Aug 26

CommandCenter 1.0.9
Scripts Unlimited

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ZOT Price: $18.00

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Built by a system administrator for system administrators, CommandCenter is a tool to manage shell-based scripts with the capability to remotely run them on any UNIX or UNIX-like host/server with output logs that can be saved and printed.

Click the screenshot for CommandCenter in action!

Major features include but not limited to:

  • Create and manage scripts for multiple UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD hosts and servers.
  • Run any managed script on a UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD target host or server from the comfort of your Mac.
  • Scripts are shell based which means you can remotely run bash, csh, Perl, Python, or ANY scriptable interpreter as long as the target host supports it.
  • Remote connections are made using the secure SSH protocol.
  • Output of script runs can be viewed, edited, copied, appendable, saved in a text file and printed on a printer.
  • All scripts are stored on your Mac – no more lost scripts or manual script maintenance!
  • Target hosts and servers can be saved and managed with optional and encrypted password saving.
  • Saved CommandCenter data files can be shared amongst colleagues, backed up, categorized or even edited using a normal text editor thanks to the XML format of the data file.
  • Launch SSH in a Terminal window on a target host or server from within CommandCenter.
  • Run commands directly on target hosts.

    FREE upgrades within a major release.

    More information on

    Runs on an Intel Mac and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

  • 5 Responses to “CommandCenter 1.0.9 – Built by a system administrator for system administrators”

    1. Vince Says:

      I went to buy this, as I still had 2 hours, but it got moved out of zot ahead of schedule. :-( Drat!! :( Usually MacZot doesn’t refresh until 3am my time, and it is only 1:09am right now. What happened guys?

    2. Vince Says:

      Well, double drat – the program only runs on Intel Macs. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend; My G5s still run great!

    3. ZOT Says:


      Anybody who wants this app and missed it because of our time adjustment…

      Check the home page. I’ll put it up tomorrow also.

    4. Vince Says:

      Sweet! Thanks! I have one Intel Mac [MBP], so I may still buy it – it is right up my ally, though I wish it was a UB so i could run it on my main machine, a PowerMac G5.

    5. Soukyan Says:

      Ack! I purchased it because I read that the requirements were Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Was the Intel Mac portion there the entire time?

      I have a PowerBook :(

      I hope I’m not out 18 bucks now thanks to my idiocy.

      Bummer, too, because this looks like a great application.