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Awesome Reviews

  • “My first impression after reading ExpanDrive’s promotional description last week was that it sounded too good to be true. One week later, I’m pretty sure it actually is that good.”

    Daring Fireball

  • “for seamless integration with the Finder—and ease of use—it’s tough to beat. It’s what the Finder’s built-in FTP/SFTP support should have been from the start.”


  • “ExpanDrive lets you mount remote sftp drives and it actually works! I.e. no long delays or dropped connection in the middle of a save.”

    Allan Odgaard – Textmate

Access remote files within any application

ExpanDrive gives you perfectly transparent access to open, edit, and save files with your favorite programs, even when those files are half a world away. Transparent means that you don’t even notice you’re operating on remote files—they act like they’re on an USB drive you plugged directly into your own computer.

Add SFTP/FTP into Finder

No need to load a separate client to transfer files. You can now securely access any remote filesystem from directly within Finder or even the terminal. ExpanDrive extends the way all applications on your Mac can access data.

Reconnect with grace

Once you’re connected—you stay connected. If you change access points or bring your computer out of sleep, you’ll stay connected. Our robust networking core ensures that if a connection is available that your drive is available.

Zero Configuration—it just works

Our client is dead simple—there is nothing to install on the server. No complicated instructions. No administrative hassles. Just use your existing login credentials to securely access your remote files.

ExpanDrive isn’t just a great SFTP/FTP client. We will continue to extend the core of OS X so that you can transparently access an expanding variety of your data. ExpanDrive is about extending the only truly ubiquitous data interface computers know—the filesystem.


OS X 10.4 or higher
G4, G5, or Intel Processor
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18 Responses to “ExpanDrive”

  1. Ayodh Says:

    I tried this out a few weeks back and it did work very well. But I also tried out MacFusion and it worked almost as well as Expand drive. Given that MacFusion is free, I dont see why this costs 40$. Even at 20$ I will pass. I would think $10 would be payable. Can someone explain the difference?

  2. Brian Says:

    One difference with MacFusion is that it only works with 10.5 while Expandrive only needs 10.4, but you could put your $20 towards the upgrade to Leopard.

    Does the Expandrive license only work on one Mac or is it one Mac at a time or home/work or how does it work?

  3. Tim Lance Says:

    The best thing is the robust, solid networking. Sleeping your machine or changing networks doesn’t phase it in the least. I use at least three networks daily, each wired AND wireless, and switching around is seamless and has never failed.

  4. Ian Says:

    I have been using this for months. 40$ is equivalent to what 20-30 mins work at most. It is such a time saver that it pays for itself within hours. I have no problem giving up 40$ to a hard working developer for such a useful tool.

  5. AlanH Says:

    I downloaded this and it worked fine — very nice interface. But I already have MacFUSE on my system to mount FTP and SSH connections as drives. In fact, I use a nice GUI app called MacFusion that gives a very similar look and feel to ExpanDrive.

    I agree with others that $40 is too much for this app. If it were $20 with a 50% maczot discount, I’d buy it today. Oh well.

  6. Tommy Says:

    I tried MacFUSE shortly after it came out, but it grabbed so many resources it all but froze my Mac.

    I take it that it’s improved since then?

  7. Ayodh Says:

    @Ian $40 might be 20-30 mins of work for some people but given the weak international currencies, its closer to a few days of work for me.

  8. TomEck Says:

    It seems to be an interesting approach and I would not mind to spend 20 bucks for a good implementation of this idea.

    I tried MacFUSE today, because of the hints of the others above but I had the same result as Tommy mentioned above…

    However, I will play around a bit with both of them before I decide…

  9. Joe Says:

    From what I understand, ExpanDrive does use MacFUSE underneath. I imagine that the problems others are experiencing are due to the sshfs application that mount the remote volumes.

    It used to be cheaper ($29), and I stumbled upon a $14 off coupon back in March, so I think I was pretty lucky. Still, I think $20 is a sweet deal.

  10. Tim Lance Says:

    To avoid work I just tried MacFusion and am glad I bought ExpanDrive. The three main sites I use (all simple FTP) have issues with the firewall I am behind. Transmit or ExpanDrive have same. I don’t claim to know everything about networking but I’ve been FTPing since long before we had GUIs. Also, while there is a preference for a menu item I can’t get it to work either.

  11. Robin S Says:

    I’m demoing this right now and I guess I don’t understand why I would use this over and above my regular FTP application (Yummy FTP). In fact, it’s almost scary to have it right here in my Finder, because I’m afraid I will get my files mixed up as to what’s online and what’s on my hard drive. Most of the time I don’t want to work directly on the server, do I? I must be missing something. I want to like it, really I do, and you are saying such good things about it. It’s kind of cool to have it sitting right here like the rest of my desktop, but I just don’t get it.

  12. Ramin Says:

    One of my favorite apps. No muss, no fuss. It just works.

  13. Jeff Mancuso Says:

    @Ayodh the real difference is speed and stability, along with ease of use, and a developer who is actively developing other filesystems. I think @Tim Lance and @Ramin said it best

    There is no advantage of drive based access if it beachballs your system for 200 seconds when you come out of sleep or switch access points. Also, we have some very aggressive caching behavior that makes browsing large directory trees or opening large projects feasible on a slow connection, something not possible with MacFusion/SSHFS

  14. Tim Lance Says:

    I have 4 GB RAM so it’s not an issue but it may be for some. Right now MacFusion is using almost 50 MB of Realmemory. ExpanDrive only 22 MB.

  15. ZOT Says:

    FYI – in case you missed it -

    Jeff Mancuso, who commented above is the developer of ExpanDrive.

    Thanks Jeff, and everybody for your blogging today.

  16. Tim Lance Says:

    In my comment above I said:
    Transmit or ExpanDrive have same. (in reference to firewall issues and MacFusion not connecting)

    In stead of or I meant *nor* (as in those apps were fine and robust where MacFusion was not)

  17. t5tr Says:

    Thanks Jeff for showing up here on mz!
    You’ve described some issues we are used to experiment when networking using some radio links or accessing large directories — that is a nightmare.
    I’m used to call sshfs from the command line, and it just worked as expected, but the performance wasn’t that really good.
    I was about to pass this zot, but your words persuaded me to give ExpanDrive a try, and I just did it!
    First of all, I was asked to let ExpanDrive update my previous MacFuse installation. :)
    I’ve tried to use a ssh non standard port, via an adsl link, and using a different user available on the remote machine authenticating with public keys.
    After that, I’ve opened some directories with more than 3 thousands files here and there, sufficient to perceive some nice “cache effect” as you described, going from finder to path finder as required.
    ExpanDrive just worked.
    And you got my support… I just zotted!

  18. adwade Says:

    HeadsUp: Great program, once you get it running. I had problems with it trying to UPDATE my version of MacFUSE. It would request permission to update and once I authenticated it for permission, it would say Done, you’re good to go.(However, it would NOT actually update.) I wrestled with this for over a week, because ExpanDrive would actually start then just bomb out. I finally manually updated MacFUSE myself from SYSTEM PREFERENCES and then everything fell into place and worked just fine!