Apr 02

Link Radar

Discover who links to your website or blog and what people are saying about you.

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Link Radar reports new inbound links from other websites to your own site(s) based on your Google Analytics data. As soon as a website refers a visitor to you (and has never done so in the past) it will show up in Link Radar with the exact URL.

Link Radar is great for:

  • Knowing when somebody mentions your site in a blog post
  • Seeing when somebody reviews one of your products/apps and links to your site
  • Reaching out and engaging in the conversation
  • Static HTML websites with no trackback/pingbacks (for example Jekyll-generated sites)

Manage up to 10 websites:

Instead of logging in to Google Analytics by hand for each of your websites, Link Radar reports new links for each site automatically.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • A Google Analytics account

Product page:

2 Responses to “Link Radar”

  1. ergonis Says:

    In the description above you say that you show “new inbound links”, but when I installed and tried it, the program actually says “visits”. So what are you actually reporting?

  2. rico Says:

    @ergonis: as I said in my email, the app shows a list of new inbound links. For each inbound link it also shows the number of visits when the link was discovered.