Oct 22

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v 3.2 – Mac
Recovers lost or deleted pictures, audio and video files.
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Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery is an easy to use Photo Recovery application that recovers lost or deleted pictures and images from Macintosh laptop or desktop hard drives and digital storage media. Supported by Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above operating systems, this automated recovery utility incorporates powerful media recovery algorithms to ensure absolute recovery of lost pictures.

A host of powerful features:

* Supports multiple camera, audio, and video file formats
* Compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems
* Thumbnail preview of all recoverable files
* Highly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
* Picture Recovery from from damaged or corrupted media
* Supports physical disk and logical volume
* Provides “Event log” of the recovery process.

Download a free demo version and scan your hard drive or memory card right away.

Three clicks (Select, Scan and Save), and you can recover your lost pictures. Why wait? Buy the software online and enjoy your lost memorable moments again.

Built with a highly interactive user interface that makes the process easy-to-understand without prior photo recovery experience. Loss of pictures from the storage media can occur under following circumstances:

* Pulling out the memory card without switching the camera off
* Accidentally deleting the photographs
* Formatting the computer hard drive or memory card
* Corruption or damage of the storage device
* Corruption or damage of the file system of your computer system
* Turning off the digital camera during a write process

You might receive the error messages below after encountering any of the above situations

* Memory card requires formatting
* Memory card could not be recognized
* Internal memory requires formatting
* Card is not formatted
* Card error
* A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors
* Card has wrong format
* Internal memory could not be read
* Memory card could not be read

Stellar’s Photo Recovery applications are able to recover the lost photos after the occurrence of the above error messages.

I downloaded the free program – Stellar-Phoenix – and veerryy slloowwllyy it began to read files from the corrupted Camera SD chip into a file I created and called “Recovery”. I went to bed while it was running. At about 5 in the morning I checked on it and it said it had completed the recovery process. I clicked on one of the restored file names and LO AND BEHOLD there was a small picture. I couldn’t save it and all the icon tools for the program were grayed out except for the one that said, “buy the program on line”. So I did. After entering two incredibly long activation codes it ran for another several hours and actually recovered all of the 700 plus pictures from the chip.
Hope this helps – the program does what you say.
George Neuman

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.39 or later.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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6 Responses to “Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v 3.2 – Mac”

  1. Vince Says:

    I’m kinda sad to say this, but if the developer can’t be bothered to even provide one Mac screenshot on a Mac-only promo site, I wonder if their heart is really into the software. There are plenty of Mac card reading recovery apps that care about this type of attention to detail.

    Well, just my opinion.

  2. sinb Says:

    1000% agree with Vince.

  3. Collin Says:

    Not to mention their endorsement at the bottom isn’t exactly glowing…

  4. Eddie Says:

    Isn’t this a Mac screenshot?

    And these?

    It took me 2 or 3 seconds to find them, and 2 clicks of the mouse.

    I have no need for the software, but IMO the lack of a screenshot here at Maczot should not deter potential users from trying/buying the software.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Your first link is for the Mac, but those others are Windows with a different (non-classic) color scheme. The Mac window control icons are on the left, Windows on the right.

  6. makemineamac Says:

    Yes, the windows screenshot is really encouraging. Not.