Jan 21


Boost the volume of your Mac – and your music and video files so they sound better on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
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Normally: $8.99

ZOT Price: $5.99

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Boost the volume of your Mac and your music and video files so they sound better on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

You must have experienced any or all of the following:

- The volume is too low while listening to music on your iPhone/iPod touch
- The volume on your laptop is not loud enough
- You need a system-wide Equalizer
- The volume is too quiet while watching a movie on your iPad

Boom provides the ability to boost the volume of your music and video files in iTunes . It lets you enjoy the new boosted experience on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad through a seamless transfer by creating a separate playlist.

Boom lets you enjoy enhanced volume in your favorite:

- Media-playing applications such as iTunes and QuickTime
- Online music and video playing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others
- Netflix, Hulu or cool TV shows
- Voice applications such as FaceTime, iChat, Skype and more
- Games, Podcasts and radio channels
- A system-wide Equalizer

Macworld Best of Show Winner

Winner of’s award:


Boom was exactly the utility that I searched for. The additional volume boost coupled with a fantastic EQ enabled me to finally enjoy movies and podcasts when I travel by air. After touring as a professional sound engineer for years, my hearing wasn’t quite what it used to be. But I only needed to boost the volume of certain frequencies. Boom enables me to do that so I’m not blistering my ears, just getting the dialog above the roar of the engines. The interface is intuitive and simple. The EQ presets are great for quick tone setting. This is a utility that I constantly brag about to my friends. I love it when developers like Global Delight unlock the full potential of my Apple computer.
Posted by Dave Knode

Must have app!

Boom! That is the right name for this utility: it does exactly what it says, gives a very big boost to the sound output on my MacBook Pro, but what is nice is that it generates a clean, clear, distorsion-free sound. I often like to be a few feet away from my Mac (especially when we use Skype for group live conversations) and Boom has been so helpful. You would think Apple could have included this in the OS! Thanks Globaldelight! p.s.: Boom is a must for the hard of hearing, like me!
Posted by Alain Damlamian

A quick easy must have!
This is extremely useful if you are a person who enjoy the sound of what you are visualizing. The controls are very easy to navigate and the UI is simple.
Posted by craase

Start booming and blow away the silence!

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5.8 or later. Lion Ready.

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Jan 06


Audio Editing made easy
Get the iOS version of TwistedWave at a ZOT price below…

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Normally: $79.90

ZOT Price: $39.90

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Does not require a Ph.D.

Audio editing, as simple and intuitive as it gets. The basic editing
tools, just where you expected them.

iPhone ringtones are a breeze.

iPhone ringtone

  • Load any audio file.
  • Cut your favorite part.
  • Add a fade-in and a fade-out.
  • Export as a ringtone.
  • Done!

TwistedWave does not get in your way.

You are loading a huge file, applying a complex effect? You can
continue editing or playing the audio while TwistedWave does
its work in the background.

Very powerful, very good quality.

Although it is very easy to use, TwistedWave is not a toy.

With its ability to work on 24 bit audio files,
with a sampling frequency as high as 192kHz,
TwistedWave can truly be used for professionnal audio work.

What else does it do?

  • Load Audio Units to apply any kind of sound
  • Batch processing to perform a number of tasks
    on many files.
  • Detects silences in an audio file to
    automaticaly split it.
  • Unlimited and instant Undo/Redo.
  • Independently change the pitch and speed of a sound file, with
    the DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology,
    licensed from The DSP Dimension.
  • Import and export many popular audio file formats, such as
    wav, aiff, au, snd, sd2, mpg, mp2, mp3, mp4, m4r (iPhone
    ringtones), m4a (iTunes), aac, caf, flac, ogg/vorbis, wma,
    WavPack, Wave64

What You Get For Your Money.

  • Free updates. All the updates to TwistedWave
    have been free for registered users.
  • Priority support. I’ll try and help you with
    any problem you may find using TwistedWave. I am also very open
    and responsive to feature requests.

What do people say about TwistedWave?

