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SuperFlexible 5 for Mac – Pro Edition
Synchronize and back up your data easily!

Normally: $59.90

ZOT Price: $29.75

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Back up your data and synchronize
Macs, PCs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.

You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them
manually or using the scheduler. The software works with local hard drives,
network drives and any other mounted volumes. In addition, it comes with support for
FTP, SSH, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and Google Docs. You
can use ZIP compression and data encryption. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard
Copying, Exact Mirror, and SmartTracking.

Independent Reviews Of Super Flexible File Synchronizer:

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  • Was featured several times on the Computer America show and recommended by its co-host Carey Holzman.

  • Highlights:

  • Copy several files simultaneously – a great speed-up!

  • Copy or synchronize data between local drives and/or
    network drives

  • FTP, SSL, SSH, WebDAV, and Amazon S3 support

  • Includes ZIP compression and Encryption

  • Copy file permissions and make 100% identical, bootable copies

  • Real-Time Synchronization

  • Run profiles in parallel

  • Partial updating of large files (delta copying) & Synthetic Backup

  • More Super Flexible File Synchronizer Features

    Here’s a list of some of the basic capabilities of Super Flexible File Synchronizer. To get a full impression of the available features, it is recommended to download and try the software and take a direct look at the available options.

  • Synchronizes or Backs Up Files and complete folder
    structures in different locations, such as a PC, laptop,
    or online storage. There are no limits in
    terms of file sizes, the number of files, or
    filename lengths. The program fully supports Unicode
    characters so that it can copy filenames in all

  • Each sync job is saved as a profile
    so that you only need to specify the settings once.
    You can run multiple profiles
    with a single click. You can also run profiles
    from the command line.
    Profiles can be created using a wizard, or in
    advanced mode.

  • Includes a scheduler.
    Schedule the synchronization of your data on a
    backup hard disk at a convenient time each day, or as
    frequently as you wish. You
    can also schedule profiles to run upon shutdown or
    log-off. On
    Windows NT/2000 or higher, the scheduler can run as
    a service – without users having to log on.

  • Internet Support. Supports
    various Internet protocols, including FTP, FTPS,
    SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, SSL, HTTP, and
    Amazon S3
    web storage.

  • Compression and Encryption Support.
    Easily zip your files and encrypt them with strong
    256-bit encryption. To unzip and decrypt, simply
    make a copy of your profile and copy in the opposite

  • Detects Moved Files.
    If you reorganized your folders by moving files to
    different locations, Super Flexible File
    Synchronizer will detect this and quickly
    perform the same moves, for example, on your laptop.
    No extraneous copying!

  • SmartTracking. This feature
    keeps a database of all files so that it can detect
    file deletions and conflicts. You will find the
    SmartTracking checkbox on the Modes tab sheet (in
    Advanced Mode). A separate dialog will appear with
    related settings.

  • Unattended Mode In
    this mode, no questions are asked while the profile is run. You can specify
    beforehand which kinds of files may be overwritten.

  • Exact Mirror Mode. If
    desired, you can create an exact mirror
    of your data, even if this means that some files are
    deleted or replaced with older files.

  • Copy Locked Files. If
    some files cannot be copied due to other software
    accessing these files, Volume Shadowing
    can be used on Windows XP or later to copy the
    files. If files can’t be copied, the synchronizer will
    continue copying the remaining files, and then
    retry all those files that were locked, until all
    files have been copied successfully. A limit for the
    time spent on retries can be specified.

  • Versioning: this
    feature enables you to keep multiple older versions
    of each file in the backup. There are several naming
    schemes available.

  • Partial File Updating (or
    delta copying): this
    feature copies only the changed portions of files in
    order to speed up the synchronization.

  • Database-safe mode: This
    mode requires exclusive access to the files to be
    copied. If exclusive access is not possible, Volume
    Shadowing is used, or the program will wait until
    the exclusive access becomes possible.

  • Can Use Recycle Bin for older
    versions of files that are overwritten, as well as
    for deleted files. This is a
    fairly unique feature because most programs will
    permanently replace older versions of a file. Using
    Super Flexible File Synchronizer, you will have a
    chance of retrieving overwritten files if you select
    the appropriate options.

