Sep 29

Your life on the Mac just got a whole lot faster.

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ZOT Price: $7.99

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Presenting Blitz
Blitz is for people who use software with big needs. When your Mac is clogged with lots of extra processes, the amount of power it can give to any one program is lessened. Running an intensive process like a Photoshop filter or 3D render can be sped up with Blitz.

“Blitz” and “Bokeh” offered on macZOT in May ’08 are the same application. Blitz is a new name. If you have a Bokeh license, it will work for Blitz.

How It Works
Focusing on a running application with Blitz suspends all other apps in the foreground. Some programs may seem like they would require very little of the CPU, but could actually be hogging more than their fair share. By suspending these apps with Blitz, your Mac will be able to dedicate maximum power to your present task. Defocusing will resume your other apps right where they left off.

Blitz saves you time.
Saving time means saving money when it comes to getting things done. Having Blitz by your side enables you to keep all the apps you need open at once, while still making sure your task at hand gets the oomph it requires.

Real world performance test
In our tests, Photoshop CS3 ran 12.9% faster when Blitz was activated. This was determined with a commonly used Photoshop benchmarking test from on a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo.

And don’t just take our word for it, check out what our users have to say:

“I recently learned about Blitz. As I had already used its venerable predecessor “Freeze Frame” and had found it an invaluable tool to increase my productivity I decided to give the new program a try. Well, I admit that it’s exceptionally more intuitive and the new FOCUS function that instantly freezes other programs processing consumption to increase the foreground application resources is really a manna from heaven! This function also blurs other background windows to allow you more concentration on the document you are working on. I also found the developer very friendly and responsive and would like to thank him heartily for his priceless assistance.”

- Fariborz Amirshahi

Integration with your workflow.

Because Blitz supports Applescript, you can quickly and easily integrate it with your own scripts. For example, slip in the focus command before your script starts a 3D render, and get the most out of what your Mac can muster.

System Requirements – A Mac running OS X 10.5 or greater

Get more info about Blitz at

Blitz used to be named Bokeh. As a favor to Alien Skin Software, we changed the name so they could release a Photoshop plug-in named Bokeh.

6 Responses to “Blitz”

  1. Collin Says:

    How does this compare to Freezer? Is there anyone who has used both that would care to comment?

  2. gryphonent Says:

    Developer hasn’t updated this app for months. I bought it when it was called Freeze, then it was renamed Bokeh. Paid for the “upgrade” to Blitz, though the app still had its initial bugs. Since then, silence. I miss CunningFox, which was much better than Blitz or any of its incarnations. Be prepared to throw away your money if you buy this app.

  3. Geoff Pado Says:

    Developer here, want to clear something up.

    gryphonent: You complained about Blitz on the last ZOT I did. I asked you then to please send me an e-mail about what bugs you’re having. You didn’t. I can’t exactly fix bugs I don’t know about. I’ve had multiple people e-mail me today with questions and issues, and I’ve responded to all their e-mails as soon as possible.

    If you e-mail me at, I will fix whatever bugs you send me, and I’ll refund your upgrade to Bokeh (there was no upgrade price for upgrading Bokeh to Blitz. If you paid for the app again, I’ll refund that, too.)

    I’m sorry if I come off as upset, but I really want to help fix issues people are having. If they don’t tell me about the issues, then I can’t know what to fix. What’s *not* helpful is people complaining about the app in comments without telling me what actual issues they’re seeing.

    Everyone else: I’m also sorry about the continued lack of updates to Blitz, but that should be something that I’m going to reconcile soon. I received notice of a confusing issue today, and I should be able to fix it within a few weeks.

  4. Forrest Says:

    I went looking for reviews. Here’s an interesting set of user experiences from mid 2008:

    Another is generally postive, although he points out some issues that could be irritatns for some. “The problems are annoying, but none of them are show stoppers. Since Bokeh only costs $17 it’s good value despite the imperfections.”

    Frankly, even if the developer wasn’t responsive and saying he’s developing it, Blitz’s definitely worth $7.99 for any professional web developer using Adobe apps. They are massive hogs, and pausing them could be a godsend.

    I liked Boekh as a name better, though, but I suppose most folks wouldn’t get it.

  5. Geoff Pado Says:

    Hey Forrest,

    Thanks for linking to those reviews. Just a heads up that the issue mentioned in the second one where CPU cycles were taken up on older machines was fixed in Blitz 1.1. It turns out trying to use Core Image on machines that don’t support GPU acceleration is a bad idea.

    I liked the name Bokeh better, too, but Alien Skin gave us a great offer to let them use that name for their plugin. I don’t regret that decision.

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