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Grab the award-winning Wikipedia experience and donate to the Wikimedia Foundation at the same time!

Wikibot makes reading Wikipedia articles a joy. Whether you want to learn more about the places around you, entertain yourself with random articles, or research your favorite TV show, Wikibot has you covered! With a beautifully crafted interface, customizable display options, and killer features like tabbed browsing, language switching, a read-later queue and offline caching, you'll simply love it! Apple loves it so much that they named it Reference App of the Year in 2011.

Wiki Offline takes Wikibot offline. It downloads the text of Wikipedia (that's 10M articles, 50GB uncompressed text!) onto your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac so that you can keep reading whether you're in a plane, a submarine, the basement, or even on Mars!

These are all Apple App Store exclusive apps.

Check out the OSX versions here:

Wiki Offline


Check out the iOS versions here:

Wiki Offline


Separate History and Bookmarks

Have you ever had a great insight and then forgotten which page you were looking at at the time? Do you have all sorts of junk in your bookmarks folder? Wikibot and Wiki Offline solve these problems by providing you with a separate history and bookmarks. Your tracks will be automatically saved so you don’t have to remember!

No Longer Have 500 Tabs Open

If you’re like me, you have multiple browser windows open, each with a million tabs. Finding anything is impossible! Wikibot and Wiki Offline help you organize this by giving you a separate domain for your Wikipedia workflow.

Read Later Queue

Have you ever been reading an article and found a few other articles that look interesting? If you’re like most people, you would open these up in new tabs. With the Read Later queue, you can simply add these interesting articles to a list and come back to them whenever you want. You’ll never forget and you can stay organized!

iCloud Syncing

We’re busy, on-the-go people and we’re not always at the same device. Thanks to the magic of iCloud, all of your history, bookmarks, and your read later list will automatically be waiting for you, whether you’re on iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac.

Who Uses Wiki Offline?

  • Frequent flyers
  • Subway commuters
  • Teachers/Students/Educators
  • US Soldiers stationed overseas (actually submariners too)
  • UN Peacekeepers in Kenya
  • Teachers in Haiti
  • World-renowned scientists
  • And normal people like you and me!


We donate to Wikipedia

Yes! We believe it's critical to support the Wikimedia Foundation in their quest to provide open information. You can find "Wikibot" on the list of Wikipedia Benefactors.


Don't Take Our Word For It:


System Requirements:

  • iOS 4.0+ for iOS apps
  • OSX 10.6.6, 64-bit for OSX apps
  • iOS 5.0+, OSX 10.7.2+ to use iCloud




How does Wiki Offline work?

When you first install it, it will prompt you to choose a language, and then proceed to download the entire database for offline use (English is about 3.5GB). After that, you will never need internet access again! However, if you are connected to the internet, Wiki Offline will automatically pull in the latest version of the article and all of the images.

If I buy Wiki Offline, how do I get updates?

Great question! There are two ways:

  1. Every time you browse an article while connected to the internet, the latest version of the article will be downloaded, along with all images, and cached for offline use. This is free.
  2. If you elect, you can choose to update the entire database for a minimal charge to cover bandwidth

Can I use Wikibot offline?

Sort of. Unlike Wiki Offline, Wikibot does not give you access to the full Wikipedia while you are offline. However, it does cache all articles that you have viewed for offline access. For example, if you have just viewed the "USA" article, you will be able to view it while you are offline.


Can I buy Wiki Offline and Wikibot?

Yes! Many of our users do in fact get both.


How did you come up with this?

I was backpacking through Europe. Every city I went to, I would buy a $10 travel guide. In addition to being expensive, it took up a lot of space! I thought, "there must be a better way!" 

Think about how far we've come. Encyclopedia Brittanica used to take up shelves and be dozens of volumes. With Wiki Offline, you can literally have the entire corpus of human knowledge in the palm of your hands!

Who Created This?

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