Apr 20

Breeding Master
Easy and powerful dog breeding software

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Breeding Master is an easy and powerful dog breeding application. It allows you to keep all your breeding
information in one place. Breeding Master tracks owners and breeders,
information about shows, health parameters, vaccination dates, images and much more.

Top 15 reasons to try Breeding Master

It Is Easy

Breeding Master looks like a generic office application. It takes just a few minutes to understand how to use it.

It Keeps Everything

Breeding Master keeps information about dogs, people, kennels, events, awards and anything you want to keep. All your data will be stored in one place.

It Builds Pedigrees

Breeding Master allows you to build pedigrees. You can define any number and order of fields and print the result.

It Keeps Shows

Breeding Master allows you to keep all show-related information. It stores points, awards and judgement reports in one place.

It Tracks Pairs

Breeding Master track pairs and their offsprings. Plan and track pairings, litters and everything else.

Manage Images

Breeding Master allows you to store pictures of anything. Add photos of your dogs at shows, put some fun images of their play, add your comments. And export them when needed.

Search and Find

Breeding Master searches for dogs, people, kennels or shows while you are typing.

Store Kennel Info

Keep kennel’s addresses, phones, e-mails and homepages. Add your remarks, browse and search them.

It Stores Breeds

Build your own list of breeds. Add remarks, and select dogs.

It Stores People

Store breeders and owners, their addresses and e-mails, browse their dogs, add your remarks and search them.

It Keeps All Data In One Place

Breeding Master keeps all important data linked together. It keeps dogs, owners, breeders, pairs, shows, kennels etc.
You will never lose important data.

It Shows Relations

Find parents and offsprings, owners and breeders, list dogs by breed, kennel or nest. Breeding Master will help you stay organized.

You Can Trust It

Breeding Master will not lose your data. Backup and restore your data easily.
Built-in advanced integrity checking makes your data 100% safe.

You Can Improve It

We want to improve Breeding Master and you can help. Send us your wishes and we’ll try to implement them in future releases.

It Is Free To Try

Download and try Breeding Master absolutely free.

No matter what you use to keep your information, give Breeding Master a try.

Click here to download free trial now.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.5

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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