Mar 28

Backing up is SMART – and SmartBackup makes it easy!

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ZOT Price: $14.62

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How many times have you said to yourself, "I REALLY should backup my files"?

Put this worry to rest quickly and painlessly with SmartBackup!

SmartBackup – Spotlight Powered Backup

Quickly and efficiently perform lightweight backups of your personal files. Speed is primary since you are only backing up files that you have added to your system, and not ones that came with your Mac OSX install DVD.

Supports Lots of Hard Drives

SmartBackup supports backing up to any kind of hard disk, partitions or network sharepoints. It works with your iPod, USB drives, iDisk, AFP, NFS, SMB, WebDAV.

Make Your Own Backup Rules with Spotlight

Files found during a Spotlight search can be backed up or excluded.

Then just tell SmartBackup exactly what you want to backup. You make the rules!

“Backup all files changed during the last week."

"Backup purchased music only out of the iTunes library."

"Exclude all files with a red label.”


Keep Your Backup Clean with Smart Archiving

SmartBackup lets you easily archive deleted or changed files. That way the backup stays clean; changed or deleted files are neatly kept in a time-stamped folder.

Pro Flexibility: Headless Mode

Some people need to do that Unix stuff, like running backups via ssh or cron. SmartBackup even allows you run backups from the command line.

Easy Automation with iCal or Automator

Backing up is simple and can be automatic – you don’t even need to remember to do it. Put SmartBackup on autopilot and launch it using iCal. If more sophisticated tasks are required, like mounting sharepoints before backup, you can include SmartBackup easily in Automator workflows using the included Automator Action.

It already works with Intel Macs!

SmartBackup is already a "universal binary" that runs natively on Intel based or PPC Macs.

For more information, visit the developers site at Freeride Coding.

16 Responses to “Backups are Smart”

  1. F451 Says:

    I own a license to BurnAgain DVD by the same developer, and I like what he does. I have been trying this app and getting near the end of the trial. Although I have a license to Déjà VU, SmartBackup is much better (at least for me) so this ZOT came at the perfect time.

    BTW, I find this developer responsive, and honest.

  2. yngvede Says:

    Where is a Zotgeist special when you really need it? :(

  3. James Says:

    Who is buying this, when Leopard is coming soon ;)

  4. Will Says:

    I already own this program and I can vouch for its ease of use. It’s a more traditional back up program that backs up to a variety of disk/flash media. I use to for a few of my “offsite” backups and so far its done very well.

    The one quirk that I have come across is pretty minor. The interface is a bit strange – especially when you want to switch to another backup.

    Leopard’s time machine is a wholly different animal. It’s not designed for this type of thing – it backs up, but it’s not user configurable to back up just a few files to some random flash drive.

  5. lonniehb Says:

    I bought this several months ago (before the name changed) and it works great!

    What happened to my Z O T G E I S T money! Where’s the club? I hate being addicted to checking this site daily when it’s so poorly operated.

  6. macmac Says:

    I bought this a couple months ago and absolutely love it. It is totally reliable and easily configured if you want to do different backup sets to different drives. It does what it is supposed to, it doesn’t surprise me with problems, it never messed with my files, it never missed files in a backup, and never has crashed on me. It also separately archives previous versions in incremental backups so you always have that accessible. It also doesn’t require you to go the “disk image and restore” route if you don’t want to. If I didn’t already have it, I would definitely take advantage of the sale—you are very lucky today. Plus the little dark window shade that appears when it is working is very cool. Don’t pass it up… really!

  7. macleod Says:

    Students can get this for $10. Why is there not ZotGeist price to even get close to that. ZotGeist and macZOT have become pretty annoying with few deals worth it in the past few months.

  8. ZOT Says:


    There actually is a ZG member price for today’s app. Go check it out!

    And thank you for continuing to support MacZOT! We appreciate your business, and if you are ever not satisfied, please email us at and let us know specifically how we can improve our services. We will do our best to make the MacZOT experience helpful and enjoyable for ALL our customers.

    Have a great day! – And don’t forget to backup your files. ;-)

    Team MacZOT!

  9. Lauram Says:

    How does this compare to Apple’s Backup? I’m kind of exasperated by it at the moment and would consider switching. It’s incredibly slow.

  10. Torben Says:

    I’ve got nothing in Zotgeist…

  11. Torben Says:

    Sorry – it’s not listed under Zotgeist but if you Buy there’s an extra discount.


  12. F451 Says:

    I actually bought this early as I received an email before midnight, therefor, I did not receive the ZOTgeist additional savings that were posted later today. However, if someone out there wants SmartBackup—and provided MacZOT is willing—I will pass on my ZOTgeist to one person who is not a part of ZOTgeist (today, and only today) who really wants this, but just can’t seem to ante up the extra cash. This is better than having MacZOT hassle with a credit. Again, this is only if MacZOT thinks this is allowable. I am not complaining about the $14.92 that I happily paid (this developer deserves it). If MacZOT feels I should have not have posted this, then please delete this post. Thanks.

  13. ZOT Says:

    Hi F451,

    Sorry about the late ZG post, and thank you for your kind and generous offer. We’d be happy for the ZG price to go to someone new, just email I guess it will be first come, first served.


    Team macZOT

  14. F451 Says:

    As always MacZOT comes through! Thanks Lisa. I am always grateful to MacZOT, and the developers who participate.

  15. Lars Says:

    While this app looks interesting, I’ve always been of the mind that when it comes to backups, the most important things are ease of use, flexibility and (perhaps most importantly) preservation of metadata. That last one is often-overlooked but vitally important, given OSX’s reliance upon the UNIX substructure.

    And, for that, the best backup program in existence is SuperDuper! Check this. It just simply is the best program for retaining ALL your data that I’ve ever used.

  16. ZOT Says:

    Thanks F541 – a lucky member just got a ZG price for today’s app thanks to you.


    Team MacZOT