Feb 25


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RWmultitool for RapidWeaver (External Application)

For Rapidweaver 3.5/3.6/4 – Universal – Tiger and Leopard


RWmultitool has been designed to edit the images of RapidWeaver graphic themes. With this tool you can modify theme graphics or add new images easily and without any specific knowledge of graphic design, Just drag your picture in RWmultitool and you’re done! Now, editing your theme graphics is a simple and funny game.
This is not an ordinary software: it’s a tool for creative minds, inside RapidWeaver. A new theme generation is here: the limit is just your fantasy…

New in RWmultitool 1.0.6:

• Live iSight support: RWmt now handles iSight live video and grab straight into a project layer!
• Auto Update: Auto Update: By using SPARKLE you can now update Rwmt automatically
• Project saving: From now you’re able to save the layered project!
• CSS colours integration:
This feature available gives you the possibility of creating an image level of a flat colour in the same way as RW3.6 allows you to do with “COLOURS options”.
You are now given plenty of freedom to edit the colours of the themes both for the images and for the CSS colours.

Watch video
( rwmt1.0.4 + MyDeskTop Theme)


.RWmultitool is the perfect complement for our .RWthemes.
.Our themes are predisposed/modified ready to let you see .only a selection of the images just hiding you uneditable .ones.

Just drag your picture in
RWmultitool and you’re done


.Our Stickers are the perfect complements for .RWmultitool. Here are image packs to customise your .themes and make them unique: very high quality files to .enhance your website and add style.

• RWmultitool license on MacZot
You will get a Single Licence ( serial code ).

installation notes for RWmultitool:
• Make sure RapidWeaver was installed
• Install external themes. Try our free themes in our site!
Note: RWmultitool read and can edit the themes contained into the folder Library/ApplicationSupport/Rapidweaver/.
For this reason you must install more themes before ( with a simple double clik over the Theme-icon).

• Run RWmultitool ,choose your theme and the related image.
If you cant see any theme installed in the theme menu, enable “view all themes” check. Same behavior for the Lite version of RWmt.
For further informations read the Guide and the FAQ.

Click to RWmultitool Site for more info – Click to Multithemes Site for more info

9 Responses to “RW Multitool”

  1. Gwen Says:

    I just bought this software last week and it’s really cool for small picture editing. Some time, it’s better than photoshop for certain task.

  2. ubrgeek Says:

    Totally unrelated, but did anyone else have problems getting into Maczot this morning?

  3. Frank Says:



  4. tom Says:

    well, I bought this morning another licence of it …. really nice and usefull … everyone should give it a try .. at that fair price …

    BUT !!! wassup with the site ? was hacked ??? I bought and some hour later no more maczot ????
    should I be worried ?? …

  5. Multithemes Says:

    For customers:
    Most of the purchased serials are now updated.
    So check your personal page in MacZot. (8:58PM GMT)
    Sorry again for delay.

    Multithemes Team

  6. Eniregnat Says:

    At least the site is back up.

    Perhaps there should be a “general” section on the MacZot blog to give updates on site problems, or other info like the Zotgeist is being reworked.

  7. Paul B Says:

    What’s the difference between this version of RW Multitool and the free, “Lite” version?

  8. Multithemes Says:

    Difference between Full version and RWmt Lite:
    The Lite version has all the basic editing tools, plus advanced features to backup and save images in your themes.


    Multithemes Team

  9. Josh Says:

    Yeah, this morning the site was forwarding to something like:

    Kind of funny…

    Oh and RW Multitool is really great. If you plan on tweaking RW sites this is essential.