Mar 27

Cover Stream
[re]discover your music
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Control, browse and search your music, without leaving your work.

“A great iTunes controller!” (Ars Technica)


Enjoy desktop Cover Flow. Pick a song from your favorite album or playlist.
Rediscover the music you used to love!


Find the song that motivates you, the music to get you in the mood.
Cover Stream sports a powerful search filter.


Player notifications, straight forward menu bar controls, desktop artwork,
Apple-flavored bezels, Growl, and more!


Build a personal profile of your musical preferences,
and find out what you will love next!


With customizable shortcuts, Cover Stream lets you play, skip and rate songs –
without leaving your work!


Fullscreen, Apple Remote support, all you need for the party,
or when kicking back in the couch.

“I’m really digging Cover Stream. [Its] approach of using Cover Flow to control iTunes is a refreshing way to interact with my library without having to dive in and out of iTunes every time I want to play a track or select a new playlist… I hate to say it this way, but I’m definitely ‘[re]discovering’ my music all over again, now that I have a far easier way to interact with the tracks and albums that my playlists are built from.”

(David Chartier, Ars Technica)

System requirements:

Any Macintosh running Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard; iTunes 7.5 or later.

Free updates for life!

Find out more and watch a screencast at

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6 Responses to “Cover Stream”

  1. pl_svn Says:

    … very nice interface, but… songs, in playlists, are in a different order than in iTunes and only way to start playing a playlist is opening an album, selecting a song and start from there.

    in Cover Stream’s forum I found a post lamenting this “funny” behaviour: it’s dated august 2008 and still unreplied! :-/

  2. fabian ( Says:

    Hi there!
    I am the developer. Actually, what you are saying is not quite true. Cover Stream play songs in the same order as they appear in your playlist, and opening the track list to start a playlist is not necessary. You can just press play.

    I think the post you read in the forums must have referred to an earlier version, which I recall had this problem.

  3. fabian ( Says:

    Hum, apparently there’s now a problem with the download site. Alternate link here:

  4. pl_svn Says:

    thanks Fabian, it was probably me, on first attempt. I attempted a second try but… your site has been unreachable all the afternoon (and night, here) so…

    Anyway: songs are displayed in CoversStream’s playlist in a different order than in iTunes!!!

    Also… now that I recall… something that really scared me happened: trying to scroll covers by dragging often resulted in moving (actually copying, pheeew!!!) *a random* song to the desktop!

    Sorry, but… this is really, really scaring!! =:-/

  5. balzercomp Says:

    Well, the domain was down the whole weekend and still is down. When loading the domain, I only get “Ce site est fermé momentanément.” meaning “This site is currently closed”. I wanted to try the software, but since my itunes lib is on a different partition, it didn’t work. So I wanted to consult their site, which is down. Very good offer, indeed.

  6. pl_svn Says:

    … and three days later… it’s still down!