“Absolutely loving TwistedWave! Well done.”
— Andy Pink

“Thanks again for a great program!”
— Gerald Hall

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The developer of today’s app and macZOT have come together to DROP the App Store price 50% especially for YOU during today’s ZOT!

Retail $9.99 – Now just $4.99!

Who am I?


My name is Thomas Thiriez, and TwistedWave is actually just me. I
started selling the TwistedWave audio editor on August 12th 2007. It
was then a part time job, and since September 2009, I am fully
dedicated to further developing and improving TwistedWave.

One of the benefits of buying from a small proprietor is that if you
need technical support or just need a question answered you’ll get a
response straight from the top!

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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Take control of your windows – Window Shading for Lion – Save time and have fun! Deskovery is efficient and fun windows management for your Mac. Make your Mac desktop more fun while saving time managing your windows.

Save time and to be more productive. Dedicate more time to things that matter.

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Jan 04

Onde Audio Recorder

Record audio from iTunes, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Onde Audio Recorder ,a sound recording program for Mac OS, allows you to record easily voice or music directly from microphone, CD player, line-in devices or sound being played by other applications and WebPages including Real player, iTunes, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime, VLC, etc. Recording files can be saved into popular formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, AC3, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, MATROSK and OGG. This Mac sound recorder can also extract music from movie.

Supports batch recording – Four applications can be added at one time. Setting advanced options, loading applications, recording and stopping recording can be achieved with just one click. An advanced recording scheduler can give you the power to schedule recording by setting the start and end times.

It is surely the audio recorder you need on Mac OS. Download and evaluate our Onde audio recorder for Mac for free now.

  • User-friendly Interface: Most functions can be called up with a simple mouse click or menu selection.
  • Recording Resources: Record sound, voice, music or any other audio from audio devices including CD Line-in, Mic, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix and applications or web pages including Real player, iTunes, Safari, Firefox, QuickTime, VLC, and etc.
  • Recording scheduler: An advanced recording scheduler gives you the power to schedule recording by setting the start and end times.
  • Hotkey Options: Allow you to define hot keys for record, pause and stop recording.
  • Output File Formats: Save recordings to your hard drive in popular MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, AC3, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, MATROSK and OGG format.
  • Real-time Recoding: With real time encoding data when recording, no temporary file created.
  • Selectable Working Rates: Wave encoding at sample rates between 8000 and 96000Hz.
  • Playback audio files: Play or reveal audio files with just one click.
  • Lossless recordings: Enjoy true lossless audio quality – Your new recording is identical to the original audio files

System Requirements

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or above

Onde Audio Recorder.

Dec 28

SonicMood v4.9.9.6

Create The Perfect Mood for the New Year!
SonicMood is Mood enhancing software that features Natural Sounds with Sensual Harmonies

Normally: $12.95

ZOT Price: $6.39

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SonicMood creates a soothing background of melodic tones when you don’t want the distraction of ordinary canned music. Each “Mood” is a blend of polyphonic stereo instrumentals with pleasing harmonies combined with the sounds of nature. Moods have a relaxing effect, the gentle sounds lying just below your consciousness. It features an “iTunes-like” look and familiar operation.

SonicMood comes with 37 pre-defined Moods AND you can create your own! Each Mood is original and never repeats – you won’t find anything like this on a CD…

SonicMood includes 21 nature soundtracks like rain, thunder, birds, and more. You can add your own, too. Up to 32 AIFF, MP3, MP4, etc., files can be played together with the sounds in each Mood. The “Mood Editor” allows for complete customization and creation of Moods. It’s “Ambient Music” at its best.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X v10.4.11 thru 10.7 (PPC or Intel; Universal Binary)
  • Quicktime v6 or higher
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 pixel resolution display
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Best results will be achieved with a 700 MHz G4 or faster

  • What people say about SonicMood:

    “Best money I think I’ve ever spent. Wonderful, generous, brilliant and expansive…”

    “As much as I like Pzizz and its approach, I find myself going to SonicMood more and more since it can do so much more.”

