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Fusion RapidWeaver Bundle

Create Astonishing Web Pages

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The Fusion RapidWeaver Bundle by Rapid Ideas includes 15 highly professional themes an 10 stacks for the web design tool Rapidweaver. All of our current themes and stacks are included. Our clean and crisp designs and feature rich stacks will turn your project into a web 2.0 website, including many variations to choose from and many features not found in any other themes or stacks.

Most of our clients are from the creative or artistic sector who want to present their work in a clean and stylish way. And If you're looking for advanced and customizable themes for your private blog or business site, you should have a closer look on the Rapid Ideas Themes.

Of course all included stacks are updated for the Stacks2 plugin. To see all the details of the products, please visit the Rapid Ideas Main Page.

Some Features to mention

Art Adams Preview Usine Preview OHM Preview Lino Preview

Many Style Variations

You can fine tune your pages with custom colors, images and also set specific layout options. Rapid Ideas themes come with many style variations which can turn a simple RW site into an artistic and personally designed webpage.

Custom Colors

You can choose from a wide range of custom color variations for many parts of the designs. Give your page the exact colors and impression you want.

Lightboxes Included

I am sure you already have found pages which uses "lightboxes" to present media. I chose to feature Mediabox (or MediaboxAdvanced) and Shadowbox in my designs. These libraries are preinstalled and easy to enable. You can show additional information to the user without opening a new window or redirecting them to another site – and this means: they will stay longer on your site!

Extra Content

In some of my latest themes I added my own implementation of "Extra Content". This means you can add content to additional parts of the layout. Simply add a slideshow to the header or a stacks page to the footer. The possibilities are endless.

Browser Support

Of course, cross-browser support is always very important to me. You can be sure your site looks fine on all modern browsers including IE8+.

Slick Animations

There are people who like animations, others don't. For me Animation was never just to be cool. They need to add value to the design. I added discreet menu animation to some of the themes, which can also be disabled.


Reinhard Maag: I was taken by your designs and find them in a Swiss Graphics tradition of: Clean + Clear = Convincing

Nicolai Gregersen: I must say – you truly are an artist at this. I am a relatively newbie RW user, but your designs came to my attention from start. They are miles from what other designers offer, both in usability and appearance. If the winter olympics had a discipline called RW design (on ski?) – you’d be sure to get the gold…

Melanie Morschel: Your themes are the best ones out there

Jason: Thanks for your creative talents!!

Don Newmeyer: I really think your ideas are more visually appealing and creative then the other RW theme designers

Daniel Will: Another reason I find myself using your themes rather than others is your use of type. As a long time typographer, I’ve been disappointed by how other themes treat type. Only yours seem to have some sense of good typography.

Bob Walz: I really appreciate your work. Your designs help me turn eyes into ears so people can hear my message, thank you!

More Information about the individual themes and stacks in this bundle and Demo versions can be found on my main site:

Some Words about Rapid Ideas

Rapid Ideas started as a private project of Christoph Richardet. Back in 2005 there were only limited themes available for RapidWeaver. My main idea was to bring RW themes to a new level by developing themes which broke the standard look of RW themes. I found that many RW users were very impressed by the possibilities of these themes. The RW community grows with each day adding a big value to the software.
In june 2009 I decided to start my own company in the field of web design and graphics under the name Richardet Design. Our headquarter is located near Zurich, Switzerland

I want to thank the Real Mac Software Team for the marvelous tool and all my customers letting me do what I love to do!

And last but not least: I created my own project forworldaid, where I spend 10% of my yearly profit to important organizations. On the project site you can actually see my business profit, which is updated about each month. So, getting any product from my business will also support the Red Cross, Amnesty International and Greenpeace.


System Requirements:

- Mac OS X 10.5.8+ – RapidWeaver® by Realmac Software For the Stacks: Stacks Plugin by Yourhead

6 Responses to “Fusion RapidWeaver Bundle”

  1. michel-de Says:

    Hi, nice deal. How many of the themes are responsive besides BAI? Will some be made responsive in future updates?. Thanks.

  2. RapidIdeas Says:

    Hi Michel
    4 of them are responsive, 5 have a special layout for small screens. Not every design is suited to be responsive and I can’t tell you yet if any of the other 6 themes will be made responsive.

  3. MikeSarokin Says:

    Just to confirm .. in order to use the included Stacks I will need to purchase the Stacks Plugin by Yourhead also (another $29.95) since I don’t have that plugin ..

  4. RapidIdeas Says:

    Yes, this is correct – it is also mentioned in the System Requirements btw. But I am sure you won’t regret purchasing this essential plugin. And if you don’t want to use the stacks, the bundle will still give you a very good value for the themes only.

  5. Tenchan Says:

    Hi, which stacks are included?

  6. RapidIdeas Says:

    @Tenchan: Every stack you can find on is included in the bundle.