Jun 17

Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac

Record Audio from Any Online Video or Audio Stream!

Normally: $35.00

ZOT Price: $17.50

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Want to listen to your favorite songs, radio programs and audio from video anytime and without needing an internet connection? Just record your favorite streaming audio with a polished Mac audio recorder, Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac. Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac is the best ever Mac Audio Recorder, giving you the ability to record any online music and radio programs with 1:1 quality in a single click.

AllMyMusic has it covered.

  • Records audio from YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, etc.
  • Records and save MP3/M4A audio files with zero quality loss
  • Intelligently retrieves track info including title, artist and album art
  • Automatically splits tracks and filters out ads

    Feature Highlights:

    Automatically Detect Streaming Media

    Open your web browser and access the audio stream you want to record. Now hit the Record button without leaving the page. Press Play in the browser and your job is done, as AllMyMusic for Mac uses a virtual sound card to record any audio played through your computer's sound card, preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

    Expect Lossless Quality

    Whatever it is, as long as you can hear online, you can record it in 1:1 quality. With the freedom to take your favorite shows on the go without worrying about waiting for endless buffering, the AllMyMusic for Mac OS X helps cut you loose from the internet cord.

    Intelligently Get Music Info

    When you begin to record an audio stream, AllMyMusic for Mac will retrieve the details of the recording – like artist, album and genre automatically, thanks to ID3 search powered by Gracenote®. You can also select to edit the tags.

    Tested and Proven on Top Sites

    Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac has been tested and has recorded seamlessly with 1:1 quality from over 500 radio stations and online music sites, including many notable streaming music sites such as:: YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, GUBA, NPC, MySpace,, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio, RTVE, Sirius Radio, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, AOL Music, etc.

    NOTE: AllMyMusic for Mac complies with all copyright laws and is 100% legal to use.


  • User Comments:

    I think any person, including the not so computer proficient, can use this software. It is pretty simple to operate. I like it! — Jennifer

  • With AllMyMusic for Mac, getting the best remix by my favorite artist is as easy as getting on YouTube, finding their HD video and hitting record. — Andrew F


  • System Requirements:

    • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Mountain Lion , Intel processor, Mavericks Compatible


Jun 12

Mac Magic and Unix Power

Install, Monitor, Document: Harness the Mac’s Unix Power with Style
Three Powerful Apps, One LOW price!

Normally: $75.00

ZOT Price: $15.00

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This special bundle, created for macZOT users like you, offers beautiful apps that let you harness the incredible power of the Unix foundation of Mac OS X.

Install: Install and manage thousands of Unix tools with Phynchronicity, a graphical interface to the Fink Unix software packaging system. (Fink installation required and not included.) Fink is a powerful
command-line tool for installing and updating thousands of Unix-based applications
for the Mac. But Fink’s sheer power and scale make it hard to use, even with
a GUI. Phynchronicity aims to make Fink easy to use. With a simple three-pane interface,
it lets you get started doing what you want to do–finding, installing, and
removing software.

Monitor: See what network traffic is coming over the wire. PacketStream provides a user-friendly GUI for tcpdump, a command-line network monitoring tool included in Mac OS X. By pointing and clicking, you can monitor data as it streams over your network–especially
useful for checking web traffic, network bottlenecks, or even suspicious network
activity. PacketStream offers a simple way to configure and use the Mac’s network
monitoring tools, far easier than typing in cryptic commands in Terminal.

Document: Learn how to use these tools with Manpower. Manpower is a man page GUI for Mac OS X. Man pages are the main system of Unix software documentation, offering descriptions of the functionality and methods of the various Unix command-line programs. Man pages are typically accessed in the Unix terminal–but this is cumbersome. It takes a lot of typing to search and read man pages in the Unix console. Manpower provides a simple, elegant three-pane interface that makes reading man pages as easy as reading e-mail.

Download Phynchronicity

Download PacketStream

Download Manpower

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Code by Kevin makes beautiful software for Mac OS X that leverages the enormous power of the Mac’s rock-solid Unix foundation to do magical things. Connect with others. Find a hidden file. Get help with difficult questions. Install additional tools to unlock even more magic. Our beautiful apps put all this at your fingertips.

Our focus is on creating beautiful, elegant, user-friendly GUI programs that leverage the power of Unix command-line tools to make you more productive. Our current products include applications for managing the installation of Unix software, network utilities, and system utilities. We have been developing Mac software since 2004.

