Apr 01

Print It!
Eliminate Printing Hassles!

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $17.97

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“Print It! has a job to do and does it simply, elegantly and thoroughly. This is what I look for in a Mac OS X app and the reason this software occupies a much-deserved place on my Mac’s hard drive – Macsimum rating: 9 out of 10″

With Print It!, if you can see it, you can print it — and a whole lot more! And Print It! is amazingly easy to use and never gets in your way. And Print It! is fast — very fast.

“Print It! has so many uses that it can be quite a challenge to describe them in a brief way. Users are so used to accepting certain limitations when using their Macs, they aren’t even considering that any easy way of removing these limitations exists.

If you haven’t tried Print It! yet, you should take it for a spin.” :-)


How many times have you printed information off of the Web with your Web browser and ended up with either blank pages or sections of the info you wanted missing?

Have you found when printing from some programs that your formatting gets messed up?

Are you tired of being forced to print ink-intensive Web ads along with the data you print off of the web?

Watch the video on this page to see how Print It! makes your printing EASY.

  • Print It! lets you instantly select and print anything you can see on your monitor, and this includes any combination of text, pictures, and graphics — literally, anything.
  • Print It! provides WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing and includes support for previewing your print job.
  • Print It! also works with the Finder, so it’s easy to create Finder lists of anything and print them — even with your own customized notes added.
  • Print It! lets you add notes and/or time-date stamps to anything you print, including your pictures and graphics.
  • Print It! lets you — even on the fly — create print jobs by automatically combining virtually an unlimited number of selections from anywhere and then printing them together. Additionally, you can add notes and/or time-date stamps to your selections individually and/or to your print job as a whole.
  • Print It! lets you select and grab whatever info you need from anywhere, including databases, spreadsheets, web pages, email, AOL, online chats, newsreaders, word processors, PIMs, calendar/appointment programs, Quicken and other financial software, and virtually anything else — you name it!
  • Print It! lets you instantly create subreports from FileMaker, Quicken, Excel and literally any other program by allowing you to collect and combine just the info you are looking for — even across multiple applications. (You even can add your own notes and time-date stamps to your collected data/subreports.)
  • Print It! is a powerful tool for collecting any type of data when doing any type of research, whether for school, work, or personal use.
  • Print It! protects your data by providing you with the option of automatically saving it so you can continue working with your print project at a later time.
  • Print It! also saves you money because it eliminates wasting ink/toner and paper printing material you don’t need and because it makes you more productive when using your computer.
  • An Auto-Scaling Guide dynamically and automatically provides you with the scaling value to use to print 100% of an oversized selection on a single page.
  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.3 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for Everything you need to know about Print It!.

    18 Responses to “Print It!”

    1. F451 Says:

      I might bite, BUT is this Snow Leopard ready? If not, will there be an upgrade or revision for said upgrade? Thanks.

    2. Eddie Says:

      One interesting thing about Macease’s testimonials is that they’re typically from a few years ago. Even the links provided at their website are outdated, so I could not find the full review at macsimumperspective and bamcentral. Maybe this software was great 5 years ago, so I would like to see the date of the reviews. One comment apparently is from 2003.

      Considering that my previous experience with Macease was unpleasant and the information for this application is outdated, I’ll skip this one.
      Regarding my Macease experience, many years ago I purchased a bundle called Ten for X
      When I got the software, each developer provided me with an updated version of the software. The ONLY exception was Macease. I was asked to pay an upgrade fee if I wanted to use an updated version of PrintMagic.

      As the years went by, I did buy numerous upgrades for the other software, as well as additional applications from those other developers. It was a pleasure dealing with PiDog, Unsanity, Obdev, etc.

      I NEVER purchased anything from Macease. If I end up winning a copy through ThanksZOT! it will go to the Trash.


    3. F451 Says:


      Now I remember where I had seen it before as I too purchased the Ten for X bundle in the past! Hmmmm….

    4. MacEase Says:

      I’d like to respond to the comments that have been posted so far:

      1. All users that registered Ten for X got free upgrades to the next release of PrintMagic as long as they provided a valid registration code. However, I believe there were a few users out of the thousands that bought Ten for X that long after the release of Ten for X requested a free upgrade that actually at that point encompassed several version upgrades, and this was denied.

      In the case of Print It!, anyone who registers Print It! 3.1 through this promotional offer actually will get the next release of Print It! as a free upgrade.