  • File Masks & Filters. Numerous
    ways to select/deselect files and folders are

  • Daylight
    Saving Time / Time Zones
    . Since exact hour time
    differences can be ignored if the file size
    matches, you won’t have any more problems if the
    file systems of two computers are off by one hour, or even several hours. Whenever possible, UTC (world time) is used to compare the timestamps of files.

  • Easy Resuming On Disk Full. You
    simply make more space and ask the software to
    continue copying. It can pause right in the middle
    of a file until additional space is freed.

  • Want the standard version instead?
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    Documentation is here…

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    A tool for building pretty looking diagrams with minimal effort.
    For 24hrs – Get the Standard Version OR MAS version at a massive discount!

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $6.99

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    At macZOT, we know the App Store is a mixed bag…

    Some of you love it – Some of you hate it. It’s the same for developers. In some ways the MAS is wonderful – In other ways it’s not. Today macZOT and Deep IT give you a choice.

    Get your Diagrammix license for $6.99 via the developers and macZOT (above) OR grab a similar deal on the MAS by clicking on the MAS button below.

    (Deep IT, the developer’s of Diagrammix have lowered their Mac App Store price for 24hrs especially for YOU!)

    Diagrammix is a tool for building pretty looking diagrams with minimal effort.

    If you are an office worker, developer, manager, supervisor, student or home user you can draw diagrams for about anything in an extremely simple and intuitive way.

    You’ll be able to focus on what really matters. Diagrammix takes upon itself to connect elements, autosize elements while entering text, align elements and connectors.
    Diagrammix offers a lot of art elements and different connectors that eliminate the need to waste time for preparing attractive elements in vector drawing editors. Just drag and drop elements from your palette, connect them and enter the text. You can drag or paste any image from other application and drop it in the Diagrammix to make linked annotations.

    Use Diagrammix as a fast business tool for illustration purposes.
    Work can be saved in a number of formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF or copied to text processors via a clipboard.

    Check out the Help and Tutorial

    To request a new feature or shapes template in Diagrammix, simply email Please include shape examples that you would like to see in any format.

    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Who Are We?
    Deep IT is an independent software company focusing on high quality applications for the World Wide Web, Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS. We provide Deep analysis and the best IT solutions. We change reality! – E-Mail:

    Jul 04

    SQLiteManager 3.8.0
    The most powerful sqlite database management tool.

    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $24.00

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    SQLiteManager is a powerful database manager for sqlite databases, it combines an incredible easy to use interface with blazing speed and advanced features. SQLiteManager allows you to open and work with wide range of database versions like sqlite 2, sqlite 3, in memory databases, AES 128 encrypted databases and with REAL Server databases. It allows you to create and browse tables, views, triggers and indexes. It enables you to insert, delete and updates records in a very intuitive way, it supports you arbitrary SQL commands and much more.

    SQLiteManager’s report generation system is flexible enough to let you generate reports in just about any format you can imagine (report generation can actually be used to export data in just about any format you need). You create the report templates using a report template language and then generate reports by pouring SQL query results into the templates.

    With SQLiteManager you can easily ALTER any sqlite database schema, you can easily show PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, QuickTime image from any BLOB record, you can access your SQL history, you can display add notes and stickies to your database, you can import and export data … and much more.

    Features highlights:

    • sqlite 2 and sqlite 3 native support.
    • CubeSQL (REAL Server) support.
    • In-Memory database support.
    • AES 128 encrypted SQLite 3 databases support.
    • Foreign Key support.
    • Full ALTER TABLE support.
    • Browse tables, views, and indexes.
    • Create new tables, views, indexes and triggers.
    • Create notes and script.
    • Drop tables, views, indexes, triggers.
    • Full alter tables support.
    • Manage tables by inserting, editing, and deleting records.
    • Built-in inline editing.
    • Built-in virtual machine analyzer.
    • Built-in query optimizer.
    • Full-text search support.
    • Show PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, QuickTime from BLOB records.
    • Save frequently used SQL commands for later use.
    • Convert SQLite 2 databases to SQLite 3.
    • Powerful reports generation with flexible report templates.
    • Advanced import and export capabilities.
    • Built-in language reference.
    • Embed notes and stickies in your databases.
    • Load native sqlite 3 extensions.
    • Script language support for automate repetitive tasks.
    • New record editor to easily modify/add rows.
    • Real-time BLOB preview.
    • SQL history.
    • Log window.
    • New CSV import engine that supports multi gigabity files.
    • Improved export engine.
    • New powerful print engine with real-time preview and PDF export!
    • Attach external database files.
    • Dump database files on disk.
    • Ability to open hidden files or bundles under OSX.
    • New table editor with full support for altering exiting tables.
    • New improved GUI.
    • New Chart panel to easily visualize your data (Line chart, Bar chart, Pie chart, Venn chart, Scatter, Radar, Map and QR Code)
    • … and much more!