    “Only those without a soul will fail to appreciate how this little gem can transform one’s immediate environment into a veritable Garden of Paradise. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

    At $10, it’s an absolute bargain. Definitely worth two or three times that price. Been using it for years, now, and it’s one of the very few software programs that has definitely enhanced the quality of my life.”

    “This outstandingly beautiful creation is a true balm for the soul. It generates soothing, centering, healing soundscapes that will enhance the quality of your life.

    The developer must, indeed, be in touch with the Source of all Creation, for Sonic Moods is a true gift from On High. It glistens like a diamond lotus in the morning sun.

    While Sonic Moods has been with us for a while, if you’ve never come across it before consider yourself blessed, for it is a true find.

    This wonderful developer is always seeking ways to make it better and better, and at the paltry sum of $10, it is priceless. I humbly bow before this very gifted soul.”

    “Truly the best relaxation software around. I’ve used it through a few versions and have never been disappointed that I registered it. I’ve had communications with the author and he’s been responsive and quick to reply. While the software works ‘out of the box’ it has a tremendous ability for customization to one’s personal tastes. Truly a great app and well worth the price!”

    “Rulle Rusk here. Last year I made some comment about this app being pointless. Since then my girlfriend has left me, i lost my job and my dog died. I have moved to Miami Beach and live a quiet, tranquil on the beach with SonicMood running around the clock.

    I was wrong. My apologies.”

    For more information, visit the
    SonicMood Website.

    Dec 19

    Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer Plugin Twofer*

    A whole new way to enjoy sound on your computer!

    Make your laptop louder! Make your earbuds sound full and rich! Make your TV speakers sound like a home theater! Enjoy music, movies, games, chat and virtually any other computer sound experience like never before!

    Normally: $29.98

    ZOT Price: $14.99

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    Make your laptop louder! Make your earbuds sound full and rich! Make your TV speakers sound like a home theater! Enjoy music, movies, games, chat and virtually any other computer sound experience like never before!

    For $14.99 you will receive a coupon good for $29.98 in our web store. This is enough credit for (2) DPS activations for Macintosh(iTunes) and/or Windows(system wide) platform. Regularly 2 activations would cost $59.98 without the current half off sale in our storefront.

    These coupons make a great gift for the media enthusiasts that you know. Buy multiple coupon codes and give the gift of sound for the holidays!

    Watch the video!

    Click to for details of today’s ZOT…

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info about the
    Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer Plugin…

    *two·fer n. Informal
    1. A coupon offering two items for the price of one.
    2. An offer, a deal, or an arrangement in which a single expense yields a dual return.

    2! :)

    Dec 18

    DiskAid 5

    The Ultimate iPhone, iPad & iPod Transfer Tool

    Normally: $24.90

    ZOT Price: $14.90

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    DiskAid is the ultimate Transfer Tool for accessing the iPod, iPhone or iPad directly from the desktop. More info…

    Access Data such as: Music, Video, Photos, Contacts, Notes, Call History, Text Messages (SMS), Voicemail and Voice Memos.

    Connects directly to any installed iPhone App and enables the use of the iPhone as a USB Drive.

    With DiskAid you can also transfer files and folders betwen your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your Computer and view them on the go using FileApp free files browser.

  • Transfer files to and from any iPhone or iPad App (Free)
  • Use your iPhone or iPad as an external USB storage device (Free)
  • Transfer Music & Video stored in the iPod Library and copy it back to iTunes or any folder on any Mac or PC (New!)
  • Copy Photos from Camera Roll to computer (Free)
  • Access Contacts
  • Read Notes
  • Export Call History
  • Transfer Text Messages (SMS) from iPhone to Computer
  • Copy Voicemail
  • Save Voice Memos
  • Easy Drag & Drop feature
  • Rich file organization including folder creation, renaming… etc.
  • Works with any iPod, iPhone or iPad
  • One DiskAid license is good for 3 simultaneous installs, for Mac or Windows computers, which is convenient if you have a Mac at home and a PC at the office.

