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The new way to learn foreign words on your Mac

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Papapapaya is the new fun and effective way to learn vocabulary using state of the art techniques from learning psychology.
Papapapaya is more than just a Dictionary! Papapapaya’s learning mode will help you to remember new words more easily. And Papapapaya’s Quiz will automatically ask you the right words at the right time.
To motivate you, Papapapaya keeps track of your progress in the detailed statistics.

Papapapaya Learning Philosophy
Our vocabulary learning software was developed in collaboration with students of linguistic and teaching sciences and foreign students. So, Papapapaya is adjusted to modern learning concepts. This makes it easier for you to learn and especially remember the vocabulary you learn.
The focus lies on the way how our brain remembers new things and how you can avoid to forget them. Accordingly Papapapaya sorts the words in different memory levels instead of files and folders. This makes it easier for you to get an overview of what you already know and what you need to rehearse.

Clean and easy interface
With Papapapaya you can focus on learning the language and not on complicated software. Our program is clearly structured, and so you will intuitively understand it and find what you need.

All Languages
Manage several different langauges at ease with live switching. Papapapaya has support for ALL languages – including Arabic and Asian scripts. The keyboard layout will even switch automatically.

Quiz yourself
Rehearse the words and test your knowledge with Papapapaya’s intelligent quiz. The Quiz will always ask you the words that are best to be rehearsed at the very moment. Using topic tags, words will even be asked in meaningful groups.
You can also get asked single words from the background while you do something else using Papapapayas unique PopUp Quiz.

Papapapaya features detailed statistics so you can get an overview of your progress and stay motivated.

Import & Export
With Papapapaya’s extensive import and export abilities you can easily transfer the words from your old learning software into Papapapaya.

Watch the Papapapaya video tutorial on:

System Requirements
PPC or Intel Mac
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Application Languages: English, German

Visit Papapapaya’s website:

8 Responses to “Papapapaya”

  1. jsczot Says:

    are there words already in the software or do I have to add the vocabulary myself from other sources?

  2. mrFridgeSoftware Says:

    Papapapaya is designed to replace your paper exercise book. It is recommended to be used in parallel to a language course or book. The focus of Papapapaya is to help you get the new words into your mind most efficiently.
    So currently Papapapaya does not include any vocabulary but it can be filled with words from any language you are learning. (You also lern words better when you type them manually than just importing ;-) )

    Anyway we are actually working on basic topical vocabularies to include with Papapapaya that you can import according to your needs and we will provide wordlists for Korean, German, French and English in the near future (don’t nail me down on this but hopefully till the end of February).

    And of course you can always import words from other sources in the internet (like csv files) or from your friends (we support import from other Mac apps like Provoc and Que).

    Best regards

    Gabriel Reimers
    Mr. Fridge Software Team

  3. jsczot Says:


  4. Freddie Says:

    1) How does Papapapaya compare with Mental Case (also a vocabulary-learning application)? Does it have features that MC does not have, or in what way is it different?

    2) Do you have plans for an iPod/iPhone version that could sync with the desktop app? This would let users study vocabulary without being in front of a computer on a desk.


  5. mrFridgeSoftware Says:

    1) We haven’t tested Mental Case in detail so maybe we miss something but we think Mental Case has a more general approach.
    Papapapaya is especially designed to learn foreign languages with language specific features that MC has not (as far as we know):
    * support for all scripts and languages
    * automatic keyboard layout switching (when learning a language with another script like asian)
    * detailed statistics on your progress
    * specific quiz that can detect spelling errors
    * popup quiz that can ask you words from the background regularly (you can set the frequency) while you are doing something else

    Both MC and Papapapaya use a intelligent algorithm to determine what words shall be rehearsed when according to learning psychological techniques. (Yet both algorithms differ a bit probably)

    Mental Case is a well designed application as well and has some special features, too, like the option to add images which is useful if you don’t learn a language but something more graphical like medical terms. After all both applications have a very different interface approach.
    If you are unsure what App would be best for your needs we recommend to download both demo versions and make a side by side test.

    2) We actually are working on iPhone versions (free lite version + commercial version) of Papapapaya that you can sync with your Mac as well as on Dropbox support so you can use your vocabulary on several Macs.
    But we can’t promise any release dates yet.

  6. manictosh Says:

    Any chance that a future update could include the option to add extra characteristics for word entries (i.e. pronunciation, synonyms)? Also, would it be possible to create quizzes that test only some and alternately all of the different attributes? Thanks!

  7. mrFridgeSoftware Says:

    You can easily add pronounciation info as a comment and you can add topic information in form of tags that you can assign to each word. You can then filter the quizzed words by their tags.
    Further changes to the word entry form is not planned at the moment, sorry.

  8. mrFridgeSoftware Says:

    That are some good ideas and since we always try to improve our software we keep them at the back of our mind. At this time you can enter something like pronunciation in the comment textfield.

    Best Regards

    Julius Peinelt
    Mr. Fridge Software Team