Apr 19

intuitive and powerful app for organizing and sharing movies

Normally: $20.00

ZOT Price: $11.00

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iVideo is a movie organizer designed with both consumers and professionals in mind. Whether you have a few videos you’d like to share, or whether you have thousands of movies scattered across multiple hard drives and endless stacks of CDs, iVideo is up to the job. Every feature in iVideo helps you get the most of of your movies by following this design: organize your movies so you can find them easily, play them using the integrated movie player (or the player of your choice), then share your favorite movies with friends and family.


  • Browse your movies by thumbnail and set new custom thumbnails for them.
  • Give your movies keywords, notes, ratings, extended information, and more.
  • Keep your files where they are, even if they are in multiple folders or hard drives.
  • Set up separate libraries for work and play and switch between them easily.
  • Create smart playlists that automatically find movies matching the given criteria.
  • Add bookmarks to your favorite online movies, including YouTube videos.


  • Watch movies directly within iVideo and easily switch to other movies in your playlist.
  • You can also watch them in full screen with a controller and multiple monitor support.
  • Play your movies in a different media player with a simple keyboard shortcut.
  • iVideo can optionally remember where you were in your movies for later viewing.


  • View and create web pages in iVideo with beautiful custom themes.
  • Seamlessly share movies with people on your local network or online.
  • Convert your movies to work on Apple devices like the iPhone or Apple TV.

Minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9, QuickTime 7, G3 or Intel

For more information, please visit Thanks!

Apr 17

Secure protection for individual folders.

Normally: $24.95

ZOT Price: $14.97

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Until now it has been surprisingly difficult to protect a single folder on Mac OS X. In fact it hasn’t really been possible. Now, Espionage is here to solve that problem for good.

Powerful and Intuitive

Espionage is much more than just a glorified interface for Disk Utility. It leverages a powerful event system called iSpy that enables it to integrate seamlessly with the system. Once a folder is under Espionage’s protection, double-clicking on it will bring up a password prompt:

Enter the correct password and your files appear. Right-click on the encrypted folder to re-lock. It’s that simple, the way we think it should have been in the first place.

And because Espionage allows you to keep the notion of a folder, it can do something that so far only FileVault has been able to do: encrypt application data. With Espionage, you can encrypt your email, your chat histories for your favorite instant messaging client, your web browsing history and cookies, and more.

Espionage now comes with 20 built-in application templates that make protecting yourself a piece of cake:

For a screencast demonstrating how to encrypt your email with Espionage, check out its homepage.

Peace of Mind

With Espionage, you no longer have to worry about what happens if your computer is stolen, or about your friend reading your email while they borrow your computer. Nor do you have to worry about backing up your data, Espionage has you covered with its built-in backups:

Wicked Performance

Previously, if you wanted to encrypt your email or chat histories, you had to encrypt your entire home directory through FileVault, and this can cause a huge performance hit to the entire system. For laptop users, this also meant a shorter battery life as each time a program read and wrote to the hard drive it would have to perform expensive encryption and decryption operations.

How slow? We performed some benchmarks on filesystems with and without encryption to find out, and the results are staggering:

By allowing you to choose what needs encryption and what doesn’t, Espionage can save you well over three times the performance for file access. This speeds up application launch times, and all disk-intensive operations. The result in a much more responsive system, and in most cases no performance hit at all.

Laptop users can rejoice too, because now you can encrypt your files without having to worry about killing your battery life. During the benchmarks we sampled how idle the CPU was, and here are the results:

Reviews and User Comments
This app allows me to do something I could never figure out before – password protect my email in Mail App. I definitely recommend this app for the paranoid among you or those who are interested in securing their important files. The tag says that this app replaces FileVault but I disagree. This blows FileVault away!

– BRUSKI2007 on MacUpdate

This is head and shoulders above other security apps out there. The kind of app it makes you glad you’ve got a Mac. I had a couple of issues, dropped the guys an email and they got straight back to be and resolved them. For such a new app, this really shows big promise, and a bargain too.