    More info on DiskAid website

    Nov 27

    Aimersoft Total Media Converter for Mac

    The all-in-one solution for Mac users who want to put DVDs and videos on their mobile players.<>

    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $24.50

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    Aimersoft Total Media Converter for Mac 3.0

    Aimersoft Total Media Converter for Mac 3.0 is the all-in-one solution for Mac users who want to put DVD and videos on their mobile players. This powerful video and DVD converter for Mac can simultaneously rip DVD and convert video to iPhone (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G), iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3, Apple TV and so forth.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Convert your favorite videos to any video/audio format you need
    • ?

    • Rip and convert DVDs for playing on all your mobile players and Mac
    • ?

    • Powerful video editing functions with real time preview available
    • ?

    • Fully support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, iPad, iPhone Firmware 3.1, the latest iPhone 4

    System Requirement:

    • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7 (Lion)
      1G Hz Intel processor
      At least 512M physical RAM

    User Comments:

    This is one of the packages I have been looking for. Thanks a million.

    Very useful software….Thumbs up.

    Visit Aimersoft Total Media Converter product page for more info

    Nov 09


    Slow down your music
    without modifying the pitch.
    Get the MAS version below…

    Normally: $5.00

    ZOT Price: $1.99

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    SoundPitch is a nice little tool for changing the tempo, pitch and sampling rate of a music file in realtime. Many musicians who want to learn a track use these features to slow down the playback of a song. Learn playing guitar, piano or any other instrument while using SoundPitch to decrease the tempo of your backing track.

    Want a great deal on the MAS version? The developer of today’s app and macZOT have come together to DROP the App Store price especially for YOU during today’s ZOT!

    There are 2 small differences in the MAS and Non-Mas versions:
    The Non-AppStore version gets faster updates ’cause there is no review phase via Apple
    The Non-AppStore version updates itself via Sparkle and the AppStore version via the AppStore itself.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Nov 02

    EarMaster Pro 5

    Start becoming a better musician
    Developer Interview Below…

    Normally: $59.99

    ZOT Price: $35.99

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    Ever wondered what made the difference between a good and a really good musician?

    The answer is almost always ear training.

    EarMaster is the leading ear training application, topping in Apple Download’s top 10 most downloaded apps two weeks in a row upon its release, and used by amateur musicians, professional artists and music schools worldwide!

    Developed together with 29 music teachers, it will beat your aural skills into shape with 651 progressive lessons divided into 12 exercise areas. It also includes a set of Jazz lessons with swing rhythms and jazz harmony.

    Learn to identify, play back and transcribe chords, melodies, rhythms, intervals, scales by ear.

    Who is it for? – EarMaster has been optimized to meet the needs of ALL musicians, beginners and professionals as well as college music students. The lessons are progressive, and a customized training mode will let you practice according to your very own needs.

    How does it work? – EarMaster plays a chord, a scale, a melody or an interval, and you must find out which one it was (Major? minor? Diminished? Etc.). You can answer questions by clicking on multiple-choice buttons, by entering tones on the on-screen interfaces (staff, piano, guitar, bass, cello, violin, banjo, etc.), or even by singing, clapping or playing your answers. It doesn’t get more interactive than that!

    Why should I use it? – Having a good ear for music is the best ally of any musician! Your musical ear is working like a muscle: the more you train it, the better it will get. Use EarMaster 5 to 15 minutes every day and you will quickly wonder why you didn’t start earlier. It will help you play in a band with more confidence, play tunes by ear from the songs you like , connect sound with music theory, and maximize your musicianship.

    ear training with EarMaster

    I’ve been playing music for 35+ years and pitch recognition was something I struggled with. After using EarMaster for less than a month, I made more progress in this period of time than the preceding 35+ years.

    Jim C., amateur musician, Houston, TX.

    Main Features:

    • 651 progressive lessons for music ear training
    • Customized training mode
    • On-screen dynamic interfaces: Staff, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Banjo, Cello, etc.
    • Voice and instrument input with microphone
    • MIDI Controller (keyboard, drumpad, etc.) input
    • “Intelligent” help function
    • Detailed statistics interface
    • FREE online support and updates (bug fixes, etc.)
    • 24 languages included (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and more)

    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer (Intel or PPC processor – Universal Binary).

    30MB hard disk space

    For More info: EarMaster 5 product page – Ear training made easy

    Interview with the developer (Hans L. Jakobsen):

    What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    All of them! More seriously, there are quite a lot of ear training applications out there, but what makes EarMaster stand out is that it is so easy to use, interactive (voice, instrument and MIDI input) and eye-pleasing, and that our user community is very active. Not to mention that it is one of the very few that run on Mac!

    Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    I created EarMaster back in the days when I was preparing myself for an audition to enter a music conservatory. I asked a friend of mine to play chords on the piano that I could try to identify, as it was one of the admission exams. After the first session, I started wondering: “why waste my friend’s time with such a robotic task, when a computer could handle it 24/7?”. The original idea of EarMaster was born, and evolved into the software that we know today.

    What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

    It is not a secret that many musicians use Mac. Even though EarMaster was first released for Windows, our goals are universal: We want all musicians to use it because we think it is the one program that all musician ought to use daily. This is why we released a Mac version.

    What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    With the newer Mac and their internal microphone, it is very easy to use the audio recognition feature of EarMaster. Simply toggle the “Microphone” icon on (bottom right of the screen), go through the microphone tuning wizard, and off you go! You can sing and clap back melodies, rhythms, chords, scales etc. to the computer. No additional hardware needed. It’s really fun to use!

    What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    EarMaster came to Mac OS during the Leopard era, and worked perfectly with Snow Leopard as it was, so I couldn’t really say yet.

    What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

    Garage Band is fantastic. It makes music creation so easy and fast. Hats off!

    What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

    All the features we could wish to see in EarMaster are already on the roadmap of EarMaster 6, which is currently under development and should be out at the end of 2011 at the earliest. It will be an upgrade to remember! Otherwise, touch screen compatibility would be great if Mac OS goes in that direction at some point.

    What would you like a user to ask you?

    Why didn’t you tell me about EarMaster before?

    What should I ask that I’m forgetting?

    How good are you at ear training yourself, btw?

    What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

    1) People usually “feel” the first results after a couple of weeks of training.

    2) Owners of version 5 will be able to upgrade to version 6 at a low price when it is available (approximately by the end of 2011).

    3) You can use sample players or other 3rd party sound engines with EarMaster if you want to and aren’t afraid of a bit of tweaking. See the FAQ on the EarMaster website for more details.

    Nov 01

    Jaksta for Mac

    Download Video and Audio from 100,000+ web sites.

    Normally: $49.95

    ZOT Price: $24.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    “Jaksta is a breeze to use… 9 out of 10″ – MacTech, February, 2011

  • Capture MP3s from Music sites like Pandora & GrooveShark.
  • Automatically convert to MP3 and other popular formats and devices.
  • Easy to use: Just play your video or audio and an exact copy is saved to your mac.
  • Turbo downloads: Up to 10x capture speed.
  • Jaksta Makes it Easy to Save Perfect Recordings at Turbo Speed

    Jaksta for Mac is easy to use: just open Jaksta, then play the video, music or audio you’d like to capture. You will find that your media is recorded up to ten times faster than playback speed, since Jaksta is grabbing files directly from the web site where they are hosted. This downloading technique means that the quality of the recorded files are perfect copies of the original.

    Try a free demo and see for yourself why Jaksta is the best way to record streaming video and audio.

    Supports all Common Stream Formats and Protocols:


    Converts to all popular device formats:

  • Predefined device outputs: Mac/Quicktime, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, or Android
  • File types: MP3, MOV, MPEG-4, AVI and more.
  • Option: Import into iTunes automatically.
  • “Every recommendation we gave you about streaming content and capturing it in the past – throw all those away and go take a look at Jaksta” - Data Doctors Radio Show – October 2011

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.