Aug 10


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Transform your videos into a unique source of high quality pictures!
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An image studio for your videos

SnapFlow is a powerful image studio for your videos. With SnapFlow, you can easily navigate at the frame level in a video, select the frames of interest, compare them, and turn them into high quality images.


Flexible workflows for everyone!

Once you have selected some shots using the great built-in tools, Snapflow lets you additional processing before you export them. You can apply image enhancements filters, or create a document with the shots for publishing. SnapFlow comes with some great pre-defined workflows that let you create DVD covers for your video material.


High quality photographic tools inside a digital video application

Compare video frames as you would compare photos in a professionnal photographic application. SnapFlow has the high quality tools you need to manipulate both video and image media.


HD Ready!

To get the best snapshot, it's best to work with high quality videos. This is why SnapFlow is compatible with all Quicktime formats including the HD formats used by professionals. Snapflow also handles raw HDV/MPEG-2 footage and AVCHD footage and includes an advanced deinterlacing algorithm that will give you stunning still images from interlaced data.


Filling the gap between video editing and still image processing


When you do video editing, there is often some still image work to do as well. Snapflow will let you organize your videos into projects. Projects hold both the videos and the selected shots, as well as the workflows to apply to them.


Lots of great screencasts here…

System requirements
Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later, G5, or Intel-based Mac, 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
QuickTime 7.5.5
Quartz Extreme compatible card (all recent Macs have this)

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3 Responses to “SnapFlow”

  1. zavinski Says:

    well, they had me halfway through the howto video. But when i downloaded the demo to test it, i can’t get it to launch in 10.5.8. App icon bounces, then stops. Console error log suggests some Library or system item is missing, and www documentation mentions an ffmpeg library that app will prompt you to install, but i got no such prompt. Anyone else run into this issue? I want to buy the program, but not if it won’t run.

  2. ka1964 Says:

    Kernel panic on 27″ iMac with 10.84.

    Deleted from HD!

  3. cmwade77 Says:

    My Olympus camera comes with software (NOTE: The software does not verify that you have an Olympus camera and can be downloaded for free from their site) that does precisely this, why would I want to pay for something that can be downloaded for free from the Olympus website?