– SIDE LANE on MacUpdate

Thanks for this great software. I just bought it and will recommend it to my friends. Your program addresses a big privacy hole in email that has existed at least since I started using Eudora in the early 90s. It never made sense that they required a password to send mail but not to view your inbox. Apple Mail continues this weakness but Espionage has provided an elegant work-around. Same problem for iPhoto. Espionage really has tons of potential.

– Tim via email

Congratulations on crafting what looks like the best encryption app on the Mac

– Miles via email


– MacApper Review of 2.0.2

Espionage does exactly what it claims to, and makes managing secure data remarkably easy. If you don’t want the system wide performance hit of FileVault but do have the odd application/folder to encrypt, it’s a great solution.

– AppStorm Review of 2.0.2

I knew there was something better out there, that gives much better protection in a easy and efficient way. As it goes with all Mac related searches, there is always a terrific application for each purpose. This time it’s Espionage by The Tao Effect.

– smoking apples Review of 2.0 beta

More Information + Video

More information, plus a video demonstrating how to use Espionage to encrypt application data can be found at its website:

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Apr 16

Crossword Forge 5.5
Make crossword and word search puzzles easily
Plus a Developer Bonus Giveaway and a Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.97

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Try the Snow Leopard puzzle here

Extra! Extra!

In conjunction with this Zot we are giving away some of our iPhone apps. We have 9 copies of Save Benjis and 9 copies of Adam’s Game to give out. Email us at help AT (hint: replace ‘ AT ‘ with @) with the subject line “MacZot: Save Benjis giveaway” or “MacZot: Adam’s Game giveaway”. We’ll randomly pick 9 from each group Saturday morning , so be sure to send your email address before then.

P.S. Yes, you can enter for both apps but please don’t enter more than once, because we’ll only count you once.

This weekend’s ZOT?
April 18th and 19th


Secure protection for individual folders. Encrypt documents, email, anything. – Unobtrusive, intuitive, and simple to use. Espionage is designed to integrate with Apple’s Finder seamlessly, so that you can protect only the data that you want protected, and without having to resort to any special “vaults”.

Learn more about Espionage here…

Apr 15

The first timer to get things done.

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $7.99

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TimeBoxed is a timer application, for your beloved Mac.
Time is a scarce resource: use it wisely. TimeBoxed can help you stay focused, by timeboxing your tasks.

Simple to use

TimeBoxed is a full Mac citizen application: it is really simple to use, and every detail is polished.
It is also fun to use.

“ Be more productive by
staying aware of time.


TimeBoxed won’t disturb you while you are working.
Once time is up, it has a lot of alerts to notify you. Choose from:

  • Window animation
  • Dock icon bouncing
  • Flash the screen
  • Sound alert (system sounds or yours)
  • Speech alert
  • Growl notifications
  • Window level (stay on top of every applications)
  • Run AppleScript script


To allow you to integrate TimeBoxed in your workflow, we have made it completely scriptable.
You can use scripts shared by other users of TimeBoxed, or write your own by getting started with the templates provided.

“ The first Mac OS X timer to
help you Get Things Done.

System requirements

TimeBoxed requires Leopard.

Try TimeBoxed Now!

TimeBoxed is developed by MacMation.
Download TimeBoxed now or get more details on MacMation website!

Apr 14

Give voice to your stories!
Create your own Audiobooks!

Normally: $19.00

ZOT Price: $9.00

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With Narrator, your Mac will read out a play or story with different voices for each of the parts. It uses speech synthesis to read out marked passages using specified voice attributes. You can choose different voices, rates, pitches, inflections, and volumes for each character in the story. The words are highlighted on-screen, and there are also silent read-along options for stage directions, or for you to read out your own parts.

Now, with version 2, you can have multiple chapters in each document to help organize the story, use a word replacement dictionary to fine-tune the pronunciation, and export the story as an AAC sound file. You may also export your Narrator audio file to iTunes and listen on an iPod or iPhone, like creating your own audiobook! Version 2 also brings you many other appearance and functionality improvements.

