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Five variations of the scratch built, sans serif font, based on an American chain store logos circa 1970.

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Some fonts, because of who you are, you just gotta have in your Font Book.
Coolvetica is like that for me. And it's really memorable right now for lots of people.
In fact…
And it's a STEAL of a deal on ZOT NOW! 
Ray Larabie's Coolvetica is a scratch built, sans serif font, based on an American chain store logos circa 1970. This was an era where everyone was modifying Helvetica. Not only for logo designs but even font designers were at it. The Photo Lettering Inc. catalog was loaded with playful helvariations.
Even Letraset chimed in with Shatter, Formula One & Isometric. Coolvetica recreates that 1970s custom display lettering look with really tight kerning and funky curls. The tails on the R and a have been left out to allow even tighter spacing. This is not a text font. Coolvetica is a pure display font, intended for big, funky headings and titles. The 1999 version of Coolvetica had a G with a swash tail. The current version still contains a swash G, but it’s accessed as a “stylistic alternate” in OpenType savvy applications. Coolvetica has class based kerning, math symbols, fractions and numeric ordinals.


About Typodermic:
I’m Ray Larabie, from Ottawa, Canada. When I was very young, my grandmother brought me stacks of dry-transfer lettering (Letraset) from work. I learned the names of fonts and became an instant font junkie. When I got my first computer, the TRS-80, I got into font editing software and started making my own fonts. After attending a few years of art school, I went to college and got a Classical Animation Diploma. I ended up as an art director in the video game business but never lost my love for fonts. In the late 1990′s, I started making free fonts and releasing them on my site Ray Larabie Freeware Typeface of the Week. I changed the site name toLarabie Fonts and made fonts by the hundreds. In 2001, I started a commercial font venture. Two years later, I was able to quit my day job and work on fonts full time. I moved to Japan in 2008 and I continue making fonts to this day. My company is Typodermic Fonts Inc. based in the city of Nagoya. Japan.
When I’m not making fonts, I’m podcasting stuff and desperately trying to learn to speak Japanese. More about here here:
You don’t need to ask permission to use my fonts for commercial use. All my fonts, free or not, are licensed for commercial use. You can use them for logos, clothing, television, apps, games etc. Read the license agreement for details.


System Requirements:

OpenType compatible computers

One Response to “Coolvetica(X)5”

  1. HHatzman Says:

    Ray, I’m happy to send you a little bit of money. I’m guessing Kr*g*r for the font basis and I think a major soft drink company also. If you can, find the Hokuseido Press R.H. Blyth haiku series. A wonderful incentive to learn Japanese. Thanks for your work.