Apr 03

Hawkeye – Create Custom DVD’s with Ease

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How to share your favorite TV programs, movies, and home videos with your family and friends – quickly and easily!

Today on macZOT we are featuring Hawkeye, an application that allows you to make custom DVD mixes in a snap.

Imagine creating a DVD that contains all your favorite episodes of South Park (Lost, Desperate Housewives…). Compile them all onto a “best of” disc and invite your friends over for a party. They can bring the pizza.

What about the kids? They have their “needs” too, especially on those long car rides to grandma’s. Let them tell you what they want on their own special DVD – a little bit of Sesame Street, Dora, Mighty Mouse, and perhaps a smidgen of Sponge Bob Square Pants. (I bet Grandma would love a “best of” DVD of your kids as well – You do video your kids don’t you?).

Everyone in the family can enjoy creating and sharing their own “best of” DVD’s. Think of the possibilities and the kudos you’ll get for being the one to finally get your entertainment files organized. Now you can spend your time watching only the BEST – and forget the rest. (I had to say that).

Hey – grandma might even watch the kids while you two steal away for dinner and a movie. (Disregard this if you are a single guy/gal…I’ll let you come up with your own benefit for this one. Keep it clean, now.)

You never have to worry about the format either. (Phew!) Hawkeye seamlessly converts any video collection to the proper format, facilitating painless DVD creation. Several popular formats such as AVI, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, H.264, XviD, and even most WMV files are all supported.

Sprechen Sie deutsch? Hablas espanol? Parlez-vous anglais?

Great (I wish I did)! Hawkeye is multilingual – you can create custom menus in any language you desire.

If DVD output is not your goal (though who could resist a “best of” Montel – don’t answer that)….then let’s focus on the benefits of converting DVD’s and files into a variety of formats for your digital devices. Hawkeye works with the iPod, PSP®, SVCD, AVI, MP4, Final Cut Pro (DV), and several cellular phones with video playback support.

PSP® devices mount directly into Hawkeye. Simply drag and drop a DVD title or file to the PSP® and it will transfer the video, even converting beforehand if necessary! Savor great looking video on your PSP® with unprecedented ease.

What if you find yourself in a foreign country, with no way to play your company’s DVD? (And your big meeting is tomorrow!)

Easy, with Hawkeye you can convert collections from NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC with ease. Infinitesimal quality loss while converting between DVD regions. Blazing fast conversion with 1-click implementation keeps everyone happy (worldwide).

Even with a great product like Hawkeye, it is always nice to be able to ask a question or two, offer some feedback for upgraqdes, and get to know the person who created the app. Nitosoft has you covered!

The developers handle all email and support in-house. No question goes un-answered, no feature request is ignored. If it can be done easily, they will do it in a matter of days.

What else could you ask for from a developer?

Download Hawkeye for FREE and give it a try. You have nothing to lose – and LOTS to gain.

You might even want to tell your friends about this one – remember to invite them to your South Park party this weekend. :-)

**View some screenshots of Hawkeye here.

No Responses to “Hawkeye – Create Custom DVD’s with Ease”

  1. Tele-Pet Says:

    I’ve found HawkEye very useful for DLing YouTube vids, a feature that was added after I bought the app. Nice surprise!

  2. cheerful Says:

    that’s nice to know! i didn’t know that till now! thanks for the heads up Tele-Pet! this is a great transcoder!

  3. david Says:

    I am trying to buy it now and I get the message :

    ‘paypal/payconfirm’ is being coded. Meanwhile, go to macZOT

    any ideas ?

  4. bisley Says:

    @david, try to buy from not :)

  5. harringg Says:

    I’ve got it from a mystery (or story) ZOT and it has potential. I was having problems with iPod encoding, it wasn’t calculating sizes (video dimensions) correctly and my 80 GB iPod wasn’t accepting them. I’ve switched to Handbrake for that job so haven’t checked to see if it’s been updated/corrected. Early on when I got it support was good, but I’ve recently (a few months ago) sent support emails via their website form and haven’t heard back, so I’m not sure what there support is like these days. And even though it’s advertised to work with FCP files I was having issues with Hawkeye and FCP, therefore my need for support from the developer a few months ago. The above issues were on my Intel iMac.

  6. David Burton Says:

    This looked promisisng so I just did a quick test with the app. It ripped a commercial DVD quickly. However when I wrote the files to DVD using Toast the playback was very jerky on my DVD player.

    Then tried to rip a DVD containing DTS content. Hawkeye crashed 5 times.

    Don’t waste your money even if it is only 8 bucks!

  7. Steve A Says:

    If you look at the forum on their website, it looks like no-one is getting support for their issues. I only found this out after I bought it. Hope nothing goes wrong when I use it….

  8. David Burton Says:

    Steve, please let us know how you get on with the app! I hope it’s not “junkware” but things don’t look good right now.

  9. Kevin B Says:

    I’ve used hawkeye as my main ripper for a few months now. I really like it. The only thing I wish it could do was add tags. I ripped a bunch of dvds to H2.64 format (640×480, 1.3mbps) and also converted xvids to H2.64 for use with iTunes.

    I haven’t found another ripper that works as well for ripping tracks into something iTunes understands. Just wish it also did tagging, since that’s a major pita with lostify.

  10. Chris Messina Says:

    I actually really like Hawkeye and think this is a really good deal. Here’s one vote for taking advantage of this deal!

  11. TommyW Says:

    Hawkeye is great. I’ve had no problems with it. A very versatile video encoder and DVD authoring software. I’d really recommend people try it and check it out. The price is a giveaway…

  12. Tim Says:

    Does this program format the DVD’s so that they can be played in a DVD player?

  13. Will Says:

    @David Burton

    Just want to make sure you know to un-click the option where toast re-encodes your video. I had something similar happen to me, it was toast re-re-encoding my video.

  14. david Says:

    does anyone know how long after purchasing we get the codes ?

  15. Groxx Says:

    @Tim: yes, it does. It’s an authoring program, which literally means it’ll format the data so you can burn it to a DVD disk in a way that standard players can recognize.

    @David: usually, in my experience at least, we get codes when the deal ends. Look for it tomorrow ;)

    I got this a while ago, I think through a mysteryzot. I’ve since used it on several occasions, and it’s never failed me yet. Updates have added more functionality, more formats, and easier use (it was already one of the easiest I’ve come across). It’s a great app, and this is hella-cheap for a DVD authoring program _period_, much less such an easy to use one.
    To top it all off, it’s a very good video converter/encoder, and can handle conversion to and from a huge amount of video formats. They’ve really done an impressive job on compatibility with this app.

  16. sjk Says:

    If you look at the forum on their website, it looks like no-one is getting support for their issues.

    And there’s too much spam there.

  17. Tronstr Says:

    I got this in the Mystery Zot also, It seems ok (does not crash all the time), but I have never gotten it to work all that well.

    It ripped one DVD right after I got it, and has not been able to do a complete rip since. And I have not had it make a playable DVD yet.

    Went back to Mac the Ripper and handbrake after getting no where with tech support

  18. harringg Says:

    In fairness, I downloaded the most recent version and tried again. My FCP problem is I import a video I created on JVC DVD-R set-top drive, then try to Prepare for FCP (DV). It imports the video, it can be played in QT, but won’t convert it to DV. It says an error occured, but doesn’t say what. No response from developer on this. MPEGStreamClip (free) gets my footage off the disc just fine.

    For those who can get it to work, that’s great, in fact when I first got it, I sent other DVD pros to MacZOT to get Hawkeye, but have since reconsidered.