Give Voice to Your Stories
[Voice controls]

Narrator’s main function is to read stories out loud; having a range of actors to perform the roles is important. Mac OS X comes with several high-quality synthesized voices, plus a selection of cartoonish novelty options. You can also get additional voices, in several languages, from the third-party supplier Cepstral. See the Narrator Voice Talent page to audition these actors.

Using the controls in the Narrator document sidebar, you can pick a voice actor, and adjust the speed they speak, the pitch of their voice, the inflection tone (from flat and robotic to excited), and the volume. This enables a wide range of expressiveness when performing your story.

There are also a couple of special silent actors: one that reads along with the text, rather like a karaoke machine, so you can speak your part, and the other that skips over the text, optionally with a short delay; good for stage directions.

Show Your Character


Like in a play or TV show, the actors play a cast of characters to bring the story to life. Narrator uses this metaphor to assign voices to passages of your story. You can add any number of characters in the sidebar, assigning different actors to each, or use the same actor for multiple characters with different voice attributes, for example normal and whispering, or slow and reflective in thought or hurried.

To help organize the characters, you can write some comments about them, and can assign a color to help distinguish them.

Characters are assigned to your story very easily — via a drag, double-click, toolbar click, or menu command. A marker is inserted in the text, indicating where their passage begins. When reading the story, Narrator seamlessly switches between characters, so they can have a conversation.

Chapter and Verse

For short stories, organization of the text isn’t an issue. But for longer works, it can be useful to break the story up into multiple chapters. Narrator supports this. You can have any number of chapters for the story, or perhaps sections for extensive notes on the characters, or background information.

[Export to iTunes]
Listen on Your iPod

It’s easy to play the speech within Narrator. But you’re not limited to that: you can also export the speech directly to iTunes, where you can listen to it over and over, or sync it to your iPod or iPhone. This enables you to create your own audiobooks from text — for example, take a work of classic literature from Project Gutenberg, assign characters to the story, and export to iTunes.

There is also an export option for AAC sound files, for use with other sound playing software, for example using as a soundtrack in iMovie, or as a screencast voiceover.

[Table editor]
Add a Little Style

Narrator has style… style sheets, that is. It has a full range of rich text formatting options, including the usual font panel and menu commands, plus you can easily create tables, numbered or bulleted lists, and live links to web pages.

Casting Call

To help add characters to text, a Casting Assistant is available. It supports a very simple format of “<name>: <text>”, such as is often used for chat transcripts and similar formats. It adds characters based on the names it finds, assigning random actors to them as a starting point.

Elocution Lessons

[Dictionary Preferences]

The speech synthesis is usually very good, but it isn’t always perfect. To help you improve the pronunciation of tricky words, Narrator includes Dictionary preferences. There, you can enter a list of words to look for, and words or phrases to use instead when speaking. You can replace an acronym or symbol with a more elegant phrasing, or spell words differently so they are pronounced correctly.

System Requirements

Narrator 2 requires Leopard. If you are running an older operating system you can request a Narrator 1 license which still works, however lacks a few of the new features.

Try Narrator Now!

Download and try Narrator! For more information, see the Narrator site.

Apr 13

Easily modify file and folder attributes, and a lot more!

Normally: $10.00

ZOT Price: $5.49

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What is FileXaminer?

FileXaminer is an award winning "Get Info" application. FileXaminer allows you to modify file and folder attributes that the Finder cannot, such as type/creator info, UNIX permissions, and much more. FileXaminer is powerful and easy to use – making it the best "Get Info" application for Mac OS X.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.
Try FileXaminer, and let us know what you think. FileXaminer’s feature list includes:

