Apr 15

The first timer to get things done.

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $7.99

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TimeBoxed is a timer application, for your beloved Mac.
Time is a scarce resource: use it wisely. TimeBoxed can help you stay focused, by timeboxing your tasks.

Simple to use

TimeBoxed is a full Mac citizen application: it is really simple to use, and every detail is polished.
It is also fun to use.

“ Be more productive by
staying aware of time.


TimeBoxed won’t disturb you while you are working.
Once time is up, it has a lot of alerts to notify you. Choose from:

  • Window animation
  • Dock icon bouncing
  • Flash the screen
  • Sound alert (system sounds or yours)
  • Speech alert
  • Growl notifications
  • Window level (stay on top of every applications)
  • Run AppleScript script


To allow you to integrate TimeBoxed in your workflow, we have made it completely scriptable.
You can use scripts shared by other users of TimeBoxed, or write your own by getting started with the templates provided.

“ The first Mac OS X timer to
help you Get Things Done.

System requirements

TimeBoxed requires Leopard.

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TimeBoxed is developed by MacMation.
Download TimeBoxed now or get more details on MacMation website!

10 Responses to “TimeBoxed”

  1. Barney Says:

    Respect to the developer for spending his time making a Mac application… etc…
    But is this normally set price of $19.99 a joke ?

    When ‘Dock icon bouncing’ and a small set of lights that turn on in a timed row are ‘features’ you have to ask yourself what is going on !

    Even $8 is a ridiculous amount – what is that expression… A fool is easily parted from his money, but if in a recession, your brain is just a box of frogs.

  2. Guillaume, for MacMation Says:

    Hi Barney,

    Thank you for your feedback and respect.

    A lot of time has been spent developing this application.
    Every details has been polished, lots of features have been tried, tweak and often discarded because we wanted an app very easy to use.
    What you see is the result, but let me remind you that simplicity is not simple to achieve.

    There are many more features than “just dock icon bouncing”.
    TimeBoxed is for example the first Mac OS X timer to have a so complete support for AppleScript.

    If you have any other feature requests, feel free to contact me. I would appreciate your suggestions.

    I wish you a very good day.

    Guillaume, for MacMation

  3. Alan Hecht Says:

    With all due respect, I agree with Barney. Even though countless hours may have been spent refining this app, in the end it is still a timer — albeit a pretty slick one.

    I think there is a difference between a developer charging for the time he or she put into an app and the price that the app is worth to the end user. Promo or no promo, I wouldn’t expect to pay more than $5 for any timer application because that’s what it would be worth to me.

    Granted if you have a niche where you’d use this type of app a lot — provided you needed the exact features and approach of this app — you’d gladly pay $20. I just don’t know anyone who needs it that much.

    Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  4. David Foster Says:

    I agree with Alan. No matter how slick, $5 seems the ceiling for a timer application. The reward for the effort in programming the best timer should come from dominating that market. Authors charging these inflated prices are just not doing the research to assess what people are willing to pay for a function. At the $20 price point I predict a dismal future for sales of this program.

  5. Andreas Says:

    I agree 100% with the above comments.

    As for the slogan, shouldn’t it be “isn’t” crossed out rather than “is”.
    If “Time is on your side”, that means there is no problem, and you don’t need any help.

    The icon looks nice.

  6. Guillaume, for MacMation Says:

    Alan, David and Andreas
    Thanks for your opinions on the price.
    We will take them into consideration if a re-pricing is needed.

    Thank you for your feedback on the icon. It has been made by Jordan, from One Toad Design –
    For the slogan, I guess the original version is more optimistic. Time can be on your side – but not always, you just need a little help… that TimeBoxed can give you.

  7. Geoff Says:

    You could check out Rubyists as a free alternative.

    Based on the

  8. dave Says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought it would be rude, but the above posters are absolutely correct.

    A timer app is the very next thing someone codes after writing their first “Hello World” app.

    That is a nice icon though.

  9. Alan Hecht Says:


    Your attitude is to be commended. A lot of developers are quick to sound off to comments like those above. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your site to see if you release any other apps that fit better into my “toolbox” of applications.

    Best of luck!

  10. Groxx Says:

    $20? Seriously? I’ve only _begun_ programming in Cocoa, and I know how to do pretty much all that off the top of my head. Granted, polishing does take time and is worth money, but not that much. A well thought out design from the beginning wouldn’t take much time to polish, Cocoa is so frickin’ easy.