Feb 09

My Living Desktop Video Desktop and Screen Saver 50% offer

It's time to bring your desktop to LIFE

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Receive half off this popular 5-star Mac app and use it on up to 5 computers in your home or office


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Since 2005 My Living Desktop has been a distinctive product as the only Video Desktop and Screen Saver for the Mac with over 100,000 users worldwide and now in its 5th revision. My Living Desktop is a unique cross between a Video Desktop (moving wallpaper) and a traditional screen saver. 

My Living Desktop brings a whole new dimension to your computing experience by turning your Mac's desktop into a beautiful, moving environment…. complete with soothing sounds, gentle summer breezes, and crisp ocean waves. Built in features include: Importing your own home movies, Automatic Serenity Breaks, Scene Ratings, and Scene Collections to let you assemble your favorite scenes for any mood or setting. 

My Living Desktop comes complete with dozens of stunning, relaxing real video scenes shot from all over the globe. There are tons of smarts built into it too so it will not impact your normal computing experience. My Living Desktop supports multiple monitors with different (or the same) scenes playing on each, and can be set to automatically turn on or off when applications you've chosen come forward. The quick access menu bar control gives immediate accessibility to some of the most important features at any time. 


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28 Scenes included in My Living Desktop:

Autumn Stream 

Scottish Loch 

Smooth Clouds 

Grotto Falls 

Swiss Alps 

Thai Temple 

Peace Prevails on Earth 

Independence Day 

Fun Zone 

Vacation Skies II 

Monarch Mania 



Golden Sunset 


Tide Pool 


and 12 more surprises …



Rave user reviews



• Nice work. It's amazing to see these animations on my desktop. — LEO LAPORTE, Call for Help TV, KFI 640 AM, Los Angeles, TWIT Podcast 

• My Living Desktop is the coolest!! Seeing water rippling, birds flying by, clouds drifting along, water falls – all right on your desktop – it's truly a great experience for one who stares at the Mac all day. — GEORGE DUKE, Jazz Musician, Grammy Award Winner, R&B Keyboardist Of The Year, Innumerable movie & televisions scores 

• I'm a musician, and I was on tour. I had my laptop with My Living Desktop on in the dressing room. The other two guys in the horn section saw it and immediately went and downloaded the program. So peaceful, it's the best mini-vacation you can take without leaving your desk. — GEORGE SHELBY, Musician for American Idol, Aretha Franklin, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Feet 2, Glee 

• I love the way My LIving Desktop brings the beauty of the world into My office and study. There is a calm and a centering that gives me renewed energy and strength for the tasks of the day. — RABBI BRADLEY ARTSON, Vice President American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA 

• When I need to de-stress, relax and re-focus now, My Living Desktop takes me away. These visual and aural massages work their magic while transporting me to exotic, pastoral or oceanic locations around our precious planet. — ROGER KELLY, Writer and Broadcaster, Vancouver Canada 

• I LOVE My Living Desktop, it helps me relax so much. I see a doctor for anxiety and she sees a difference ever since I’ve been using it. — APRIL, Pennsylvania, USA




AND even more scenes are available for My Living Desktop


My Living Desktop comes with 28 of its own high quality scenes built in. Should you ever want EVEN more scenes to add to your Desktop and Screen Saver computing experience, you can get them from our Scene Store. Categories include:


• NASA videos

• Animations of Mt. Fuji

• Snow and Rain

• Autumn scenes

• Unusual creative artistic works

• City scapes

• Lakeside scenes

• And even a Fire Spinner who was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show


Click to preview these EXTRA scenes


System Requirements:

OS X 10.7 or 10.8. 1GB of free hard drive space

2 Responses to “My Living Desktop Video Desktop and Screen Saver 50% offer”

  1. krystyan Says:

    This is only $19.99 on the Apple AppStore, not $29.99.. Unless this is a different product perhaps? Or a bundle?

  2. serenesaver Says:

    The version of My Living Desktop offered here has a Scene Importer built into it. The version on the Mac App Store doesn’t. Plus here we offer a 25% discount for extra scenes from our Scene Store.