      2. As a developer, I have no control over when journalists decide to review my software. I find it kind of strange that when even a 1.0 release of a program receives an outstanding review, someone feels that a much more evolved release of the software that hasn’t been reviewed is of questionable quality. But of course, everybody has a right to their opinions.

      3. Regarding Snow Leopard: I can’t state that Print It! is compatible with an operating system that hasn’t even been finalized and released. However, I certainly will be working to make my software compatible with the latest released versions of the operating system if/when that’s necessary.

      I take customer support and customer service very seriously, and I put a lot of effort into both of them. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome!

      Best regards,

    5. paws Says:

      I’ve never heard of this app before. It seems to have features that I have been missing frequently. I’ll give Print It! a try, chances are good that I’m gonna buy this one.

      Thank you Steve for your respond. I appreciate it highly when developers communicate sophisticatedly with their customers.

    6. hound Says:

      Initially was excited on the abilities of the program based on the description. But then I tested it. Not convinced on the “saves money by eliminating wasted ink/toner”. From what I saw, it creates a screenshot of a selection. So if a selection happened to be a web page with a background, the background will be printed as well. Since the selection is captured as an image, the printed output is not too great for text, printing to PDF would create a file that cannot be searched or parts of which would be selected.

      Printing of pages that do not fit in a single window is very complicated operation.

      While the idea is great, I guess I will stick with my original routine of Copy/Paste text to TextEdit and adding screenshots of non-text parts from Skitch. A little bit more time consuming but much more control and saves even more ink!

    7. Eddie Says:

      I’d like to respond as well :)

      1. I purchased 10 for X in December 2002 and emailed you in January 3, 2003. Your reply:

      “Ten For X includes the latest version of PrintMagic that was available at the time Ten For X was published. As a registered user, you qualify to upgrade to the latest version of PrintMagic for a substantially reduced price.
      The upgrade may be ordered at: XXXXXXXXX
      Best regards,
      Steve ”
      (I removed the upgrade link for this post)

      Ten for X was first available at Amazon August 15, 2002.
      From PrintMagic’s Read Me file: Version1.2, 8/8/02
      I think that the ONLY upgrade was version 2 which came out in November 2002, just three months after the 10 for X bundle. In fact, 3 months after version 1.2 was released!
      It was not a case of “several version upgrades.” It was a jump from 1.2 to 2.0, within 3 months, and people who purchased the software bundle had no way of knowing about this.
      As mentioned before, everyone else provided me free updates at the time of my purchase.

      2. I don’t know whether the latest release is of questionable quality. Maybe is the greatest thing on Earth. My point is that applications that have been relevant in the past may or may not be relevant today. Applications that used to be great may or may not be that great in subsequent releases. That’s why I always prefer more current reviews.

      Again, that’s just my experience. YMMV.
      Maybe now customer service is amazing and the application is incredible. :)

    8. Britonius Says:

      I would encourage everyone to find out the true capabilities of the mac before buying any product that says it is making it better or providing for something that does not exist.

      There is one feature that will allow to do something similar if all you need is the text of a selection and not the graphics.
      1. Select your text
      2. Click on Application name (such as Safari)
      3. Go to Services, TextEdit, New Window Containing Selection.
      This produced a TextEdit window of the text you selected (no graphics) It can be saved, printed, searched on later, whatever.

      There is also some free utilities out there that do what this product does.
      1. Print Selection 2.0 – – it allows you to select an area (including graphics) and print it out. It works in any program that supports the Services menu, which is most.
      2. Print Window Standard – – allows you to print out Finder file listings.

      Check them out and compare.

    9. Britonius Says:

      Also if you want to print out a part of your screen, that is built into MAC as well. Simply click CMD + Shift + 4 and you will get a selection cross-hair that allows you to select an area of the screen. This will create an image of the selection that can be printed.

      You can also click CMD + Shift + 3 to create an image of the entire screen.

      You can also used variations of these commands to take a shot of a specific windows and menus (check out Mac Help – Shortcuts for taking pictures of the screen).

      They also provide a tool under the Utilities folder called Grab that does the same thing.

    10. mcoad Says:

      It’s true that you can do much of what this app does by using built-in features of the OS or various free apps. However, this does have a few extra features which makes it worth considering (at this price at least). It tells you by how much you need to reduce the selection for it to fit a page, which otherwise can only be done by trial and error in the print window. And it lets you add selections quickly to a single page, avoiding several steps necessary to do this otherwise. It also has a Projects feature which lets you save items together on the fly. These are all really useful.