  • Works with Path Finder
  • FileXaminer Hot Keys can be used with Path Finder
  • FileXaminer can be used as a Get Info helper
  • Mac OS X Label Support
  • Image Buddy – Easily resize/convert graphic files.
  • Edit text file as root – Easily edit files as the root user – useful for configuration files.
  • Authenticate as an Administrator to perform all actions
  • Create and delete system Groups (without using NetInfo manager)
  • Change UNIX permissions
  • Delete files as administrator using FileXaminer Super Delete
  • Custom icon editing
  • External icon editor support
  • Change owner and group
  • Unique privilege presets make easy work of locking down your files and folders; no UNIX experience necessary
  • Change creation and modification dates
  • Change Macintosh type and creator codes
  • Lock and unlock files
  • Set user ID, set group ID bits on files
  • Set the sticky bit on folders
  • Work on multiple files at the same time using batch mode
  • Change type/creator
  • Permissions
  • User and group
  • Lock and unlock files
  • Modify custom icons
  • Change creation and modification dates
  • Type and creator favorites
  • Recursive owner, group, and permission settings
  • Services support
  • External hex editor support
  • Dock Menu support
  • Force empty trash
  • Copy paths of Finder selection to clipboard
  • Batch Get Info on Finder selection
  • Get Info on Finder selection
  • Finder Hot Key Support
  • Copy paths of selected files to clipboard (Command-Option-C)
  • Get Info on selection (Command-Option-I)
  • Batch Get Info on selection (Command-Option-B)
  • Unmatched Contextual Menu Support. FileXaminer adds the following commands to your Finder contextual menus :
  • Open in FileXaminer ( Perform Get Info on Finder Selection )
  • Open in Batch FileXaminer ( Perform Batch Get Info on Finder Selection )
  • Super Delete (delete any file or folder as Administrator)
  • Copy Path (copy path(s) of Finder selection to clipboard)
  • FileXaminer eliminates the need to use Terminal, and makes changing attributes on files and folders a breeze.

    User Comments

    "Among the myriad utilities that help you edit file information and permissions, FileXaminer has always stood out."

    -Dan Frakes Macworld Magazine (September 2005)

    "I am very impressed with its user friendliness. Excellent piece of software."

    -Johnny Luu

    "Many thanks for FileXaminer – This tool helps me out 20 times a day, not many OSX tools you can say that about."

    -Alexander Lawrence

    “FileXaminer is a useful tool I keep coming back to. It does more and costs less.”

    -Peter Sichel, Chief Engineer and Founder of Sustainable Softworks

    “FileXaminer 1.0 is currently the best “Get Info” application for Mac OS X” Review

    “Yes, it’s great! Just LOVE it! 6 stars!”

    -Jac Lundqvist

    “This is a “must-have” utility.”


    “Much better than Bare Bones’ Super Get Info and $10 less.”

    -sjonke on Versiontracker

    "This is a much better product than Super Get Info (from Bare Bones) and it’s cheaper…"

    -- Roy Marquez

    Featured Books

    Books in which FileXaminer is reviewed or mentioned.

    Some books may also include FileXaminer on included media.

    Mac OS X Power Tools
    by Dan Frakes

    Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X
    by Robert Ellis
    Dr. Mac : The OS X Files
    by Bob Levitus

    Click on book icon for more information.

    Awards and Reviews

    FileXaminer was chosen as one of Macworld’s favorite bargain apps for enhancing, repairing OS X

    FileXaminer Received a 5 out of 5 mouse rating in the September 2005 Issue of Macworld Magazine.

    FileXaminer received the honor of being badged one of the Top 50 utilities for Mac OS X

    FileXaminer Received a 4.5 out of 5 mouse rating in the May 2003 Issue of Macworld Magazine.

    MacFixIt awarded FileXaminer (formerly Get Info) a "Silver Award" for troubleshooting software in the MacFixIt Toolbox Awards 2001!

    Read what had to say about FileXaminer by clicking here!

    Mac OS X Privilege Overview

    Click here to see an overview of Mac OS X privileges.

    System Requirements

    Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later. Leopard Compatible.

    Apr 12

    Remotely send commands and retrieve files from a Mac via iPhone and iPod Touch!

    Normally: $9.99

    ZOT Price: $6.00

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    WiFiServer is a server application installed onto your Mac as a preference pane. The combination of WiFiServer and WiFiControl (the free iPhone / iPod Touch app from Modesitt Software) allows iPhone and iPod Touch devices to remotely send commands and retrieve files from the Mac.

    WiFiControl is available from the App Store FREE.


