Feb 23

RapidWeaver Classroom Bundle

This is your “A-HA! That’s how it’s done!” moment. Get your web design questions answered, and have some fun, too!

Normally: $59.94

ZOT Price: $29.97

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For years, RapidWeaver has been one of the Mac’s best web design apps, but 2012 is shaping-up to be the greatest year in its existence, and it will be hard to argue that there is anything better. New developers and new add-ons have extended RapidWeaver’s functionality to levels never seen before — it is an exciting time and building awesome websites is easier than ever! RapidWeaver Classroom has spent 4 years training RapidWeaver users all over the world — helping them understand the available tools, and how to effectively use them. If you haven’t looked at RapidWeaver lately, or have never seen it before, now is the time!

Get 60 days of access to EVERY video offered at RapidWeaver Classroom!

What do you get with a RapidWeaver Classroom Combined Subscription?

  • 60 Days of UNLIMITED access to BOTH the RapidWeaver Classroom & Grad School curriculums
  • More than 350 unique tutorials
  • Step-by-step instruction on every detail of RapidWeaver
  • Over 50 tutorials on RapidWeaver 5
  • Over 200 tutorials on 3rd-party plugins and stacks – Updated for Stacks 2!
  • Over 70 advanced Grad School tutorials
  • Receive discounts of 10-20% on 3rd-party themes and stacks
  • Quickly gain the confidence to create your own professional website

Click here to view the complete RapidWeaver Classroom curriculum, and click here to view the complete Grad School curriculum.

13 Responses to “RapidWeaver Classroom Bundle”

  1. rapidweaverclassroom Says:

    I’m excited to be participating in another macZOT! offer this weekend! If you have any questions, please check the FAQ at the end of the offer details — hopefully that will provide answers. If not, please post your question here in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can.


    Ryan Smith
    RapidWeaver Classroom

  2. pumpkinwhite Says:

    I went ahead and bought the access. Looking at comments around the web, it seems to be a great resource. The breadth of curriculum is certainly impressive.

    One question – any chance the registration info will be sent out today itself? I want get a feel for the tutorials to see if I want to buy an additional 2 months today. Building a website will be an ongoing weekend project, I intend to spread over the next 6+ months. I have a suspicion that I may want to refer back to the resource while I am building my website, but am not sure.

  3. AlohaBob Says:

    I’d be on this in a heartbeat but the videos can’t be downloaded and the access to the videos stops after 60 days. Unacceptable. I can understand the subscription of not being able to access new videos after the subscription expires, but losing all access is too much of a restriction. Every other video/tutorial subscription service I belong to allows access to older subscribed videos after the subscription ends.

  4. rapidweaverclassroom Says:

    AlohaBob, I’m sorry that you’re not satisfied with the subscription’s terms. I’ve not personally subscribed to a service that allowed access to content after expiration. Lynda and Netflix are 2 examples, and Lynda doesn’t allow its videos to be downloaded. There are other types of subscription-based services that only allow you to access content as a current subscriber. I don’t think it’s an unacceptable model, but I do respect your opinion and appreciate the feedback.

    -Ryan Smith

  5. mikeZot Says:

    pumpkinwhite, registration information will go out to buyers throughout the weekend in batches. Check your email.
    Mike Biskup, macZOT

  6. AlohaBob Says:

    RWC, I understand your point, but Netflix isn’t the same. Netflix’s subscription is service to all of their videos all of the time while you are actually selling access to a specific course or group of videos. I don’t want to get in an argument with you because you have the right to set up your subscriptions anyway you want. I use udemy which doesn’t let subscribers dl the videos but allows the subscriber to access their subscribed videos at any time. I also subscribe to SCOnline which does allow the subscribers to download the videos.

    I completely understand you not allowing subscribers to download the videos, but I think not allowing subscribers to access the “subscribed” videos after the 60 days is unacceptable. Not allowing access to “new” rapidweaver classroom bundle videos after the 60 days is perfectly acceptable. But losing all access to those videos after 60 days is just too restrictive for me. Thanks for the reply.

  7. millca Says:

    Hey Ryan, if we do buy two of today’s MacZot, can they indeed be stacked so we’d essentially be getting 120 days subscription? Thanks.

  8. rapidweaverclassroom Says:

    millca, that would work. You’d receive a code for each purchase and could activate one 60-day period after the other.

    Ryan Smith

  9. glrx Says:

    I subscribed to RapidWeaver Classroom a couple years ago when I first started with RapidWeaver. I would have been lost without it. Ryan is a great teacher and will get any beginner up to speed in no time. I’m looking forward to the Grad School Curriculum now. Can’t wait!

  10. Horus Says:

    I might take this opportunity to sample the tutorials that RapidWeaver Classroom offers this time around, although I can’t see if being a long term subscription. The deal breaker for me is not being able to download the videos for viewing as and when I want. Living in a country with poor monthly quotas and sometimes poor Internet speeds means watching largish online videos can be a real pain in the butt. i.e it just took me 23 minutes to watch one 11 minute tutorial, buffering was crazy.

    I’ve been a subscriber to Don’s ScreenCastsOnline for some time now, he makes it nice and easy for me, tutorials get delivered to me via iTunes and in the middle of the night if I want, when it’s off peak and it doesn’t impact my precious peak quota. It’s all too easy for me to renew with him each year.

  11. rapidweaverclassroom Says:

    Horus, I do sell a couple of DVD options for those with download quotas, slow connection speeds, or those with unreliable internet connections. If you take advantage of this macZOT! offer and like the tutorials, purchasing a DVD might be a good alternative for you.

    -Ryan Smith

  12. cmarkn Says:

    I found the DVD options on your site ( and it looks interesting. Are they on sale today too?

  13. rapidweaverclassroom Says:

    Hi cmarkn, I’m sorry but the DVDs are not on sale.

    -Ryan Smith