Apr 17

MailHub for Apple Mail

Tame your inbox, today.

Save hours of effort managing your inbox, each week.

Normally: $19.00

ZOT Price: $9.50

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MailHub for Apple Mail – tame your inbox, today

MailHub is a 'smart' plug-in for Apple Mail which saves you valuable time on email management. File, create new mailboxes, delete or assign actions to your email effortlessly without interruption to your workflow.

  • Organise your email simply and easily using MailHub's auto-suggest intelligent technology which suggests where to file your mail based on your previous email activity

  • File or delete emails individually, by thread or by sender with a mouse-click or key press

  • Automatically file sent email to keep it organised in the same mailbox as the rest of the conversation

  • Automatically file related messages when replying to emails

  • Create new mailboxes simply and organically when new filing categories arise

  • Set reminders for email related actions at the touch of a button — including for newly composed messages

  • An unobtrusive, beautiful toolbar allows all MailHub functions to be accessed from each Message Viewer.

  • Toolbar Themes

  • Fully customisable – filter out archive mailboxes from suggestions; set acronyms for mailboxes, set keyboard shortcuts, etc.

  • Keyword and key-letter searches for mailboxes.

Start enjoying the benefits of a well organised, streamlined mail-box today for only $9.50 – a fantastic 50% discount off the RRP of $19.00.

Smart filing

MailHub is a new kind of mail plug-in. The smart software within MailHub learns about the your filing preferences from the point of installation, and continues to learn as you file mail. It will auto-suggest one or more mailboxes to file to — reducing the need to find mailboxes manually.

If, however, MailHub does not know enough about a new email to suggest a mailbox, MailHub allows the user to select a mailbox manually using a few key presses.

Once a mailbox has been selected, MailHub offers batch-filing options that can automatically file related emails from the Inbox and Sent Messages mailboxes. Each filing action becomes much more powerful with MailHub.

Set reminders for follow-ups

MailHub allows you to set reminders and actions against emails directly from your inbox with a fully mail-integrated remind function so once an email is filed it is ‘out of sight but not out of mind’ and you won’t forget a vital task at a later date.

Save time

Customers say MailHub saves them at least an hour a day on email management. Other customers say MailHub has given them tools to file thousands of emails from the inbox in a fraction of the time it would have without MailHub.

Full keyboard and mouse support

Whether you prefer clicking or tapping, MailHub is built to cut out all extraneous work. Often filing is a single click/tap, as MailHub will have guessed where you want to file to.

Enhanced highlighting of Email

MailHub will optionally highlight email that you sent, differently from email that you have received, and also can show the 'to' field instead of the 'from' field for email you sent: knowing who the email was sent to is much more useful than knowing who sent it, when it was you who sent it! When used with the auto-filing of sent email with the received email in a conversation, the special highlighting gives an alternative, intuitive view on email threads.

What customers are saying

"The single best productivity tool for email, since email became the killer app."

"This is a terrific piece of software that has really improved my mail efficiency. Between work and home (and 4 mail accounts) I do a lot of processing and filing. The intelligence built into MailHub learns where messages with certain criteria should be filed. Tons of keyboard shortcuts, so I never have to lift the mouse." DTRUETT1

"Since I've started using MailHub, the act of moving emails out of my inbox (into their proper folders) has become a one-keystroke pleasure, versus all the hassle of dragging messages around or creating hundreds of rules. After one day with MailHub, I realized I never wanted to use without it again. Since then, the developers have been very responsive to feedback on the product, consistently making it a better tool." A HANCOCK

"What a difference MailHub has made to my daily workflow." R BEATTIE

System Requirements:

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7). Mountain Lion (10.8) version is in beta testing, and will be a complimentary update for all MailHub users.

3 Responses to “MailHub for Apple Mail”

  1. Luthian Says:

    From what I can see in the license agreement, I can only install this on one machine, period. Does this mean I’ll have to buy one copy for my laptop and one for my desktop machine?

  2. Dervishsoft Says:

    Hi Luthian,

    A MailHub single license entitles you to install MailHub on up to five other machines, as long as you are the sole user.

    Best Regards

  3. dB247365 Says:

    MailHub marks messages as Read when it moves them.

    Fortunately this behavior is controlled by a preference.

    Unfortunately MailHub installs with that function enabled by default.