Dec 07

205 Professional Photoshop Actions

Non-Destructive Image Effects with One Click

Normally: $238.00

ZOT Price: $17.00

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Photoshop Actions

These actions from use non-destructive layers and adjustment layers, leaving the original photo intact and unaltered. This means that you can try an action, and if you don't like it you can just delete the results of the action and try another one. 

Also, you can tweak the results to suit your own needs by customizing the adjust layers (example, changing opacity, blend modes, editing curves and levels). This makes it possible to get the best results for the specific photo that you are editing and it makes the actions more versatile and useful for a greater range of photos.
The specific action sets included in this deal are:

System Requirements:

An English-language version of Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC

6 Responses to “205 Professional Photoshop Actions”

  1. ephg Says:

    How do you download?

  2. admin Says:

    @ephg The download should be in your account and an email went out with the link.

  3. ephg Says:

    Actually, I just realized that I had paid for it back in Feb 2 2103, Invoice: 807DBGFJ342. This is a duplicate. Can I get a refund for this one? Plus, even the old order does not have a download.

  4. ephg Says:

    Sorry, Fed 2, 2013

  5. gryhnd Says:

    The download link is in My Purchases in your account info, under “show serial”. I got these last Feb too. Still shows for me.

    FWIW, the actions are OK, but not clearly labeled as to what they do other than a general “category”. There’s Soft Color 1 through Soft Color 13, but they don’t indicate how they differ. Just saying “Soft Color Orange”, “Soft Color Faded Blue” would go along way to enhancing usability. I don’t have time to click through each one, undo the action, and move on to the next. Heck, even a contact sheet of examples would go a long way. As they are now, they seldom get used. Occasionally I’ll rename an action but my frustration with these has moved me over to using Perfect Effects or Topaz Labs Adjust. They are much more intuitive and better for the work flow.

  6. photographyplanet Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Our newer actions (I think it’s the last 14 sets that we’ve released) have been given more specific names for the reasons that you mentioned. We decided against including contact sheets because the effects will vary so much from one photo to the next, but that is something that we can re-evaluate.