Feb 22

launch2net – Easy mobile Internet access

Normally: $107.00

ZOT Price: $39.00

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Attach, click, connect

launch2net is a mobile connection manager. With launch2net, you can use your mobile device like a mobile phone, ExpressCard, PC datacard or USB modem to connect your Mac to the Internet in one easy step.

The powerful configuration assistant automatically detects your mobile device and configures your mobile Internet connection in seconds without the need to enter cryptic settings like user names, passwords or modem scripts.

launch2net supports most mobile devices as well as most mobile network operators worldwide for fastest internet connections like HSUPA, 3G UMTS, EDGE and GPRS speeds.

launch2net saves high roaming costs for mobile data as it is possible to use a prepaid card in other countries to connect to the Internet.

For US customers, launch2net works perfectly well with the latest 3G modems, ExpressCards and PC Cards from AT&T and offers much more than just a connect/disconnet button like advanced statistics, autoconnect and disconnect features and a menu icon to connect/disconnect without having to run the software at all.

Feature Highlights

  • Includes connection settings for most cell providers around the globe
  • Supports a very comprehensive list of compatible cell phones, USB modems, ExpressCard modems, and PC data cards
  • Features a simple interface which includes information on signal strength, online time and traffice volume
  • One button to connect/disconnect
  • Menu icon to connect/disconnect without having to run launch2net
  • Autoconnect if an ExpressCard, PC Card or USB modem is attached
  • Disconnect after a certain time online or traffic volume used

  • 3 Responses to “launch2net – Easy Mobile Internet Access!”

    1. Pierre Bernard Says:

      The publishers (Nova Media) are great guys!

      I have no need for the product, but based on the above observation, I would recommend it to anyone who does.

      Pierre Bernard
      Houdah Software s.à r.l.

    2. gryphonent Says:

      Even at the MacZot price this app is too expensive for what it does. I draw a line between full-fledged applications such as FreewayPro, Pages, Numbers… and mere utilities and one-trick ponies such as LaunchBar and, well, launch2net. Utilities shouldn’t cost more than $25 bucks on MacZot, and no more than $60 regularly.

    3. Ramin Says:

      This is probably handy for people who are on GSM networks (i.e. AT&T, T-mobile, or in Europe and Middle-East) and travel a bit across data networks, requiring profile switches, etc. If this matches your use profile, it looks to be a decent piece of software and a 60% discount off the retail price is pretty good.

      However, if you tend to stick around a single region (like the U.S.) or have a non-GSM data plan (like Sprint or Verizon), I don’t see much value in it. Personally, I connect to Sprint EVDO through a Novatel ExpressCard and the built-in Mac Connection Manager works fine.

      I do appreciate seeing useful utilities like this on MacZot and that you guys offer a nice broad spectrum of apps. Keep up the good work.