Jun 09

File Synchronization – Easy and Fast!

Normally: $15.00

ZOT Price: $9.00

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File Synchronization is a utility that has
the ability to synchronize multiple pairs of folders or files. It has
been designed to be easy to use and fast. It was based
originally on the File Synchronization tool provided by Apple
with the old Mac OS, but has many improvements and features to help
get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Main Features:

  • Automatically mounts remote volumes in the background when needed.
  • Preview mode lets you
    “see” what will happen.
  • Preview mode allows for managing files that need to be synchronized.
  • Optional logging of all
  • Multithreaded for smooth
    operation even when copying hundreds of megabytes.
  • No document to open or
    manage: all files and folders and their settings are

    automatically saved and accessible through the main window.
  • Filters lets you ignore
    some files and/or folders that you don’t want to synchronize.
  • Automatic synchronization:
    you select the interval and the pairs and File Synchronization will
    synchronize them repeatedly according to the time interval.
  • Option to move orphaned
    files to the trash instead of deleting them.
  • Option to keep orphaned
    files that have been modified since the last synchronization.
  • Option to delete unwanted
    files from the preview window.
  • Options to automatically
    start synchronizing when the application is launched and quit after the synchronization
    completes. Using a free application like CronniX, you can now schedule synchronization
    sessions anytime and any way you want.
  • Hierarchical list views
    that let you see the folder hierarchy of any element displayed in the main,
    preview or error windows. You can open in the Finder any element in these
    list views by double-clicking them.
  • Option to present an
    alert dialog when a file is about to be deleted or moved to the trash.
  • Error reporting can offer
    possible solutions to common problems and displays additional information
    regarding any error occuring
  • 2 license types to meet
    your need: a single-user license, good for a user on any computer, and a computer
    license, good for all users on that computer,
  • Automatically adjusts
    for the Blue or Graphite appearance.
  • Localized in Czech, Dutch,
    English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian and Russian. More languages
  • Very fast! One of the
    fastest tool available. Some other tools claim that they use CRC-based techniques
    to determine which file has changed. Even though checking CRC on files can
    tell if they are or are not exactly the same, there is no way you can determine
    which file is newer using this technique. You have to rely on the modification
    date, which File Synchronization does pretty quickly.
  • The most affordable tool to synchronize. Why pay $30, $50 or $100 when you can have File Synchronization for only $9 on macZOT?
  • Based on Cocoa,
    automatically gets new enhancements introduced with new version of Mac OS

  • Possible Uses:

  • You’re usually using
    a laptop. You also have a desktop computer. Those are generally more powerful
    larger screen than a laptop.
    you have a bunch of personal, or “key” files, like your Entourage
    environment, your web browser bookmarks, your budget in Quicken, etc.
    You would like to use the desktop computer, but without those “key” files, it’s
    almost impossible. Using File Synchronization, this
    problem is fixed: before opening a session on your desktop computer,
    would just synchronize the files/folders that make sense to you. When
    you’re done with the desktop computer, just repeat the initial
    synchronization. As an added bonus, you are actually performing a
  • You’re working on a
    large web site on your computer. When you’re done with some modifications,
    you would like to copy only the files
    have been modified to your server. File Synchronization is the
    perfect companion.
  • You’re working in a
    team that has a shared folders. You use File
    Synchronization to get and put the latest versions of the documents
    you’re sharing with your team.
  • You run an array of web servers to provide load balancing and
    fail-over. So, the html files need to be the same on each web server
    when one file is updated, it needs to be copied to all the other web
    servers. Manually this could be a bit of a pain, but with automatic
    synchronization, this will be a breeze.

  • Requirements:

    This application requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) or better. Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    No Responses to “File Synchronization – Easy and Fast!”

    1. Yngvede Says:

      Sounds like the missing perfect solution for me to keep my MacBook Pro and my iMac synchronised. Too bad this is only a 1 day Zot – testing this sort of stuff usually takes a little longer.

      Any experiences with this app on keeping laptops and desktops in sync?

    2. ubrgeek Says:

      Yngvede – concur. DIFF is perhaps my least favorite tool (other than mkfs), so this would be very useful. Anyone have any idea if this will work with Samba-shared drives?

    3. OddyOh Says:

      Good app, works for me. I use it to sync my SD card to a backup folder of it’s contents. Works with Leopard. I haven’t used it on Samba drives though, should work.

    4. Giltinan Says:

      I have a large collection of files scattered over several hard drives, Macs, etc. I am going to embark on the tedious job of trying to sort out the duplicates from the originals and the modified files.

      My question is:
      does synchonization of files rely solely on analyzing file dates or does it also analyze contents for differences?

      I had considered using Leap to help with this process since I can actually see the docs without having to print out stuff or juggle apps to view them. But even if snyching only uses file dates, that could seriously help find the dupes that can be trashed and then Leap can sort out the modified files quickly.

      do you have any developers out there who have serious motivational products to help me attack this problem? 8>D

    5. Anrake Says:

      How do I sync to an ftp server?

      It doesn’t seem possible, which means this “possible use” is very unlikely. “You’re working on a large web site on your computer. When you’re done with some modifications, you would like to copy only the files that have been modified to your server. File Synchronization is the perfect companion.”

    6. Eburgian Says:

      I’ve used it for years and have been very happy with it. Good support from the developer as well.

      I don’t think the program actually compares the contents of files, just the name and date, but I could be wrong.

      I use it to sync my desktop at work with my flashdrive, and then the flashdrive with my laptop at home. That way, I don’t have multiple versions floating around, and I never panic about having a backup of my important data.

      Considering buying an extra copy as a gift…

    7. EKM Says:

      As I was trying out this app, it seems like it has some problems with FAT32 USB keys.

      I wanted to use it to keep a 300MB documents directory synched with a USB key. But I found that it doesn’t actually sync for me, but rather re-writes the entire folder’s contents each time.

      Because it takes an additional minute and a half before copying the folder over again, it’s actually slower than the old dumb method of just dragging it over in the finder.

    8. Eburgian Says:

      Yes, there is a slight issue with FAT32 formatting, so there’s a setting in the “details” that you need to change. Change “acceptable modification time difference” to 1 minute.

      That should account for the difference in the timestamp formats.

    9. Peter Witham Says:

      I’ve been trying this today and really wanting to like it, but everytime I have tried to sync (1 way update) some 150gb of files on a NAS to a Firewire drive it crashes after about 30 minutes of checking files.

      Seems to be fine on smaller size drives/folders though.

      …still trying to get it working to a point I trust it before the time runs out, because I sure need a tool like this.