Feb 15

Two Awesome Sans Fonts

From the “4th february” Font foundry
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Save big on two super cool sans fonts! Both with Cyrillic character sets.

Ukraintica 4F Wide UltraLight with Italic font

A great font for any logo, title, or body text. The wideness of the font adds a distinct beauty, making it highly recognizable. Like most popular fonts, it is a sans-serif that is thin and stylish. Ordinarily $25. Today only $5! Don’t miss out!

Dinesqo 4F UltraLight with Italic font

Sleek, stylish and modern. Dinesqo is a whisper thin sans-serif great for anyone looking for a super-cool and stylish font, without breaking the bank.

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These fonts are from the 4th february font foundry and Fontbundlr!