Mar 27

Paragon Camptune X

For the first time, you can redistribute disk space on your Mac in minutes!

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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How it works:

You may ask, “Why would I ever need to resize volumes on my Mac?” It’s only a matter of time until one of the volumes becomes overfilled with data and you’ll need to free up some disk space. It’s likely that the necessary space will be located on an adjacent partition that contains another operating system and, just like that, you’ll need to resize both of the volumes to add some free space to one of them.

In the past, resizing Boot Camp partitions was a long, time-consuming and tedious procedure. Obtaining a volume of the desired size often meant spending hours waiting for backup operations to finish, watching for volumes to move their borders and images to be written back. Now you can perform these operations in minutes.

Paragon Camptune X is simply the fastest way to perform resize operations. Instead of spending your time juggling with archives, disks and applications, use it to do something more creative with your Mac!

Why does traditional repartitioning take so long?

Until now, there were no adequate tools available to help rearrange space between NTFS and HFS volumes. A common method was a sequence of backup, delete and recover operations – with key drawbacks – consisting of the following basic steps:

  • Create an image of the NTFS volume
  • Delete Boot Camp volume
  • Initiate a Windows installation procedure
  • Prepare a new Boot Camp volume of the desired size
  • Reboot Mac
  • Restore the NTFS image to the newly created Boot Camp volume

 The drawbacks:

  • Requires many complicated manual operations
  • A Windows installation disk is necessary
  • Disk space can only be added to the NTFS volume; if you need to enlarge the HFS+ volume, you won’t be able to restore the NTFS image onto the smaller Boot Camp volume

This method, aside from consisting of many complicated manual operations, also requires the physical possession of a Windows installation disk to complete the operations. In addition, this manual procedure allows disk space to be added to the NTFS volume only – the NTFS image cannot be restored to the smaller Boot Camp volume once the HFS+ volume is enlarged.

How does Paragon Camptune X solve the problem?

Paragon Camptune X is a specially designed utility that rearranges disk space on dual-system computers. It has a very simple interface with few buttons. To perform the resize with Camptune X, there are only three basic steps:

  • Run Camptune X
  • Set the desired volume size by moving the partition boundaries
  • Perform the operation

The benefits of using Paragon Camptune X:

  • No complicated manual operations
  • Works without rebooting Mac – continue your work while the resize operation is being performed
  • No need for any third-party software or installation media
  • Change the size of either an HFS+ or an NTFS volume
  • With Camptune X, the whole resize operation is twice as fast

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac® OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. System Requirements: Boot Camp (Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1), Support for uEFI Boot Camp configuration, RAM: 512MB, Mac: Intel CPU (PowerPC Macs are not supported).

10 Responses to “Paragon Camptune X”

  1. mwalter Says:

    Bought it, but there is no download link. And in vendors web page also is not possible to download this product.

  2. Ybot Says:

    Like mwalter, I bought Camptune X, but found no download link, either at macZOT or at the vendor’s Web site.

  3. marcoklobas Says:

    Same here: no download link at all.

  4. petral Says:

    Same as others, where is download link?

  5. tkragelj Says:

    There’s no download link as others have posted; however I was able to download after creating an account on and registering the product in there… I used serial number (from maczot order confirmation email) and invoice number (from “my purchases” in maczot user account)…

  6. marcoklobas Says:

    @tkragelj: thanks. It worked like a charm.

  7. tallion Says:

    @tkragelj – thanks, that worked fine. I created a new account at, then put my serial and registered the product. After that I managed to download and install it.

  8. hvdosten Says:

    the same for me: where is the download link? It is not possible to download the software on the vendor’s site

  9. hvdosten Says:

    sorry, I was wrong. I found the link right now… sorry again

  10. admin Says:

    Hello Everyone!
    We just updated the download information which we received from the vendor. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for sharing how you got your download @tkrageij