Mar 05

Flip4Mac WMV Studio

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Windows Media Video? (.wmv files)

Create Windows Media files from QuickTime applications using preset standard definitions, single pass encoding profiles.


  • Play Windows Media directly in QuickTime Player and Safari.
  • Import Windows Media into editing applications like iMovie, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro HD.
  • Export Windows Media 9 files from applications like iMovie, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro HD using preset standard definition, single pass encoding profiles.
  • Supports

  • Windows Media Video 7, 8 and 9 Standard decoders.
  • Windows Media Video 9 encoder.
  • Windows Media Audio 7, 8 and 9 Standard, Professional and Lossless decoders.
  • Windows Media Audio 9 Standard encoders.
  • Local files, HTTP and MMS streaming protocols.
  • Requires

  • Mac OS X version 10.3.9 and QuickTime 6.5.1 or later.
  • 15 Responses to “Flip4Mac”

    1. Lowell Denning Says:

      Great package. I actually got this by buying the new game, The Movies. It comes with a full registered version of this.

    2. gryphonent Says:

      Hmm…. considering that the game is, what, $59 tops… I reckon I’d go for the game instead. Question is, if the OEM version is fully upgradeable.

    3. Nathan Ziarek Says:

      There is a free version that’ll play WMV available from Microsoft (still made by Flip4Mac, but distributed by MS), so don’t think you need to pay maczot $30 to simply play WMV & ASF…

    4. Nathan Ziarek Says:

      There is a free version that’ll play WMV available from Microsoft (still made by Flip4Mac, but distributed by MS), so don’t think you need to pay maczot $30 to simply play WMV & ASF…

    5. Groxx Says:

      Ick. Ew. Why would you want to encode in WMV anyway? h.264, ffmpeg, and a bajillion others are better, and free.

      And @Nathan Ziarek: the free version of this is available on Flip4Mac’s website (which is what MS redirects you to). This is for encoding in WMV-specific formats (as if you’d want to do that anyway. Why not choose a player-neutral codec?).

    6. JeridHill Says:

      I had someone send me a wmv file. My flip4mac free download worked great for viewing. The problem came when I wanted to burn the wmv to a cd/dvd. No matter what program I opened it in, iDVD, iMove, VLC, Roxio, Disco, etc, etc., a watermark came up when replayed. The only way to remove the watermark, even after it was converted to a .mov file was to pay for the full version. Since I needed the wmv for a project I was working on……

    7. iScrapple Says:

      To question the Zot:

      How about a Zotgeist deal? It’s been a couple weeks since the last one!

      To clarify the Zot:

      (1) If you only need to play wmv files, get the Flip4Mac Free plugin for Safari/Quicktime.

      (2) Flip4Mac WMV Studio is essential if you want to convert wmv files to other formats using Quicktime. It is the perfect addition to Quicktime Pro and/or iMovie and FCP!

      (3) Sure, you can export to WMV, but that’s like using an IntelMac only for running Windows! Ick!

      Thanks, Zot!!!

    8. consumer_q Says:

      Considering that the QuickTime application for Win is like WMPlayer for the Mac, I can appreciate the need to export to a Win-centric format for Win users. If you host any sort of website containing multimedia, offering a QT and WMV option is nice so that your visitors are not forced to download a video player.

    9. Eniregnat Says:

      I have this and it is quite worth it if you need to work with WM formats. It doesn’t work with all Microsoft formats. I slowly upgraded to this level, and it is well worth it.

      I’m glad M$ decided to licence WM encoding and decoding to at least one company. Otherwise all of us Mac users would be in the dark (unless we either duel boot or use virtualization).

    10. Antonio Says:

      Ah yes…this world of WMV. It’s a fact, there are way more content providers offering this format. Although I don’t approve, so what, the public will do as it pleases….Flip4Mac is the essential plug in, and I ‘do’ or don’t view content. Encoding is first rate for the Studio version, and I’m even working with their pro app, Episode….now that’s compression at it’s finest.

    11. Chris Says:

      1 word. UGhghggkhgflksddfgjfdlkfgdjgfdklgjdfsl…..
      I’ll bet a lot of people can use this app, so it’s a good choice.
      I just don’t need it.

    12. abcd Says:

      I would buy it, if it supported encrypted wmv streams.. but I think it does not..

    13. Peter Says:

      I like VisualHub myself. Converted a video to WMV because that’s the only thing my wife could play on her ultra-locked down Windows box at work in Corporate America. Looked at this too, but got more formats, ability to dump to my Tivo and iPod easily with VisualHub.

    14. Ron LaPedis Says:

      Where is the coupon code?

    15. Lance Says:

      Once upon a time Microsoft, like Apple-QuickTime, made it free for anyone to see their Web content. Now, indirectly through Flip4Mac, the noose is being tightened on Mac users by putting an ugly watermark over the content when trying to get it out of the Web. soon I imagine even the content as it plays in the Web page will probably have an ugly watermark.

      Microsoft is following along the lines of RealPlayer in limiting the use of their content more and more.

      There seem to be opposite philosophies between Gates and Jobs: one wants to isolate everyone who isn’t using his operating system; the other wants to welcome (via free QuickTime, free iTunes) anyone and everyone.