Mar 30

Organize your life with the premiere personal information manager for Macintosh.

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $20.00

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TopXNotes is designed to be a simple, yet powerful note organizer. Its unique interface has been described as “brilliant” and “so easy my 90 year old grandmother could use it” by our customers.


Whether you are a switcher, student, first time computer buyer, or seasoned Mac vet, you will love having a place to keep all those random bits of information from your life. Use TopXNotes to organize bookmarks, keep track of serial numbers, create shopping and to do lists, and even bank accounts and credit cards, thanks to our encryption and password protection.

Over 100 Templates and Samples

TopXNotes includes over 100 free templates and samples to help get you started. Simply choose a template and add your own information.

System Requirements:

  • G3, G4, G5, or Intel Processor (any speed)
  • Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher
  • 256MB or RAM or greater

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12 Responses to “TopXNotes”

  1. Barney Says:

    Looks surprisingly old school. Doesn’t look like an OSX tool at all. Looks like an OS9 application. Why not purchase MacJournal or DevonNote, because even at $20 – this seems very overpriced and just so outdated. Was it made with RealBasic ?

  2. PAKO Says:

    Tried this in January, NEVER got it to work correctly. James Lee of Tropic4 gave UP attempting to correct his program’s ineptness. I have no problems with other programs, only this one… Sure hope James reads these comments!!! :-(

    NOTE FROM macZOT – Please see developer’s (James Lee) response below.

  3. Ralph Says:

    I have to agree with Barney. Caboodle seems a better value and seems to have a better set of features. I have several note organizing applications and after trying TopXNotes I am not compelled to switch.

  4. Sue Says:

    I love this package! I find it so easy to use and just right there (handy) when I need to reference my notes, many times a day! I’ve never used the others listed here because TopXNotes so nicely takes care of all my needs.

  5. Folsom49er Says:

    Why use this over something like Zotero?

  6. James Lee Says:

    PAKO’s post that he has encountered an issue we have not yet resolved is correct. That I have personally “given up” on his issue is not true. We have had numerous emails back and forth trying to resolve his issue. it is one that has never shown up before with any other customer in many thousands of downloads. We are continuing to try to resolve his issue but to date have not been able to reproduce it on another Mac.
    James Lee, President, Tropical Software.

  7. James Lee Says:

    There are lot of Mac note products out there. All are different and there are some good features in every product, but no other Mac note product has TopXNotes unique hybrid of the most popular features. We have emphasized functionality in TopXNotes development, and we have some unique UI elements. For example, our exclusive MultiViewâ„¢ system, that makes our interface look different than some Mac OS X trends. We know where we want to go next and will be addressing many of the user interface issues in future updates. I encourage you to try our features, especially our easy to use and very popular QuickNotesâ„¢ feature for instant access to your important information, and our unique MultiView system, then make up your own mind.

    James Lee, President, Tropical Software

  8. Chuck Rogers Says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I want to make it clear I am consulting with Tropical Software, but not one of their employees. I chose to take Tropical on as a client because of their commitment to Apple and its products. It is always great to see a developer who cares deeply about the platform and does their best to support it, even when it changes so dramatically, as Apple’s has over the years since TopXNotes first came out for Mac OS 9.

    Also, I agree with Macworld Magazine’s recent assessment (August 2008) that the current interface is “clean, single-window interface that puts controls for highlighting and marking up your text right at your fingertips.” (They gave it 4 out of 5 mice, btw.) I am confident Tropical will make great strides in updating its interface in the future, but what they have now is a remarkably usable product.

    Chuck Rogers,
    Chuck Rogers Consulting

  9. Esver Says:

    I’ve been using TopXNotes for a couple of years now and really haven’t needed to look to other programs. Basically, the multiple window feature is great when I’m trying to juggle the many hats I wear during the day. I also like that floating palette that gets me quickly to the program. Sure the interface looks different at first but I’ve grown used to it. Despite a previous comment I find support to be great! Features I’ve requested make it into the program and I feel the development team actually listens to its customers. Give it a shot. It’s free to try out.

  10. M Says:

    So MacZot now deletes comments that ask about ThanksZot? Why???

  11. ubrgeek Says:

    Interesting. I hadn’t checked back to see if there had been a response so I didn’t notice the comment had been deleted. Zot, if the comment wasn’t appropriate for a posting (although I’ve seen similar, tangentially related comments posted in the past) you could certainly have responded as much – either via email or via the comment board so we’d know not to post similar things in the future.

  12. ZOT Says:

    @ ThanksZOT controversy,

    We deleted the post about not having a ThanksZOT because we got the drawing up an running for TopXNotes. Thanks to the developer for the freebie!

    Now go Buy the Bridge!


    Mike Biskup