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later.

    More information at the SQLabs website.

    Jul 01

    MacTVision HD

    The MacWorld Featured Entertainment App!
    Available This Saturday, Sunday and Monday!
    Developer Interview Below…

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $19.95

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    Experience Fireworks In HD! and right on your Mac, what could be better?

    The Future Is Now. Introducing MacTVision HD, Online TV Made Easy

    MacTVision Description

    1 in 5 people will be cutting their cable and satellite service this year in favor of Internet based TV. Why pay a cable or satellite company $100 or more a month when everything you want to watch is available in MacTVision for a one time cost less than $40.00! AND includes lifetime subscription updates! Full featured and easy! We can’t be beat!

    MacTVision features full HD (High Definition) episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, FULL length movies, videos, and even streaming radio. Just one quick software install, no hardware or crazy stuff required!

    MacTVision brings the best content the Internet has! You get DIRECT online streams of news, sports, local stations, network stations, and even global media outlets! Not to mention integrated service with millions of streams from YouTube, programming from Revision3 and Hulu, and much more!

    We work hard so you don’t have to. Software is straight forward and easy to use.


    Visit macZOT to view a MacTVision Quick Demo Video…

    MacTVision Features:

    Updated DAILY and includes…

        * Full Popular TV Shows Instantly, On Demand!
        * Built Especially For Apple Mac Users.
        * EASY To Use, With Quick Search Features.
        * Channels From All Over The World! Watch Shows You Can’t Usually Get.
        * Thousands Of Local TV & Internet Channels Also.
        * Original Online TV Shows.
        * Full Length Hollywood & Independent Movies!
        * LIVE Broadcast News & Sports Channels.
        * Integration With Hulu, YouTube, Justin.TV, Revison3, and More!
        * Your Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations.
        * Auto Removal Of Dead/Broken Channels, Keeping Content Fresh.
        * International Use With VPN!
        * No Monthly Subscription Fees!
        * No Catch, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Fees, No Rip-Offs – Our Guarantee!

    Go search around, and you will see why we can’t be beat and are the most popular service for TV on Macs! Everything else is nearly twice as much with hidden fees, requires additional hardware, or is a monthly subscription based service.

    See why we are so cool now?

    MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

    Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

    Click here to see the FAQ for any installation questions

    Customer Feedback:

    "So what type of voodoo spell was cast for this awesomeness?" – Brandon, New York

    " 3 words, 1 phrase, I LOVE IT!" – Hillary, Florida

    "Wouldn't have it any other way, great product guys" – Steve, California


    Cut costs from regular cable and sattelite bills and bring all your fav shows, news, and even radio to one place with no subscription fees and lifetime updates.

    Diving Into The Developer, Our Response To An Interview:

    Q. What's the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    A. The ease of use. We bring all the best channels of the Internet right to the MacTVision application, saving our customers time so they can enjoy the shows, not spend time looking for them.

    Q. Why did you create this app?

    A. Out of frustration! We knew we couldn't have been the only ones looking for a video and stream bookmarking service.

    Q. What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

    A. Because it is a Mac! The way the world should be. Mac users "know" they have the better OS.

    Q. What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    A. Ease of use, lots of content – which is update daily we might ad. And the fact that we DO NOT charge subscriptions. Just a one time up front cost. That's it! We like straightforward.

    Q. What are some interesting experiences you've had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    A. None as of yet, the transition has been great.

    Q. What's your favorite Mac app out there from another developer?

    A. Camtasia For Mac, makes our screencasting so much easier.

    Q. What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

    A. A toilet flusher.

    Q. What would you like a user to ask you?

    A. Can I pay you all more for this than you charge?

    Q. What should I ask that I'm forgetting?

    A. Where we are from! So, we are from NC, Arizona, and Quebec, Canada.

    Q.What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

    A. No matter how many times we say it, there are no subscription fees or further costs, and customers are our favorite people – and they do get lifetime updates and upgrades!


    MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

    Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

    Hope you will give us a spin! Thanks and Happy Summer!