Dec 01

Archetypon Photographos Series MacZot Bundle

All 6 Photographos themes for Rapidweaver plus a secret gift included in this amazing offer!

Normally: $192.00

ZOT Price: $32.00

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Photographos Series

Photographos Series Rapidweaver Themes are the ONLY themes which allow you to use the built-in Rapidweaver Photo Album to produce full-browser slideshows. No extra coding needed, and image links that can be discouraging to many users.


Just drag and drop images into the Photo Album to edit and update beatiful and unique web-galleries. 


Watch a demonstration video

Photographos Teaser from Lucas Tsolakian on Vimeo.





Preview all themes included in the bundle




Photographos II:

Photographos II


Photographos III:

Photographos III


Photographos IV:

Photographos IV


Photographos V:

Photographos V


Photographos VI:

Photographos VI



About this bundle:


The biggest sale ever for Archetypon. All Photographos themes including the latest Photographos VI, plus a secret gift. That’s right, about 83% off the current retail price, but just for 2 days. Don’t miss it!


Note: All products are delivered as they would if purchased separately.


System Requirements:

Rapidweaver 5.

RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Whether you’re building your very first website or your fiftieth, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites to be proud of. You must have RapidWeaver 5 installed on your Mac to utilize these themes.

18 Responses to “Archetypon Photographos Series MacZot Bundle”

  1. prysma Says:

    The author tells me a price of 25$. Here you have to pay 32%. How that?

    Best – John

  2. Sees Says:

    John : 32$ = 25€

  3. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @Sees Thanks! Thats right, €25 are about $32.

  4. makoki Says:

    What about the secret gift?

  5. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @makoki Secret special gift is included in the instructions that you receive with the bundle.

  6. paulryb Says:

    How do you get the trial; the link just takes me to the author’s website and I don’t see how to download trials.

  7. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @ paulryb Trials are each theme’s preview websites, there are no demos to download.

  8. paulryb Says:

    @LucasTsolakian Thanks for the quick response, and for not making me go in circles looking for them!

  9. whymme Says:

    How does the theme handle photographs that are not landscape-oriented? Do the pictures in the collection all have to be the same size?

  10. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @whimme landscape or portraits oriented images can be used, as well as images in panoramic wide format. We can set the crop amount, positioning, margins etc.

    In fact there are 35 options for the slideshow alone, part for the themes’ layout options.

  11. infinkity Says:

    I just bought the package, but have no idea where to download the files. When I click the “download” under My Purchases, it just takes me to the archetypon website. How do i download these files?

  12. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @infinkity You should have received an email from Maczot. Or look in your account at Maczot for instructions on how to download the themes.

  13. pixelsaurus Says:

    Your teaser video shows the photos coming from IPhoto. Does it work the same with any folder of images?

  14. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @pixelsaurus You can also choose a folder or drag & drop images. It’s easy to update, change order, add or remove images.

  15. langleyiddins Says:

    From $25 to $32. Not a great increase but rather misleading and enough to put me off the purchase completely.

    Please don’t do this. It’s really tacky.

  16. Tumm Says:

    @langleyiddins € vs $

  17. LucasTsolakian Says:

    @Tummm Thanks. As mentioned on a comment above, 25 euros are about 32 dollars.

  18. etherflyer Says:

    I just bought it, even though I bought one of the themes only a month ago. Lucas has been good about answering questions quickly, and the theme I bought (Photographos I) looks great and was really easy to set up. With virtually no RapidWeaver experience at all, I got this web site up-and-running: