May 20

Voila And Web2 Delight
Global Delight Technologies Bundle
Two great Apps!

Also available separately at great discounts. Weekend ZOT Preview below.

Normally: $44.95

ZOT Price: $26.95

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Two Great Apps – One Great Price!

Voila – Your Complete Capturing Solution

Get a great deal on Voila separately here…

- Capture any shape including freehand, objects, window, menu, full screen
- Resize, rotate and switch between capture types before capture
- Browse & snap full webpage with built-in browser
- Snap multiple areas, multiple DOM elements within a webpage
- Snap current Safari webpage by importing the URL
- Snap from iSight and webcams
- Save time with multiple capture on your desktop
- Customize capture shortcuts as per your requirements

Powerful Image Editing Tools:

- Vector annotations like Text, Arrow, Line, Shape, Callouts, Blur, Brush and Stamp
- Add multiple images on a single image as annotation
- Blur sensitive information
- Add effects like Edges, Filter and Skew the image
- Resize, Rotate and Crop in one click
- All the annotations are selectable and can be easily scaled to any size without compromising on the quality.

Get Smart, Get Organized:

- Create Smart Collections and let the app do the house-keeping
- Build your snaps database with custom collections
- Tag and describe the snaps

Instant Share via:

- Mail and iPhoto
- FTP and Flickr
- Print

Software Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later, iPhoto v6.0.1 or later (For exporting captured/ annotated images)

Hardware Requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz and above, 1 GB RAM

Web2 Delight - Transfer your favorite videos & photos from internet to your iPods & iPhones

Get a great deal on Web2 Delight separately here…

Web2 Delight is an entertainment tool to carry your favorite videos/ photos on your iPods & iPhones; watch them on-the-fly or on your big screen. Web2 Delight allows you to locate, view and transfer your favorite videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, and photos from Flickr, Picasa, Webshots and Photobucket.

With Web2 Delight you can:

- Locate your favorite videos & photos from the sharing sites
- Preview and then download videos
- Transfer videos and photos to iTunes/ iPhoto
- Sync with iPhone/ iPod and watch them on-the-fly
- Export videos to different file formats such as MOV, M4V and 3GP
- Create slideshows, smart collection folders for videos and photos

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later, iPhoto 6.0.6, iTunes 7.2 and QuickTime 7.2 or later

Note: Web2 Delight is intended to be used as a personal entertainment tool only. Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any material you download.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.


This bundle will be featured on our home page for 48 hrs – May 21st and 22nd. And will remain available as a Special Offer through this weekend – May 23rd and 24th.

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31 Responses to “Voila And Web2 Delight”

  1. E. Says:

    I’ve tried both Voila and Web2Delight in the past, and though I can’t say either of these are necessities (especially at their regular prices), they do make for a nice and easy experience and have matured nicely.

    Can another macZOT visitor confirm whether Web2Delight’s “Preview” (or “stream”) is working? I have ClickToFlash installed and am wondering if this is a conflict :/

  2. Ken Says:

    I already have Web2 Delight. (had bought it during the previous auction) I don’t have ClickToFlash installed but it’s working fine.

    I have tried Voila earlier version when I got a update message, and this 2.0 is good. Helped me in preparing designs with a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ look very nicely. Well done GlobalDelight, I’m buying at this price..

  3. Jim Says:

    I got Web2Delight a few weeks ago (I think from macZOT.) I didn’t think I would use it as often as I do. One of the better of it’s kind. Yes, E, the streaming preview thingy does work for me.

    I have never tried Voila so I have no comment.

  4. gryphonent Says:

    Got Web2Delight already. And the “special offer” for Voila alone is not worth writing about. Have to pass.

  5. E. Says:

    @Jim – thanks for the info. Hmmm… I’ll have to contact the dev about how to get the preview to work with ClickToFlash. Adding YouTube to the whitelist didn’t help and I seriously couldn’t use a Webkit browser without ClickToFlash. :(

  6. ReedR Says:

    Got Web2Delight a few weeks ago. Rarely use it though it works. One caution: when it says “transfer your favorite videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh,” that’s all it works with and there is no way to select a different site (say like, for example).
    Anyone know how Voila differs from Little Snapper (MacHeist 3 bundle)?

  7. Stewart Says:

    Voila is really a steal for this price. I had got Little Snapper from the MacHeist bundle not of any use to me as it lacks in post capture editing. This version 2.0 is just great. Its like an unbelievable Pro tool at this price. I am grabbing this…

  8. Mathew Says:

    Stewart: Not sure what you mean. Little Snapper has some wonderful post capture editing tools. Perhaps not the ones you want, but between cropping, adding comment boxes, synchronized numbering between highlight boxes and comments, highlight boxes, circles, etc., the ability to “smudge” portions of the photo you don’t want others to be able to read, and much more. Much of the joy in Little Snapper lies in its post capture editing tools!

    On the other hand, it seems Voila is treading a dangerous line between “almost exact” mimicry of Little Snapper and, well, . . . let’s say there’s been a lot of discussion lately about the Voila developer’s ethical sensibilities.

  9. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi All

    Web2 Delight is working fine and you can also “Preview” the videos. Web2 Delight runs with 8 great sites, four of them video sharing sites and the rest four are photo sharing sites! Web2 Delight covers the most searched video sites like YouTube, Veoh, Dailymotion and, so you have got most of the contents there..

    Stewart: Thanks for purchasing a copy of Voila. We know you’d love it and as you said, Voila has the widest range of image annotating options than anyone.

    Mathew: We missed to include this link in the Voila details on this page, please check the useful annotations that a Mac professional would find it very handy>

    Both Voila and Web2 Delight has best of Mac OS X Technologies and follows Apple Human Interface Guidelines. The design of Voila and Web2 Delight are very intuitive and all the options are easily accessible making a Mac user’s learning curve as minimum as possible.

    Team Global Delight

  10. Team Global Delight Says:

    The correct link of complete features is here:

    Oops! There was an error while submitting the comment..

  11. Robin S Says:

    @Mathew: Yes Little Snapper does have some very good post editing features, but Voila has more. I think that’s what Stewart meant, more. More is not always better, but in this case, I think it is.

    I wouldn’t necessarily use all the cute stuff in Voila (okay, I do like the little stamp), but I most assuredly would use the multiple image feature using “Pin,” and also the resizing of the canvas. Genius. One of my complaints about Little Snapper (I bought it before the MacHeist bundle) is that my annotations don’t always fit on the screenshot, but I have to MAKE them fit if I want them exported with the image. With the canvas resizing in Voila, that is not an issue.

    In Voila, I can crop my screenshots, I can get screenshots in different shapes (the freehand is surprisingly useful), and use some core image filters, none of which can be done in Little Snapper. One thing Little Snapper does have that Voila doesn’t is support for SFTP.

    What I can’t do in either one, which is maddening, is get my tags auto-completed. That should be a given, and I’ve complained about that in the Little Snapper forum, and I’ll complain about it here. Auto-completion of tags and some kind of tag cloud, please.

    As for mimicking Little Snapper, just like we have lots of word processing applications, there is certainly room for more than one screenshot application, and many of the features are bound to be the same or similar. If I were Little Snapper, I would want to mimic that canvas resize thing ASAP.

    This is a great deal. Thanks.

  12. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for the suggestion on the tag completion feature. I think it is a great idea!

    I request you to post a comment in our forums so that other users can also add more suggestions. Please visit the following link:

    Team Global Delight

  13. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hello E.

    Can you send an email to Web2 Delight support with the issue you are facing? We will investigate on that. The support team might ask for some more details which would be better to handle separately.

    It is working fine for us at the moment but we would like to look into this.

    Team Global Delight

  14. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi Robin

    Thanks for posting your requirements on our forum. We would definitely look into them.

    Team Global Delight

  15. Jim Says:

    @ReedR – Good point. Most videos I download are from youtube, so this works well for me. I wanted to download the prop 8 musical from Funny or Die and I had to use… TubiTunes. Hopefully support for more sources will be introduced in future updates.

    @Team Global Delight – Will support for more sources will be introduced in future updates?

  16. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi Jim

    Yes. We plan to. Please visit our forum and post the site names of your interest (including academic/ educational sites). We will get in touch with them and see how they cooperate with the developers in terms of providing the required resources.

    Team Global Delight

  17. E. Says:

    The responsiveness of the devs was the tipping point for me – just bought the combo :)

    @globaldelight I will contact you about my hiccups :)

  18. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi E

    Thanks for sending the mail. The testing team will investigate first based on the details you have supplied.

    Team Global Delight

  19. Mark Says:

    I have Voila and Little Snapper. Both do a wonderful job of capturing still shots from your screen. I actually use both of them at the same time because their feature sets are just a little different. I wish I had one app…say Little Voila, instead of two. Maybe one will win out over the other, but right now on my computer it’s neck and neck.

  20. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi All

    This is an excellent bargain for Voila for the ability it has in capturing anything on your screen including freehand. Voila has great set of annotation tools and is going to be still better. With the updates (or upgrades? ;) ) lined up will make Voila the best capturing solution on Mac.

    By the way, feel free to post your suggestions, feedback and any other improvements or issues that needs to addressed in our products. List them on our forum and we would look into them.

    Team Global Delight

  21. ReedR Says:

    Just wanted to say what great feedback we’ve had! Thanks for answering my questions on comparisons between Little Snapper and Viola. Great to have “Team Global Delight” participating. Taking a look at Viola after Mark said he uses both. Ha: Little Viola!

  22. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi Reed

    “Great to have “Team Global Delight” participating.” – Thanks for this :)

    Good to know that you’ve decided to take a look at Voila and hopefully before 24th May, you’d grab a license as well..

    Team Global Delight

  23. Mac4Me Says:

    I have got both the products. One helps me enjoy my free time (W2D), another during my work (Voila).

    Sometimes, I download photos using W2D and use Voila enhance them. Cool combination!

    Thanks guys and it is encouraging to see Team Global Delight around its users

  24. Jo* Says:

    Hi guys from globaldelight,

    kudos for your software and your website.

    If I may suggest an addition to your website: definetely add some screenshots (and if you want to be perfect, even add a screencast some time later) of your apps to your feature-sites. The way your feature-sites are set up they perfectly allow for some simple lightbox-type screenshot implementation which can be installed in less than a weekend (I know some people are tired of the lights-out/curtain-down type of website image implementation but nevertheless it’s the least obstrusive and most visitor-friendly image magnification for websites).

    The way I approach sw I might be interested in is, I
    a) check out the features of the sw
    b) before downloading it I definetely want to get an idea what it will look like on my screen (quite often pictures tell a whole lot more than words)
    c) if so far I’m pleased with what I see and there is a screencast of – say – less than 4-5 minutes I’ll take my time to watch it
    and d) not until then I dl the sw and evaluate it hands-on.

    There are so many good deals on Mac sw these days, I’m tired of installing sw-trials and afterwards often trying to get rid of all the associated files (although I’m rather confident I wouldn’t with your apps) if I decide the app isn’t for me (I have yet to find an app cleaner that dependably erases all associated files).

    And also: even if it might look like a mimicry of little snapper (and quicksnapper), think about setting up something similar to quicksnapper for Voila. I’m sure a lot of the hype about ls comes from the ease of sharing shots on qs. I myself use it quite often to share screenshots, cause it’s so simple and fast.

    Keep up the good work…

  25. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi Jo*,

    Firstly, we very much appreciate the fact that you taken time to give us
    some great feedbacks/inputs. Thank you :-).

    I agree on the screenshot addition to the site. Adds charm. We are already working around something like this and I guess you will like what comes about that.

    Interesting point on user approach. We move from the overview to the detail; – (a) to (d) with each point raising the interest of the user further and in the end hoping that the user will love it :-) . Quite an art to get it right, isn’t it? We will definitely review our flow based on your inputs.

    The progress of Voila has been such that, with each update we have strengthened
    our existing areas and added new ones. We created a strong feature set in 1.0 with capture flexibility,annotations and effects. It was then the turn of capture variations, image usage,organizing and sharing. Strengthening sharing further is definitely in our plans and you will surely not be disappointed.

    Voila 2.0 is just a major step for us ,not the end. We are always committed to adding new features that will help our users. I guess we have a larger feature set/variations among Mac capture tools and we surely don’t intend to stop here. Our next update (free again) is also going to quite exciting!

    Having said that, please feel free to share your suggestions whenever you can.

    Thank you also for the encouragement you showed for our work. Hope you will like our products.

    Best Regards,

    Team Global Delight

  26. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hello E.

    Thanks for your cooperation in pin pointing the Web2 Delight “no preview” issue you were facing. The steps performed shows that there is no problem in Web2 Delight and the video preview works as expected.

    Best Regards
    Team Global Delight

  27. E. Says:

    Just to clarify Global Delight’s post (above), there seems to be a conflict with ClickToFlash. It is necessary for me to temporarily uninstall ClickToFlash (not just disable it) in order for me to use Web2 Delight’s preview. ;-)

  28. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi All

    You can follow us at for exciting and exclusive news about Voila, Web2 Delight, WordDigest, and also the new products and new offer announcements..

    Follow us now at

    You can join us on Flickr at and share your creative outputs!

    Waiting to see you at Twitter and Flickr group :)

    Team Global Delight

  29. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hello E.

    Yes, you have mentioned in your mail that you uninstalled the plugin and the preview worked fine, by mistake I used the word disable. Thanks for updating your comment. :)

    Best Regards
    Team Global Delight

  30. Team Global Delight Says:

    Hi All

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, inputs and suggestions. The offer is going to close soon, however, we have some exciting things coming your way. Keep hooked to Global Delight site and twitter.

    All the Best
    Team Global Delight

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