Jun 11


“BenchPrep is the future of the ‘education anywhere’ movement.” – TechCrunch

Test prep courses on the Web, iPhone, Android, and iPad
Courses include: GMAT, GRE, Bar, LSAT, CFA, PMP, MCAT, SAT and many more…

Normally: $150.00

ZOT Price: $35.00

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BenchPrep Highlights:

• BenchPrep takes existing books from top publishers and makes interactive online courses out of them.
• BenchPrep is the world’s first and ONLY test prep solution that you can study across the web (computer), iPhone, Android, and iPad.
• You can sync your study progress across all your devices, so anytime you start studying on any device, you pick up right where you left off.
• Over 50 courses, some for high school students, some for college students, some for certifications and licensing, and many others! Check out our entire course list at
• Your course NEVER expires!

Check the FAQ for details on how BenchPrep works…

What you get during this 24 hour ZOT!

$35 gets you a $150 credit in the BenchPrep e-store. This means that you can get basically any course (the majority of the courses are $99 or $149) for only $35 – which is 77% off. Create an account at BenchPrep and login to see prices of specific courses.

*”BenchPrep is the future of the ‘education anywhere’ movement.” – TechCrunch

About BenchPrep…

Based in Chicago, BenchPrep partners with publishers creating expert educational content to create interactive courses packed full of reading material, review questions, quizzes and tests, and performance reports. Since our launch, we have had overwhelming support from educators, publishers, bloggers, investors, and especially the over 200,000 students who have used and loved our products. A heartfelt thanks to all of you from the BenchPrep team!

World’s first and only…
BenchPrep changed the test prep game creating the world’s first and only cross-platform test prep course. This means that students access their courses not only on their computers and mobile devices, but that they can sync their progress, so that they start studying exactly where they left off.

BenchPrep for students
BenchPrep is proud to have helped thousands of students excel on standardized tests and accomplish their professional and educational goals.

Contact BenchPrep:
(312) 999-3249

Learn more about BenchPrep.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info about the Mac Magic and Unix Power Bundle…

Jun 07

WiFi Scanner

The most feature rich and complete WiFi scanning app for Mac OS.
80% OFF for 24 hrs!

Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

Normally: $4.99

ZOT Price: $0.99

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WiFi Scanner is the most feature rich and complete WiFi scanning app on the app store and is a great tool for personal use and for IT professionals. All features available on 10.6 and later (Snow Leopard and Lion)

WiFi Scanner is an 802.11/WiFi wireless scanner and connection manager for 802.11 a/b/g/n networks. WiFi Scanner is an easy to use tool for designing, verifying, and troubleshooting WiFi coverage. The tool provides information such signal strength, noise, manufacturer name based on MAC address prefix of device (OUI), and AP channel assignments for WiFi access points.

WiFi Scanner can also be used a security tool for detecting unauthorized and rogue access points. The app includes an audio alert (beep) feature that is directly related to RSSI / access point signal strength. This feature can be used to track down devices by listening for beep frequency instead of watching app screen.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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June 9/10/11


Is your Mac slow or crashing? Clean, repair and optimize it with a click of a button.
“We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Cocktail is simply one of the most useful maintenance utilities ever created for Mac OS X.” MacLife

Learn more about it here…

Jun 04

Onde Screen Capture and Onde Screen Rulers for Mac

“The Screamin’ Screen Twofer!”

Get BOTH of these richly featured apps for WAY less than the normal price of either ONE! (Download links and Apps Available Separately below…)

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $14.99

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Buy BOTH Apps Together from this page.

Get Trial Downloads, details on the apps, and/or BUY either App for $9.99 by following the links below…

Onde Screen Rulers for Mac

Conveniently Measure the Dimensions of Any Object on Your Mac
Trial Download
Buy separately or get more info…

  • Online measuring tool to measure the dimensions of any objects on Mac.
  • Easy protractor enables you to measure angles in radians or degrees.
  • Detail Window provides you a magnifier and pixel value for accurate measurements.
  • Logger Window serving as your personal notebook can remember all the detailed measurements data history.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts, ruler colors and transparency settings according to your preference.

    “As a web designer, I can say that Onde screen rulers is by far the best measuring program I have ever found to measure objects or angles accurately and conveniently.”
    – From Turkey Erick

    Onde Screen Capture for Mac

    A Powerful Screen Capture Tool With Endless Possibilities
    Trial Download
    Buy separately or get more info…

    A variety of capture options allow you to grab a snapshot of exactly what you need. Use the all-in-one editing tools to highlight specific portions of your image, or to personalize your picture for friends and family. Save your screenshot instantly to the desktop or to the mac clipboard in a variety of image file formats. The easy to use interface and variety of customizable options makes Onde Screen Capture for Mac a must have application for graphic designers, bloggers, photographers and more…

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later. Intel Mac.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info about both applications.

