May 25

MoneyWell – Envelope Budgeting

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Struggling with Cash Flow?

People all over the world are stuck with credit card debt, paying high-interest loans, or just losing the battle to know how and where their money is spent. Instead of helping with this problem, most personal finance packages make it more complicated. MoneyWell is different. Instead of forcing you to generate complex reports or click a dozen times on pie charts, MoneyWell shows you all you need to know by just opening the program. Learn more…

Envelope Budgeting, Bucket Style

The manual method of dividing up your income into labeled envelopes to control your spending is a great way to budget your money, but it’s no longer practical in our debit card society. MoneyWell emulates this with electronic buckets. You simply assign your bank deposits to an income bucket and MoneyWell flows that into expense buckets for you to spend. Learn more…


The hard part with sticking to a budget is knowing when to stop spending. Why do I have to run a report to see if I can go out to eat? With MoneyWell, you just glance at your “Dining” bucket to see if there’s money left in it. Because it’s that easy to do, you’ll probably do it and stick to your budget. Learn more…

What MoneyWell Users Think

I just want you guys to know that I will be recommending your program to all my friends, family, and whoever I may meet. I cannot believe how detailed and how user friendly the program is! It’s absolutely incredible! Thank you. - Charles R., Simi Valley, CA, USA

You know that feeling when you get an application and all of a sudden you can see how much easier it makes your life or all the cool things you can do with it? Well I just got that right now. - Aaron D., Columbus, OH, USA

Thanks again—your customer service is beyond fantastic! - Amy S., USA

Wanted to say a big thanks for the latest update and the program as a whole. New printer features are great! I find the program VERY useful–it’s really fun to take care of our finances and real easy to see exactly where we are at. Thanks a ton! I also wanted to say that I’ve found this to be the most effective software tool for money management that I know about. - Nathan S., Escanaba, MI, USA

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32 Responses to “MoneyWell – Envelope Budgeting”

  1. gryphonent Says:

    MoneyWell’s multi-currency implementation is non-existent. When you transfer funds between two accounts, all it does is calculate the amount for the balancing transaction using a pre-defined exchange rate multiplier. There is no attempt to track realized gains and losses. For example, transfer $100 out of an account at one exchange rate then transfer the funds back at a different rate; the account’s balance might have grown to $110 but there is no recognition of this income anywhere. Or try recording an USD transaction on a GBP credit card with EUR as the default currency of your accounts. On both occasions MoneyWell fails miserably.

  2. Sekhmet Says:

    I already own MoneyWell and it’s perfect for the job I got it for: simple budgeting.
    I used to use or try other financial apps that were much better with some of the rest of financial tasks (e.g. the exchange rates gryphonent mentions), but none comes even close to the simplicity of budgeting. As the author claims, one glance at the bucket and I know where I stand.
    Admittedly, internationalisation is poor: like when you get your salary (end of week, month, bi-weekly,…?) and thus what period you want to budget for. You just have to accept the pre-set. But that’s a very minor issue. I’m very happy with MoneyWell.

  3. flec65 Says:

    I just bought MoneyWell at full price 10 days ago… after using it in trial mode for over a month. All I can say is that I’m very happy with it. If you want to keep track of your budget and cash flow, MoneyWell is the way to go. Once you have learned the basics (and accept some pre-sets as mentionned), MoneyWell is simple to use. Memorized transactions make importing from your bank account file a breeze.

  4. John Says:

    I’d buy this in a second even at full price if it had proper currency tracking.

    When a free widget can download and calculate cross-rates for me which I use every single day, why can’t these financial applications roll it into the application? I’m not a coder but this doesn’t seem to be rocket science.

    I have three currencies I work in – Swiss Franc, British Pound and Euro. Having a fixed rate that I have to manually update is not something I am going to do.

  5. zenrain Says:

    I also brought this app at full price, and it’s been worth every penny. It takes a bit to set up the allocations, but once you get going, this is a fantastic app.
    Finally, Kevin is very responsive on the forums, and the app has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few dot versions.

  6. Folsom49er Says:

    Which is better? MoneyWell or MoneyDance? Can you import data from Quicken into MoneyWell? Will MoneyWell handle online banking?

  7. Pete Says:

    I’ve owned this for almost 6 months now. As a freelancer who has very little time for managing money there are two programs that have really simplified budgeting and cash flow management:

    1) Moneywell
    2) Billings

    The developer of Moneywell offers the best tech support I have seen in a long time.

    Hope this helps.

  8. flec65 Says:

    @folsom49er: Yes, MoneyWell can import from Quicken files or QFX and OFX files downloaded from your bank.

    I just want to add to what zenrain said: support and updates from the developper are first class.

  9. Jeremy Says:

    I’ve heard very good things about the developer as far as text support and listening and including features, maybe it’s worth emailing him (or who knows if he’ll come in here) and ask him about multi-currency, see if he’s working on it or if there’s an issue that he can’t implement it because of some reason, might save yourself $20 if it’s gonna have it soon and you’d buy it anyway.

  10. David F. Says:

    Seriously… this app is awesome (I have been using it for 7 months) and it has helped us budget better than quicken, moneydance, and all other apps combined.
    There is a bit of a learning curve to “get” the concept of envelope budgeting…but the training videos work well in getting you up to speed fast.

    And the developer…simply amazing customer service.

    at $19.99…it’s a must buy…!

