Apr 01

RapidWeaver themes Spring Bundle!

Normally: $26.00

ZOT Price: $18.00

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ATTENTION: Bloggers, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Teachers, Students, Stay-at-home moms…and YOU!

Imagine: A Brand New Look for your RapidWeaver website – Just in time for Spring!

Today on macZOT we are bringing you a very special RapidWeaver bundle – two terrific themes at one LOW price! – Miniblog and City from Bonsai Studio.

Miniblog Theme

Customize and personalize your blog with Miniblog – the perfect companion for any blogger – and anyone who likes their site to look professional and stylin’.

With the RapidWeaver Miniblog theme you get:

  • Four Sidebar options (two sidebar types, vertical and bottom one)
  • Four “Flavoured” Styles – “Green Apple:, “Strawberry, “Grape” and “Melon”
  • Nine (9!) “Custom Headers”
  • Four width, 500,600,700,800px
  • Ten (10!) “Left Images”
  • Ten (10!) “Right Images”
  • A new “Bottom Sidebar”
  • Three “Title Options”
  • Four “Font Styles”
  • Three “Image Frame Stiles”
  • RW multitool ready

What does this mean for you?The ability to create infinite color and style combinations for your all new totally customized, sweet-looking blog! Now that’s worth blogging about!

City Theme

Oh, and if “flavoured themes” are not what you’re looking for, perhaps you’d like to take your business to the City. How about your own personal downtown?

Check it out, a new totally customizable theme that looks professional and very slick. (Yes, now people will take you seriously!) The hierarchical variations structure will let you obtain a real personal website (READ: It won’t look like everyone else’s). Why? Because you will have the ability to choose colors, background, headers, or just make up your own! Your chance to express yourself and claim this site as your own – your way. Everyone will want to visit YOUR CITY!

You will definitely want to check out the live previews of these two new RapidWeaver themes from ((( Bonsai Studio ))) to see just for yourself how easy it will be to take your blog/website to the next level.

To preview City and MiniBlog, just click on these links, and then head back to macZOT to get them for yourself.

9 Responses to “RapidWeaver themes – Spring Bundle”

  1. EnlightenedOne Says:

    Thanks for thinking of us RapidWeaver users.

    I would love to see more RapidWeaver Themes here. *Anyone else* care to chime in here? :-)

  2. TommyW Says:

    Yes, just not these particularly.

    I really like these

    and the ones out of BlueBall Design

  3. gryphonent Says:

    Themes are nice… but not for that price. I bought themes from another developer for RapidWeaver 2 and had to trash all of them with version 3. The app has a tendency of not being backward compatible… so, I will refrain from any further expenses when it comes to themes. Unless there’s a guarantee by the developer to update themes free of charge if they break with a newer version of RapidWeaver.

  4. xnedwriter Says:

    I’d definitely love to see more RW themes, as well as discounts on RW plugins. Keep ‘em coming! Maybe even a special “Theme of the month” approach, with a special Zot price for 12 themes, sent one per month. It’s been a while since we had a mystery zot, and this would be a fun one.

  5. Fonzi Says:

    Of note: There’s a small discount for ZOTGeist members.

    As for updates, their website states:
    “((( Bonsai Studio ))) RapidWeaver themes include in the sale price free updates. Every time one of our RapidWeaver themes will be updated you will receive an email and relative updated RapidWeaver theme you purchased.”

    That does not say they will update for new RW-versions in any case, but they will have to if they want to continue selling the particular theme and all previous buyers will get that update.

    Maybe someone from Bonsai Studio can say more about it?

  6. dantini Says:

    Hey, I won this as a NextZOT!!! Must be good (instant) karma for all the positive mentions I’ve made of RapidWeaver since it came out… :)

    I think these are pretty nice looking, so I am sure I will use them somewhere.

  7. Timm Says:

    I would agree with the suggestion of more themes through macZOT. However, I purchased the themes yesterday and have not received any codes. Is this a normal delay?

  8. Timm Says:

    In addition, I have not received any information about the downloads even though macZOT states, “You will often be able to download the software immediately and registrations will be processed within 48 hours.”

    Can I not download and use the themes I purchased for another 24 hours?

    Thank you for the information.

  9. david Says:

    Timm – my one complaint about buying things through MacZot is the time factor. I suspect that Brian doesn’t contact the seller until the Zot has run its course, meaning a delay of 24-36 hours. When it is a program that is serialized and has a trial period that’s no big deal, but when the real thing has to be downloaded, like the template files from Bonsai, the wait can be frustrating. Don’t Zot if you want to buy and begin using right away.