  • May 28


    Never send insecure files again.
    Developer Interview Below…

    Normally: $9.99

    ZOT Price: $4.99

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    Never send insecure files again.

    We all send a lot of files. Whether it’s in Mail, with iChat, or even sharing them in Dropbox, files are still a huge part of our daily lives. Sadly, we haven’t had an easy way to make sure they can only be opened by the people they were intended for.

    Until now.

    Building on state-of-the-art encryption standards, DropKey quickly and easily encrypts any file specifically for your recipients — without the need for a password!

    We believe security shouldn’t be complicated. We built DropKey with this philosophy, and we we think it shows. It’s built with you in mind, relying on common apps like Address Book and Mail, rather than some crazy proprietary database or ridiculous setup wizard.

    DropKey is designed to be simple to use, because you should work hard to create great files, not to secure them.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.7 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    May 24

    Onde Audio Recorder – 97% Off!

    Record lossless audio from iTunes, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime, Skype, iChat, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube and more…
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $1.00

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    Buy 1 item

    Everybody needs a flexible audio recorder – Try Onde Audio Recorder for FREE, and BUY it Today* for $1!

    Onde Audio Recorder, allows you to record easily voice or music directly from a microphone, CD player, line-in devices or sound being played by other applications and WebPages including Real player, iTunes,Youtube, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime, VLC, etc. Recording files can be saved into popular formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, AC3, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, MATROSK and OGG. This Mac sound recorder can also extract music from movies.

    Is this the FULL version? Yes. Feature Details here…

    Supports batch recording – Four applications can be added at one time. Setting advanced options, loading applications, recording and stopping recording can be achieved with just one click. Schedule recording by setting the start and end times.

    Download and evaluate Onde audio recorder for Mac for free now. Then grab it for $1!

    • User-friendly Interface: Most functions can be called up with a simple mouse click or menu selection.
    • Recording Resources: Record sound, voice, music or any other audio from audio devices including CD Line-in, Mic, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix and applications or web pages including Real player, iTunes, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime, VLC, and etc.
    • Record your favorite audio from any program on your mac, including: Safari, Chrome, Skype, VLC, and many others.
    • Grab your favorite songs from websites like YouTube, Pandora, LastFM, and many more.
    • Recording scheduler: An advanced recording scheduler gives you the power to schedule recording by setting the start and end times.
    • Hotkey Options: Allow you to define hot keys for record, pause and stop recording.
    • Output File Formats: Save recordings to your hard drive in popular MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, AC3, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, MATROSK and OGG format.
    • Real-time Recoding: With real time encoding data when recording, no temporary file created.
    • Selectable Working Rates: Wave encoding at sample rates between 8000 and 96000Hz.
    • Playback audio files: Play or reveal audio files with just one click.
    • Lossless recordings: Enjoy true lossless audio quality – Your new recording is identical to the original audio files

    System Requirements

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or above

    *ATTN: This ZOT will run for at least 24hrs and may be extended through the weekend.

    Onde Audio Recorder.

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    May 25/26/27

    Nick Cates Design ZOT Bundle

    4 Premium RapidWeaver Themes + A Secret Gift. Nick Cates Design is known for creating some of the most visually stunning themes available for RapidWeaver. This special ZOT only bundle is a diverse set of 4 high-quality theme designs + secret bonus gift! If you need a fresh new site to impress, these themes will deliver! Includes A Viator, B Stealth, F Fusion, and X Pose.

    Learn more about Nick Cates Design here…

    May 18

    Rapid WordPress Cloner

    Backup or clone your WordPress site in a single click!
    “5 Fonts Plus” Bundle and “Learning HTML 5 Video Course” Continue…

    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $25.00

    Click to MacZOT

    • Enter your site details for one-click transfer
    • Backup, Clone and Restore modes to keep your site safe
    • Automatically fixes site references to point to your new site
    • Works with any hosting provider that has FTP site access
    • Works with all WordPress plugins
    • No need to use other software such as FTP clients or database management applications
    • Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later. 1Gb RAM

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    May 10

    Folx PRO
    Meet Folx 2.0: new features for download manager and torrent client
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    Folx app is a friendly and convenient download manager and a torrent client. It turns downloading into a fun and easy process.

