Jan 08

Pipedrive CRM
6 months/5 users*

If Apple designed Salesforce…

Pipeline tool for active dealmakers, Get super-organized. Close deals in less time. Up and running in 2 minutes.

Normally: $156.00

ZOT Price: $49.00

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Pipedrive is a tool for improving sales productivity. It brings your sales pipeline to focus, so you’ll always know your team’s sales progress, and know which clients to call next. Other features are hidden in the background, so using Pipedrive is simple and takes surprisingly little time. Or, like the company’s favourite customer quote goes: “If Apple designed SalesForce…”

Most of Pipedrive’s users are small and medium-size companies that sell relatively expensive services like consulting, web development or advertising services. KissMetrics, TechStars and Fortumo are some of Pipedrive’s users. Pipedrive’s software is web based, so it’s easy to deploy and use.

* Easy and intuitive user interface.

* Improves sales productivity : less time needed for admin, more time for sales.
* Multiple pipelines available: Eg. one for sales, one for hiring, one for partnerships.
* Focuses on the important: brings sales pipeline to focus, other features hidden under the hood.
* Customizable: add custom fields and modify sales stages.
* Web based: easy to deploy and use, can be used by those that have not yet converted to Mac.
* Built-in reporting: reports and filters available for individuals as well as the whole team.

* Google Apps integration: syncs to Google Calendar.
* Made by sales pros for sales pros: team had 10+ years of sales (and using bad CRM) experience before developing Pipedrive.

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Dan Murphy (Udemy): “After 3wks of testing I strongly recommend Pipedrive it is to CRM what the iPhone was for Mobile”
Hiten Shah: “At KISSmetrics we use Pipedrive in all of our board meetings”

*What you get:

Six Months of Pipedrive Lite

  • Up to 5 users
  • Unlimited deals
  • 15 GB storage
  • Great for small teams
  • All Pipedrive accounts are safe, secure, password-protected, and backed-up daily.

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    System requirements:

    Works well with Safari, fastest with Chrome.

    Click to the Pipedrive Site for more info.