    - Send commands to the Mac such as shutdown, sleep, logout, restart, as well as send a text message.
    - Messages sent can appear in a window, heard as synthesized voice, or both.
    - Execute the commands immediately, or set a time when the commands should execute.
    - Cancel commands set for a future execution.
    - Quickly search and retrieve files from the Mac using Spotlight. Files are saved on the mobile device.

    All from your iPhone or iPod Touch using WiFi.

    Currently WiFiControl allows you to retrieve and view the following file types from a Mac:

    - GIF image (.gif)
    - JPG image (.jpg)
    - Microsoft BMP image (.bmp)
    - Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
    - Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
    - Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
    - PNG image (.png)
    - Preview or Acrobat (.pdf)
    - Text (.txt)
    - TIFF image (.tiff)
    - Webpage (.htm and .html)

    More file types will be added in later releases of WiFiControl.


    - You have a child that likes using the Mac, a lot. Sometimes too much. It’s dinner time in 15 minutes. First you send the Mac a message stating “Dinner in 15 minutes. The Mac shuts down in 10.” Then you send a shutdown command to execute in 10 minutes. 15 minutes later child shows up for dinner.

    - There’s an Excel file on your Mac you want to bring with you to a meeting, but you don’t want to lug your Mac around. Instead you copy it to your iPhone using WiFiControl, and view the file on your iPhone while at the meeting. You get the contract.

    - There’s an important lunch at noon, and you don’t want to forget. You set WiFiControl to send yourself a message at 11:45. Lunch was good.

    - You’re at a co-workers office, longer than you thought, and you forgot to log out of your Mac. No need to run back to your office and log out. Instead use WiFiControl. Co-worker is impressed.

    To be clear – WiFiControl requires WiFiServer to function. Today, we are selling WiFiServer for 40% off.

    Click to see the Installation Guide for WiFi Server.

    WiFiServer for Mac requires a Mac running OS 10.5 or greater. Connection requires a WiFi connection, and a compatible client application on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Apr 10

    The Ultimate Archiver for Macs
    Don’t miss the macZOT/Developer Interview at

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $10.00

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    Buy 1 item

    Springy: The Ultimate Archiver for Macs

    Springy is a simple and elegant, yet powerful archiving utility for Mac OS X. Springy integrates seamlessly with the Finder and includes some incredibly useful features.

    At a glance, users have the ability to see the contents of an archive or disk image without being forced to extract any file from it, add, and/or extract files of choice from an existing archive or disk image, as well as previewing them. All archiving tasks can be done via Drag and Drop using Finder-alike application or through Springy’s Finder contextual menu.

    Springy features at a glance:

  • Open and browse the contents of an archive or disk image without extracting any file from it.
  • Quickly extract all files or only files of choice from an archive or disk image.
  • Modify the contents of an existing archive or disk image: add, overwrite, delete and rename files in an archive or disk image.
  • Full Drag & Drop support for archiving and extracting from and into Finder.
  • Edit and modify any file in an archive or disk image by double click.
  • Live preview of many types of files inside archive, without extracting.
  • Archiving and extracting tasks may be accomplished quickly and efficiently using Finder contextual menu.
  • Browsing files in archives and disk images and extracting particular file or folder using hierarchical Finder contextual menu.
  • Supported file types: ZIP, TAR, RAR, PAX, CPIO, CPGZ, DMG, ISO, GZIP, BZIP2, Unix Compress, SIT, JAR, WAR, EAR… Support for more types is planned for future releases.
  • Intuitive

    Springy browses archives the way Mac OS X intended, offering a choice of icons view, list view and columns view. All three view types are fully customizable, so archive browser windows can suit everyone’s eyes and needs.


    As expected, all views fully support drag & drop. You can drag files from Springy and drop them into Finder and vice versa.


    A preview column in the columns view shows a quick preview of the file inside an archive without any extracting. Files can be previewed in Quick Look window.


    Springy shows archive processing progress bar in a very elegant way. It can be hidden if it is disturbing or not needed and it doesn’t block you from browsing or even further customizing the view while an archive is being processed.