  11. Jeremy Says:

    does it allow to run reports and stuff on what you’re spending? I’m not particularly looking for a budgeting app, more knowing where my money is going, categorizing and balancing, i thought this was something like that, but after reading more and watching the videos it seems to be much more about budgeting.

  12. Keith Says:

    I keep hoping a developer will include direct online banking into their app similar to Quicken and Money. I don’t want to have the hassle of importing files manually to input my transactions. I want the app to do it for me.

    That being said, I’m in serious need of a decent budgeting app. Having tested this in the past, I was impressed. I’m going to buy and try to get used to manual intervention. Here’s to hoping automatic downloading is included someday!

  13. ds Says:

    I asked the developer about online banking, and he said look for it in v. 1.4 !

  14. Martin Says:

    As is often the case with Zot offers, I’ve had a play and it looks good but I’m struggling to work out how it could really work with my 5 accounts. I don’t think it’s going to be able to handle the interaction I already have setup between them. And it’s going to take me longer than 1 day to try and work it out. Never mind.

  15. Tim Parnell Says:

    Budgeting done easy:
    Don’t spend money you don’t have.

    There, 20 bucks saved. Courtesy of MadTV

  16. HowNotToWinCustomers Says:

    @Time Parnell: Sign me up to your newsletter! I like your business plan – developer makes elitist twat comment on site full of potential customers. Turns YetAnotherCleanser oops I mean MacDust into MacDusty.

  17. HowNotToWinCustomers Says:

    @Tim Parnell: Sign me up to your newsletter! I like your business plan – developer makes elitist twat comment on site full of potential customers. Turns YetAnotherCleanser oops I mean MacDust into MacDusty.

  18. HowNotToWinCustomers Says:

    Well, that’s the closest thing to an “edit” button as we’re gonna get… :)

  19. Jefe Says:

    The irony is, due to poor budgeting, I can’t afford this zot.

  20. Jeremy Says:

    Hey maczot, I’d LOVE to see ibank, as I’ve been wanting it, but already have money, and chaching so i can’t warrant the $60 price tag :P

    I just need something more like that, not necessarily worried about budgeting, more just the reports to see where I’m wasting all my money.

    and no reason to be too hard on tim, i think he was just making a joke that was on madtv, i don’t see why it should push customers away

  21. Kevin Hoctor Says:


    The currency support in MoneyWell was not designed to track gains and losses but to enable someone to assign a currency to each account and transfer money between accounts with a decent level of automation. So far there has only been one or two requests from existing customers for enhancements to this and both were related to having MoneyWell look up the current exchange rate. We are looking at adding this in the future. I think saying that multi-currency support being non-existent is a gross misrepresentation.

    Kevin Hoctor, Developer
    No Thirst Software LLC

  22. Kevin Hoctor Says:

    Re: Online Banking/Direct Downloads

    This feature is planned for version 1.4 (due in a couple of months) and that release is free to anyone who has a 1.x license.

    Kevin Hoctor, Developer
    No Thirst Software LLC

  23. Kevin Hoctor Says:


    MoneyWell does have several reports and a flexible filtering system. More are coming in future releases as they are requested.

    Kevin Hoctor, Developer
    No Thirst Software LLC

  24. Chriswan Says:

    I’ve been waiting forever for this deal to come again (missed it on macupdate)

    Alas, I just bought CheckBook Pro a few days ago in macupdate, if only the deal come earlier…. :(

  25. Jeremy Says:

    ya got me Kevin, I bought it, I definitely could use some budgeting help anyway i guess, and have heard you’re great with support and requests, so I definitely had to buy it. Thanks.

    also, note to maczot and developers on maczot, I definitely find myself more likely to purchase an app when the developer talks in the chat room, i didn’t quite need leech, but liked the guys from manytricks talking and got me more interested in it and i bought it, and I’m very happy I did.

  26. Arundel Says:

    Okay, I’m taking a break from earning money to save some. ;-) Sold.
    Yup, this app has potential for me, given that I haven’t had the time or energy to update my financial spreadsheets in months. Getting a little lax…

    Looks like it will take some real time for me to set up properly and import my history of transactions. I guess the feature I really want to see is a sticky override field for “this-is-my-account-balance-right-now” and an auto-generated transaction taking place in the past reconciles itself against that, so at least my current displayed balances are always accurate.

    Thanks for offering this one up!

  27. Bob Says:

    Is this a 2 day Zot? Doesn’t say so on the front page but the timer is displaying a whole day left..

  28. ZOT Says:

    Yes – This is a 48hr ZOT.
    Great Blog Today!

  29. ErichD Says:

    So, I’m eally sold on this app (thanks to the dev for posting here) — but who won this? Please say me!

    My wife and I are attempting to find the money for it in our month-to-month sales commission income — winning always feels like a better decision!

  30. Kevin Hoctor Says:

    It can be difficult to decide if an application is the right fit or not in a short period of time. Please feel free to watch our video tutorials to see if they help with the decision process:

    Kevin Hoctor, Developer
    No Thirst Software LLC

  31. ErichD Says:

    What I meant to say above was Winning NextZot always feels like a better decision ;)

    Everyone should make video tutorials as thorough as No Thirst – bravo, Kevin!


  32. t5tr Says:

    The video tutorials are a great step in acquiring what you can use MoneyWell for, and quickly deciding if it can do anything in a way you like.
    I’ve looked also Debt Quencher, a cool app from the same developer.
    Even if these kind of software requires some initial training, they are still giving us in return something valuable and useful.
    BTW: I’ve bought Checkbook Pro on mu about a week ago, and now MoneyWell on mz.