Dec 21

MenuCalendarClock for iCal
Entourage version available below

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MenuCalendarClock is a handy iCal compatible menubar calendar and a configurable menu bar clock. It can replace the Apple clock.

Have all your synced iCal events and todo items at your fingertips. One click in the menubar shows them all. A valuable time saver! Todo items can also be created and edited!

A click on a day in the calendar shows all events at that day, a double click brings up iCal with that day selected.

Besides an elegant and streamlined look, it offers many compelling features to make it the ultimate calendaring utility for the Mac:

Feature Unregistered Version Registered Version
Pocket Calendar Display X X
NEW: To do item management 10.5
Display of Calendar Week Numbers X X
Click on Day/Week/Month Opens iCal X X
Configurable Menubar Clock X X
Customizable Window Color X X
Calendar Autohiding X X
Sync Birthdays from AddressBook into iCal X
Configurable Hotkey X
Shows Events from iCal X
Schedule List of Events from iCal X
Configurable Automatic Update-Check X
Support for 12 Languages X X

Check out a video about MenuCalendarClock here…

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This version requires Mac OS X 10.5 (for todo editing). Versions for 10.4 and 10.3 are available from the Objectpark Web Site.

10 Responses to “MenuCalendarClock – for iCal or Entourage”

  1. Parker Bennett Says:

    I’ve owned this one for a long time and it’s really very useful. With the To Do item management it’s quite handy. A very minor gripe is that the font rendering for the menu bar clock is a tiny bit chunkier than how Apple renders the same font, but I use the analog clock icon now instead and keep Date and Time up there too. It might be nice to have ultimate control over where it gets placed in the menu bar but the two options are fine for most.

  2. GoMac Says:

    I love this program. It’s quick to look up a date or see my appointments and to-do list without having to launch iCal.

  3. stainboy Says:

    DARN! the system rang me up for the Entourage version, though i swear i clicked on the iCal “buy” link at the top of the window!

  4. EnlightenedOne Says:

    Questions to the Developer: I currently have MCC version 2.7.5 running under Tiger.

    1) When I upgrade to Leopard will there be an UPGRADE FEE for version 3?
    - If YES, would today’s purchase here be cheaper than that?

    2) How long is today’s license good for: Until the next upgrade? If so, WHEN is the next upgrade planned?

    Thank you.


  5. James Says:

    This is a nice piece of software and has finally been updated to fix a couple of issues that I had sent out to the developer a few years ago. The biggest issue that I had was when there was an event that started after 5:00 p.m. and it was the only event that day then it would not appear by mousing over. Unfortunately, I do not recall the exact version numbers that this applied to.

    In the past the developer has been extremely unresponsive, but has, apparently, updated their system about six months ago and, therefore, may be more responsive.

    It is a great piece of software and I strongly recommend trying it out. Twenty dollars has always been a bit too steep for me, but it has gone on sale here and there and for $10 I would suggest picking it up.


  6. Paul Says:

    Does this allow you to enter iCal events?

  7. GaryD Says:

    Nice, unobtrusive application which I find very handy. For me, it beats having to launch iCal to review something. I’d recommend that you take a look at it.

  8. adwade Says:

    Even though the FEATURE chart above shows what all this does, I couldn’t picture it until I watched the “Check out a video” LINK. Being on DialUp, trying to watch ANY video is always my LAST option…but in this case worth the time (20mins?) to see the product in use. Looked good enough, I’m picking up a pair of licenses at this price!

  9. Doug Benge Says:

    I tried to buy at the macZOT price but only got the normal objectpark price.

    8:30pm EST on 1/4/09

  10. Dale Garrison Says:

    This program almost makes up for the funkiness of the iCal/Mail dangerous duo. With MailTags you’ve almost got a functioning system.