    If you are still not sure if you need a versatile download manager, read below for the striking facts about Folx:

  • Sometimes it’s fine to download via a web browser. But when using a download manager you can resume the interrupted download, which is rather significant when the downloaded content is of large size.
  • Folx PRO allows splitting downloads in up to 10 threads, which can help increase the download speed.
  • Folx PRO also features a downloads scheduler: simply set the time and date for the downloads to start and stop and let Folx do all the work.
  • Smart speed control allows you not to worry about using all your Internet traffic for downloading: whenever you start using Internet more extensively, Folx PRO will automatically limit the download and upload speed.
  • Thanks to the integration of Folx PRO with iTunes all downloaded music can automatically go to iTunes playlists.
  • Folx PRO carries a vast list of torrent trackers and whenever you need to find some torrent just enter it in Folx and it will search all the trackers at once and will give you the search results fast and conveniently.
  • You can add RSS feeds to Folx and download their attachments. With free Folx you can download any file attached to a feed, and Folx PRO will download the attachments from feeds automatically according to the downloading parameters you set.
  • Folx stores your downloaded files in a convenient way. It offers unique tagging system, which allows adding as many tags to a download task as needed and whenever you need to find the downloaded content just choose the tag that characterizes it the most and Folx will show you where the download is stored.
  • To get the PRO version of Folx, please, download its free version above using the TRY button and then upgrade it to PRO by entering the registration info that you will get by email after buying a license.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    For more information visit

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    May 12/13

    TWO Maik Barz Stack Bundles!
    All you need for your everyday web design.

    Maik Barz Stacks Bundle – 21 Stacks designed for your everyday work at designing websites. Get professional results easily and quickly and join the Stacks experience of thousands of users.


    Maik Barz “Stacks 2″ Bundle – A bundle of Stacks made for “Stacks 2″ designed for your everday work at creating stunning websites. Get professional results easily and quickly!

    Learn more about these Stacks here…

    May 02

    iSoftPhone Pro,

    Unified Communication and Collaboration

    Want a great deal on the Mac App Store “Classic” version? Details below…

    Normally: $79.00

    ZOT Price: $25.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    iSoftPhone for Mac OS X provides crystal clear voice quality in an attractively sleek interface.

    The quick one-step configuration will allow you to get talking to other iSoftPhone users in seconds. iSoftPhone is integrated with the Mac OS X address book to make calls and manage contacts. You may simply click on the number the number of the person you wish to talk with.

    Video Calling

    High quality Video calls supported by industry standard codecs. Users may switch between Video and voice only on demand. iSoftPhone simplifies the myriad of communication methods into a beautiful, intuitive, easy to use application.

    Desktop Sharing

    Quickly collaborate with other iSoftPhone users by sharing your desktop. You may talk through projects or use Chat, while viewing your buddies’ screen to get better results, more quickly.

    CRM Data On Demand

    Automation of customer-oriented business processes to document interaction with customers improves product/service quality, a capability that is not generally possible with traditional telephony solutions. iSoftPhone’s integration with Daylite CRM provides instant access to your CRM Data On Demand.

    Web Integrated Service

    Firstly, you may highlight numbers in your browser and ‘Click to Dial’ with iSoftPhone.
    iSoftPhone 3.3 also handles Web Callback if you have this service available on your website. You will be notified of Callbacks and iSoftPhone can automatically initiate the call for you.

    Secure Voip

    Secure SIP running SIP over TLS, secures the connection and provides a secure endpoint-to-endpoint connection. Protect SIP session communications from eavesdropping or tampering.

    Intuitive Call Management

    To further our goal of building an application which aids productivity, we have introduced the Call Panel which provides quick access to functionality to manage calls during the telephone call such as Echo Cancellation, Call Recording/Transfer and more……

    User Opinions!

    BTW, I love the product! The integration with contacts is great. I use your product in airports, hotels, everywhere.

    I really like isoftphone, it’s got good clear call quality and has nice features too !

    This is a great product so thanks for developing it for the Mac community. Best softphone out there :)

    System Requirements

    1. Mac OS X 10.6 or above

    2. 512MB physical RAM

    3. 1G Hz Intel processor, or above.

    Learn more about iSoftPhone here…

    Xnet and macZOT have come together to DROP the price of iSoftPhone “Classic*” especially for YOU during today’s ZOT!

    Comparison chart for iSoftPhone “Pro” and “Classic.”
    Please check the Mac App Store for full details about the MAS version.