    Some Real Power

    Underneath its pretty surface, Springy packs some real power. It uses well proven binary libraries to process archives and disk images. These libraries are being used for many years in many projects. They are constantly being improved , which ensures improvements of Springy as well. Furthermore, Springy doesn’t use any command line tool running in the background, keeping the full control over the archive processing all the time. All this results in unprecedented robustness and speed when it comes to archive processing on Mac.

    File Types

    The list of supported archive and disk image types includes ZIP, RAR, JAR, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, PAX, CPIO, CPGZ, SIT, DMG, ISO… and more. Future releases will include more types in this list.
    The support is full so you can browse, extract single or all files, add, rename, delete files… even edit files in archives. Support is limited to browsing and extracting only where it is required by the licensing and copyright issues.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    Detailed Install Info.
    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Apr 09

    CaptureIt! is an amazing screen capture tool unlike anything you have seen before.
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below

    Normally: $20.00

    ZOT Price: $10.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Forget about complex shortcuts and your crossed and tired the poor fingers…
    Just run CaptureIt! and make your task faster than ever by using the magic of user friendly interface!
    You can make a screenshot, record a movie and export it to various formats (even for iPhone and YouTube).

    You can record all your screen activity to demonstrate it in the future; for example, you could do virtual courses, record your game play to show your skills to your friends.

    CaptureIt! for Mac is available as shareware version.
    You can use the shareware version for free during a 15-day trial period.
    The shareware version has a watermark that will be removed after buying a license.

    Try CaptureIt! now to discover its features. Enjoy the low price.

    Language: English
    Version: 1.1.3 (10 March 2009)
    Size: 2.2 Mb
    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
    License: Shareware

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    April 11th and 12th


    Springy is a simple and elegant, yet powerful archiving utility for Mac OS X. Springy integrates seamlessly with the Finder and includes some incredibly useful features.

    At a glance, users have the ability to see the contents of an archive or disk image without being forced to extract any file from it, add, and/or extract files of choice from an existing archive or disk image, as well as previewing them. All archiving tasks can be done via Drag and Drop using Finder-alike application or through Springy’s Finder contextual menu.

    Don’t miss the ZOT interview with Springy developer Dragan Milić.

    Learn more about Springy here…

    Apr 08

    Recover PDF Password
    Recover forgotten passwords for protected PDF documents with ease

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $23.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Recover PDF Password for Mac recovers forgotten passwords to PDF documents with ease. If the PDF is password-protected, Recover PDF Password will help you retrieve both “owner” and “user” passwords, even if you cannot remember a single character from the key combination, using brute-force passwords verification.

    The secret of our software is that it uses exhaustive search method to find out the most complicated and long passwords. No matter if your password-protected PDF document is old or new, Recover PDF Password for Mac fully supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat and can recover Unicode passwords for protected Acrobat 9.x files!

    With Recover PDF Password for Mac you can:

    Recover PDF passwords using different methods

    Recover PDF Password for Mac provides you with 3 comprehensive methods of searching for the lost password:

    • Search by password length: using this method you may set minimum and maximum password length. Shorter passwords are checked first, long passwords’ recovery can take more time.
    • Search by template: if you remember a part of the password, but cannot call up the whole key combination, this method is the best for you. Simply specify the template and Recover PDF Password for Mac will quickly retrieve the forgotten password for you.
    • Use exhaustive search: you can use this search method if you can’t remember the password at all. This method guarantees100% success but requires maximum time. This method will recover long and complicated “owner” and “user” passwords.

    Recover PDF passwords in various languages

    Recover PDF Password for Mac supports all character encodings and is able to recover passwords, typed in any input languages and in any keyboard layout. Not a single character will stay unrevealed! Moreover, you can specify different charset options to let the program recover even localized passwords much faster. You can include or exclude uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, digits, spaces, special symbols and special symbols, and also create your own dictionary to be used when recovering a password.

    View already decrypted file passwords

    “History” tab lets you view already decrypted file passwords at any time. Moreover, you can delete all entries in “History” tab by clicking “Clear History” button.

    Click to Eltima’s Site for more info.