Aug 05

Disc Cover
Dress up your music and photos
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Disc Cover — dress up your music and video

Imagine neat long rows of beautiful CDs and DVDs on your shelf. Envision unique disc labels reflecting your personal style as well as bright and inspiring music and photo collections. Sure you’d love to enjoy them for years. Now with Disc Cover, decorating your music and video has never been so easy or exciting.

Disc Cover is a slick and intuitive Mac OS X software for creating CD/DVD labels, cover art and more. A variety of professionally made designs give you a quick start. This program imports data and images from iTunes, iPhoto, Finder, iDVD and many other sources. You can easily experiment with styles and graphic tools. Disc Cover will serve to bring you more and more design ideas.

Sample TourDisc Cover will help you to:

  • Arrange music collection in a creative way.
  • Create beautiful-looking family photo albums.
  • Make convenient data Backup archives.
  • Label your presentations or clients portfolio.
  • Personalize DVD movies and home video.


Key Features:

SampleDesigning CDs and DVDs
Disc Cover inspires your creativity with 90+ professionally designed templates, a collection of 23,000+ images and 30+ photo-collages. You can apply more than 100 unique masks,
fill text blocks with colors, easily handle transparency and circle text. Insert
your own pictures in various supported formats. The Background and Foreground
layers serve to implement the advanced design ideas.

Sophisticated Import
Integration with iTunes, iPhoto and iDVD libraries allows you import text info
and images directly onto your design. You can use various data (playlists, track
titles and albums) from Finder, music CDs or tab-delimited text files. Adjustable
data selection lets you choose the way information is shown, many prepared
text templates are supplied.

Printing Capabilities
Printing CapabilitiesDisc Cover prints all types of design elements: CD/DVD covers, labels, tray inserts,
folded booklets, mini discs labels, VHS wraps, etc. The program has extended
library of label and paper layouts from most popular manufacturers (Avery, Neato,
Memorex and others). Advanced printing technology supports direct-on-CD printers.
You are assured to receive the high-quality output on most inkjet and laser printers.

LightScribe LogoDisc Cover supports advanced LightScribe technology, that allows to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs. There is no ink, no smudging, and no peeling with LightScribe burned labels, as they are laser-etched and absolutely pure.


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Mac OS X Universal Logo
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Snow Leopard compatible.
Available in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

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3 Responses to “Disc Cover”

  1. Toms web based ftp Says:

    Nothing amazing out of the box. Roxio is still way ahead of this and in all honestly the bulk of this package is in its templates etc.

  2. Ian C Says:

    Is there a way that I can purchase its retail version at 50% off discount? I’m considering its flagship product Printfolio (retail version) Any upgrade path to this? Thanks in advance. : )

  3. Ian C Says:

    My previous questions here are all promptly answered via BeLight Software’s online contact form – Thanks a lot!! If anyone of you already own any of their old/new product(s), I highly recommend you to talk to them about your needs. You won’t be disappointed. P.S. I have no connection with BeLight. Just one of their happy customers. : )