Aug 26

Hi Folks!

This is an extra special SNEAK PREVIEW of our amazing offer for next weekend. We will be featuring Daylite 3 from at a SPECIAL macZOT price, from Friday August 30 until Sunday September 2.

Daylite 3 will help you make your business more productive and therefore more profitable.

Daylite works at the center of your business, helping you stay on track and deliver on time. From shared calendars to simple projects, to contact management to email integration, Daylite keeps you organized and frees your mind of clutter. Get Daylite, worry less and spend time doing what you do best.

Even though the discount alone will be significant and hard to pass up, this is a huge and very worthwhile program and we want you to take the full week to try it out so that you will be ready to decide to purchase it once Friday rolls around.

Download the full TRIAL VERSION today and start discovering the many ways Daylite 3 will make your life easier!

“This program blows my mind… It has saved my life!” – Leo Laporte, Call for Help TV

12 Responses to “Daylite Special Sneak Preview”

  1. Doug Says:

    You guys must be reading my mind! I’ve been sitting around the past few days bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t afford this app. Excellent!

  2. Hiro Says:

    Of all the applications and developers I’ve supported, Market Circle has offered close to, if not the worst customer service and support for me. Based on my past experiences, I wouldn’t give them another dime. But thats just me ;)

  3. Oliver Nielsen Says:

    Hiro, could you please elaborate? I use their products, and have not needed their support, but I’m curious. Your point may be valid and interesting;-)

    On Daylite, let me say I just reinstalled it after a few weeks of “well, maybe iCal and AddressBook or Contactizer is enough for us” after a system reinstall. However, I’m back on Dayite, and even though it’s not the perfect symbiosis with iCal and sync in general, it is indeed the only app that brings daylight to my ADD life, business life, and allows me and my girlfriend to plan our various projects and events. Recommended.

    And a version 3.5 with iSync support is in beta-testing these days.

  4. ZOT Says:

    Hi Hiro,

    I guess everyone has a different experience. I have not had that experience with Market Circle.

    I use Daylite 3 and love it and think that Market Circle is a very professionalr organization with great support, helpful website and a very useful program.

    I hope everyone takes the chance to try it out for themselves this week.


  5. Josh of Pixelton Says:

    Maybe next time Billings? I’d buy Billings in an instant. :D

    I’ll go play with Daylite right now. The workflow stuff looks fairly hot, but my issue is other need Daylite and I’m the only Mac guy.

    Right now I’m using Google Calendar with todo’s synced within iCal. With Quicksilver integration with GCal I can add in a task in seconds, syncs online so others can see, and then syncs back locally as a reminder. Not exactly the same but integrated and available to all.

  6. Hiro Says:

    My experience with Market Circle has been on their Billings product. I sent one email requesting info regarding particular features, but never got any reply. I decided to purchase the product anyways and then had questions/problems with it and tried sending 2 emails and then after no replies, forum posts… Nothing. Other products like 1passwd and vuescan have been more than generous with their available support and I proudly support the shareware I use. I don’t use Billings at all and regret having paid the small arm and leg for it.. I should of tried it longer and waited for the support, so its my fault in purchasing it.

    If the program works for you and you never have any questions/problems, great! And I’m sure Daylite has some very useful features… I just won’t even try it because of the bad taste left in my mouth by Market Circle.

  7. ZOT Says:

    Hi Hiro,

    That’s too bad. We ran Billings on MacZOT and I hadn’t heard any complaints at all, only rave reviews.

    Maybe they didn’t receive your email or something. I know that sometimes the developers have trouble with emails getting filtered, etc.

    Anyway, perhaps you should try writing to them again to see if they can help you out with Billings. It’s a good program and very useful for self-employed business people.


  8. AJ Says:

    Hiro, it’s possible that your emails got filtered out. We try to be very careful about these things, but the amount of spam we get is actually quite staggering and sometimes, good emails get filtered out.

    The opposite is also true, you should make sure your spam filters aren’t filtering us out. We’ve had that issue with a few customers.

    I looked in our Daylite to see if we have any emails from you, but there are many “Hiro”, so I couldn’t isolate which one is you.

    Email us again – if you don’t hear back from us within 48 hrs (2 business days), call us on our toll free line and mention that you haven’t heard back.


  9. ErichD Says:

    AJ’s comment above makes this a must-try for me!

    I was just reading through some old MacWorlds, and they recommended Daylite as that perfect application for “SalesPeople” who need more than iCal and a different feature set than the average Project app. In other words, it may be exactly what I need.

    I hope the price is right (tho, maybe I’ll convince my boss that he could purchase this for me in lieu of the insurance I should have gotten four months ago…).

  10. Aly Says:

    Hi Hiro,

    As AJ mentioned above, we’re more than happy to help out.. Another thing to make sure is that you are sending emails to Sometimes we have customers that send emails asking for assistance using the ‘Send Feedback’ menu item. We have an auto-reply on stating that we do not respond to those emails.

    Again, as AJ said, email us again ( and we’ll be more that happy to help out..

    Aly Daya
    VP of Operations
    Marketcircle Inc.

  11. therickster Says:

    What’s the special MacZot price? I’ve always found this app a bit pricey, but I’m interested if the price is right! I can’t find any reference to an actual number anywhere!

  12. Leroy Says:

    How is Daylite for sole proprietors? I heard Leo mention it on the video, but not much detail was given. Also, is Billings considered a necessary complement?