photos, and to assign a link to each picture. Most important, because it is so easy to use, BannerZest saves you time- and therefore money. You don’t get more professional than that!

    Easy web integration

    BannerZest talks to all the leading website and blog editors. So whether you are using Apple iWeb, RapidWeaver, Dreamweaver, Freeway or any other tool, BannerZest allows you to get your banners online easily.

    Uploading work via FTP is fully supported from within BannerZest. To integrate a banner on a page you simply paste a code snippet that BannerZest has automatically prepared for you. Nothing could be easier.

    What’s more, your upload settings are saved with your document, so if you need to change your banner, you just have to hit the upload button again and BannerZest replaces the old files with the new ones. Your site will reflect the change without any modification to your HTML.

    This ZOT is for the Standard version of BannerZest.
    To see get a list of the exact features of the Standard version, please see the feature list of the Standard vs Pro version of BannerZest here.

    System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 1-GHz G4, G5, or Intel-based Mac
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Flash Player v9.0.45 or above
  • Internet connection required for registration and online publishing.
  • Visit the Aquafadas Site to see BannerZest in action, and for more info.

    This weekend’s ZOT? – January 10th and 11th -
    Ovolab geophoto – Shoot Local, Share Global.

    Break the limits of long lists of pictures sorted by date! Pinpoint your photos to the exact location where you took the shot. You can now browse your photo albums by panning, zooming and flying through your pictures on a three-dimensional representation of the Earth.

    Learn more about Ovolab geophoto here…