      It does have one serious drawback, though. As it is basically creating screenshots, you’re limited to selecting only what is visible within the window. You can’t select longer content by dragging the cursor to the bottom of the window and having the content scroll up into the selection, as you can normally.

      Makes deciding whether to buy a bit of a quandary…

    11. Sam Howells Says:

      @Britonius -

      What you say is spot on: the Mac can do all kinds of brilliant stuff out of the box and there is all manner of freeware out there to help further still.

      But some people (like me!) can’t always remember every different keystroke and shortcut needed in every situation and/or don’t want to fire up two or three different apps to do two or three slightly different things.

      Sometimes it’s worth paying a few dollars for software that puts a user-friendly graphical interface around tweaked pre-existing functionality.

      I’ve never previously used any MacEase software and I have no connection with the developer but this looks like something that might be useful for quite a few people in making their Mac experience even more user-friendly.

      If this is not your cup of tea, tomorrow’s Zot might be right for you and wrong for me. But Print It looks like it could be useful to me and I’m certainly going to play around with it for a while today to see if it fits in with the way I work. Cheers!

    12. Noizeboy Says:

      I always take note of problems people have had with a developer in the past. I have my own list of “never again”‘s. But as he said YMMV. Some folks I won’t touch with a ten foot pole I have friends who love. So I also try to find out what the developers responses to issues were/ are. It’s very hard to really figure out what happened back when, especially when you weren’t involved. It looks to me like something slipped through the cracks and there was some miscommunication going on, but??? I’m sure some fine people are on my sh1t list for similar reasons that may or may not be justified.

      Personally I don’t see much in this app that I don’t do already with out loading another application. I use Yojimbo, and capturing to that does 90% of what I used to do with select and drag and screen shots. I see the screenshot aspect of Print It as a major drawback in many cases. One other “grabing” function nobody mentioned is to just highlight text and drag it to the desktop. You get a Rich Text clipping with some formatting (not everything looks as it was). No magic key strokes, it can span more than you can see and it’s searchable and doesn’t bring in the background.

      So this app is not for me. But it could be for you. I would give it a whirl and see if it fits your needs.

      Oh and since we have been going on about how you can do it in the finder I would also point out that Print It does add some features that could be useful. Time stamping could be handy, widget snapshots can be done in the finder with the key commands, so that is a bit misstated in the promo, but you can’t time stamp and add a note so… And what might be important for some is that even though it’s sort of like a general screen grab you don’t go through the intermediate step of grabbing and then printing the grab. If you normally save the clippings rather than print them then other tools I think are better. If you always or mostly print your captures then Print It has some advantages. I almost never print this kind of thing so it doesn’t fit my work style so well.

    13. mcoad Says:

      The difference between PrintIt! and Print Selection Service or copying to TextEdit is that these reformat the selection to fit the page space, keeping the same font size, while PI! gives you the option of rescaling to get an exact image (if you don’t rescale you only get part of the selection). This may or may not be important depending on circumstances, but it’s useful to have the option.

    14. Robert Says:

      I tried to email the owner to find out what DPI this app uses as I think they are 72 DPI screen shots but Mail said the message could not be delivered. This was about 9 a.m. eastern time U.S.

    15. F451 Says:

      Actually, I was going to spring for this, but it interferes with SpeedDownload (at least for me), and has to be quit before SpeedDownload will work automatically. Too bad.

    16. MacEase Says:

      I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback, and it’s nice to interact with a group of people that are passionate about their Macs and the software that they use.

      I have received many nice emails, and because a number of you requested adding the same feature to Print It!, I’ve moved that feature request to the top of my list of items that I’ll try to include in a future release of Print It!.

      As promised, the people that registered Print It! will receive a free upgrade when the next version of Print It! is released.

      Kindest regards,

    17. giltinan Says:

      I have been using Bean, a freeware word processor, as my replacement for Appleworks. It too places options in the Services menu. One option allows you to highlight a selection and place it in either a new document or to a current document, so you could use that for a lot of the selection combining options mentioned in other comments.

    18. Ken Burns Effect Says:

      Wow, a free upgrade to 3.2, impressive!

      Any descent developer woud offer free upgrades until 4.0 is released.