Apr 22

MacFonts 3 and MacFonts 4
2000+ commercial use fonts
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Normally: $80.00

ZOT Price: $20.00

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Enhance the style of any creative project

A premier collection of high quality fonts to add inspiration to any personal AND business project.

Get over 1000 unique OpenType fonts in each MacFonts collection. Every font is a certified OpenType font designed exclusively by Macware’s very own font studio (SummitType), so you won’t find these fonts anywhere else. Macware also includes a full commercial use license for each collection (on up to 2 computers), allowing you to use these fonts in ANY personal AND commercial business project…something no other font collection allows. And, since both collections are only $20 during this MacZot offer, this means each collection costs less than what a single font would normally cost through online font websites like or!

MacFonts 3 and 4 feature highlights:

All of the fonts in MacFonts 3 and MacFonts 4 are new from the SummitType foundry and have never been available before.

All fonts are licensed for commercial use on up to 2 computers: No royalties or fees to pay.

Includes a Font Manager to manage fonts like a pro with instant activation and deactivation of fonts, or you can use Font Book to manage the font collections.

All MacFonts are OpenType. With OpenType fonts, everything you need is contained in a single file that is compatible with all of your applications.

Each font boasts a complete character set that includes international symbols and alternative characters.

All fonts are 100% embeddable in common file formats like PDF.

All fonts are 100% compatible with all of your programs, so you can install and use them right away.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.1 or newer (for fonts only; Mac OS X 10.4 or higher for font manager)

Visit the Macware website to:
Learn more about MacFonts 3
Learn more about MacFonts 4
Learn more about Macware

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April 23rd and 24th


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5 Responses to “MacFonts 3 and MacFonts 4”

  1. zavinski Says:

    If I was going to buy a collection of TWO THOUSAND fonts, i’d sure expect to see names or samples of more than SIX of them.

  2. peachtreecity Says:

    I agree with @zavinski. On the surface, this looks like a great deal however, I would like to see more fonts before plunking down ANY $. Macware – ?

  3. giltinan Says:

    I bought the #1 an 2 packs as a bundle and was very disappointed with them. A lot are very similar to fonts I already had or free ones available on the internet with the names changed. I would not have been upset about that if I had found a few unique or interesting fonts but all of them were so similar and boring. Since there was no sample page for these packs, I will pass. I prefer to hunt for wild fonts on the free sites

  4. Macware Says:

    The fonts in the original MacFonts were only for personal use and were licensed from others. MacFonts 2 were also licensed from another company, but we did get a commercial use license for these fonts.

    We decided to dump the license approach and develop our own unique fonts, and after several years were able to release MacFonts 3 and 4. Of the 2000+ fonts, there are several hundred unique fonts, each with a large font family, plus the commercial use license.

    These font collections are well worth $20; especially when you consider you typically spend that on a single font at or I am sure you won’t find every font up your alley, but even if you can use a handful or two then this discounted collection is well worth it.

    Jason Hogrefe
    Macware, Inc.

  5. hdfonts Says:

    As a commercial font designer myself (represented by Agfa Monotype and FontHaus), it takes me the better part of 1 to 3 months or longer to create a single font when you consider the amount of time spent creating the character fit (left and right sidebearings, kerning pairs, etc.). So my questions are:

    1) Are the character sets complete with all of the diacritical characters for creating foreign languages (including currency characters)?

    2) Are the kerning pairs created manually, or was autokerning used?

    I’ve just had so much trouble in the past with budget font collections, and a couple of them had actually taken some of my fonts and just renamed them (Small Dog Foundry and the FontCase sets). I guess when you create such a LARGE collection of fonts in such a short amount of time, questions remain.