Mar 25


Organize Your Visual Inspirations
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Manage, organize and catalog screen capture images powerfully. Browse your design inspirations and image collections in a delightful, clean image library. The perfect tool for designers, artists, and anyone who loves screenshots!

• Drag & Drop, Menu bar, Screenshot capture import
• Many image formats supported: jpeg, png, psd, tiff, bmp, psd, icns
• Built-in web image snap feature
• Built-in preview window
• Built in Color search engine
• Open-meta data tag system
• On screen annotation system
• On image comments feature
• Multi touch, Full screen, and more Lion features
• Easy share function

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System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Built for Mac OSX 10.7 The app is made for 10.7, and it gives you the opportunity to feel the real benefits of the latest OS.

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ZOT Interview with Kevin Lu of IcyBlaze

Mokacode was established in the year 2009, and was first introduced to customers with the brand name: Icyblaze and the product iDocument. Sparkbox is the second managing application, and more applications is under construction and we’ll be brought to customers in the year 2012.

Kevin Lu

I’m the developer of Sparkbox. I started with Mac applications in the year 2007. Before I started Mac developing, I was a Flash developer and worked in the Windows environment. A computer geek at the time, I upgraded my PC once a season, and switched to new mobiles regularly. Then I got my first Mac. I loved it. Since I’m a DOTA fan, I maintain my Windows connections… That’s enough about me.

1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product
You can easily capture any image on a website, or the entire site if you like, and catalog them easily future reference. (WebSnap Tool Included)

2 Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?
Initially, the idea came from our customers of iDocument. They aksed for an image management app to organize their image collections. They didn’t want to mix their photos with web images, like icons, wallpapers,etc. SparkBOx solved the problem.

3.What’s the most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac and/or iOS platforms.
Macs are cool. More thoughtful than any other platform for both developers and customers in our opinion. The Mac made creating SparkBox possible.

4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

– A. The web snap feature, Capture an entire webpage or specific images.
– B. Color search: Search your images by colors
– C. Sort your images by Tags
– D. Add comments right on your images

5 What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?
To make spark box server based – we need more geeks to work this out. It’s not happening at the moment.

6 What’s your upgrade policy?
Free Lifetime upgrade.

7 What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

My favorite Mac app is Code, however, it is also my least favorite! :)

8 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

What image formats does Sparkbox support?
We support most common formats in the market at the moment, like PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF. We’ll consider supporting more formats in the future.

Will Sparkbox support index import model(Not to copy images into its library but only index them)?

Yes, we’ll do that soon in a upgrade.

Will Sparkbox be available in iOS as well?


Will Sparkbox consider cloud service in the future?
Yes, we’re going to add cloud service into Sparkbox in the future.

Thanks Kevin!

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