Jun 30

The sexiest way to blog!

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Blog the Mac way
We love Tumblr for its simplicity. So too our Mac. And that’s why you’ll love myTumblr even more…

Edit photos on the fly
Yes, that’s right! Editing photos or adding annotations to them is a piece of cake with myTumblr…

Uploads with one click
Insert and upload images or videos by drag-and-drop and with one click. myTumblr also supports Quick Look…

HTML and Markdown
So, you’re a nerd. Well… You will be happy to hear that you can use HTML or Markdown with myTumblr…

myTumblr is a gorgeous Tumblr client for Mac OS X and the sexiest way to blog without a browser. The Mac way.

myTumblr makes it EASY!

Just open myTumblr and start to blog. Drag a photo from your Desktop, iPhoto or Safari – crop, enhance it, or even add annotations and upload and post it with one click.

Publishing audio or video files is also a no-brainer with myTumblr. Drag-and-drop, Quick Look them if needed and hit the ‘Publish’ button – and you’re done. Even use your own FTP server – because it’s your content.

For the nerds, myTumblr supports HTML (like the ‘more tag’) and if you’re even nerdier – Use Markdown, multiple accounts and unlimited groups, and let the Dashboard refresh itself automatically – so you can re-blog and note absolutely everything…

Version 1.3 System Requirements: Mac OS 10.6.3+ | 3.2 MB

Download Leopard (Intel) Version here…

myTumblr Website
myTumblr Screen shots

2 Responses to “myTumblr”

  1. mikeZot Says:

    Testing 1.2….

    Some of you have had trouble logging in to our blog after the theme change a couple of weeks ago.
    We’re working on making it easier.

    Please try again.

    Mike Biskup

    Connecting Independent Developers with Mac users worldwide!

  2. Kodac Says:

    Thanks Mike :)