Dec 18

Manage those Bookmarks
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Bookdog is the Bookmarks Problem Solver for your Mac. Bookdog can sort, search, find duplicates, verify sites are still working, and migrate bookmarks among the web browsers on your Mac, and online services.

Bookdog gives you a window into each of your browsers’ bookmarks sets. Bookdog opens, as document windows for your manipulation, the bookmarks of Safari, Firefox (2 or 3), OmniWeb, Opera, Camino and Shiira 2, and in the same way, can access the bookmarks you have stored in your or Google Bookmarks accounts.

Bookdog understands all of the bookmarks attributes available in full-featured web browers. When Bookdog migrates between web browsers, it recognizes and takes with it all the tags, notes, keywords, etc. supported by your destination. It even lets you add separators to your Safari bookmarks.

Bookdog’s Bookwatchdog can keep your bookmarks in order. When you add bookmarks to Safari, Bookdog will notice it and place it in proper alphabetical order for you.

Bookdog is evolving. For Leopard users, Bookdog’s technology is being transferred and will be available next year in a new application which will succeed Bookdog as Bookmarks Master for your Mac. Today’s ZOT grabs you a full Bookdog license, putting you in the same upgrade category as if you’d buy Bookdog tomorrow at the full price.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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8 Responses to “Bookdog”

  1. F451 Says:

    Bookdog is the BEST! I have been a licensed user since its inception and would not consider being without it.

  2. Sajdak Says:

    Very nice application. It does what I want. I like it! But I want more beautiful icon of this one. Please, make it more modern! :-)

  3. ubrgeek Says:

    For something similar for those of us who use, try “Cocoalicious.” ( It’s _not_ for bookmarks, but I tend to use del so I have access to my bookmarks from anywhere so I think it would be a better fit for the kinds of things I need. Still, Bookdog does look very cool.

  4. ozron Says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. Downloaded it, tried it, bought it. Awesome!

  5. Pete Says:

    Just like a trusty man’s best friend, it’s not the cutest app out there, but it always gets the job done.

    Been using for 6 months now… fantastic app.

  6. mcoad Says:

    This app is very, very good indeed. Horrible GUI, but totally excellent in every other way. Buy and you’ll wonder how you managed before. Get History Hound too, and you’ll be in browser history heaven.

  7. rhywun Says:

    UI issues aside, I tried this out last week and found it surprisingly easy to use. I weeded out duplicates and dead links, and synchronized across browsers–without reading the docs. I’m definitely buying now.

  8. Says:

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