Dec 29

MacZOT Coloring Contest 2006!

Add your Entry to our Flickr Group
ColorZOT 1.0
Click to see the BIGGER version.

Looking for a creative way to get a NEW iPod Nano?

MacZOT wants to help.

Grab this image. Put it into your favorite paint program and have at it.


Print it out and color it with crayons, markers or pencils.

Submit a digital image to

The best coloring will win an iPod Nano


A Free ZOT! each month for a year. (That’s 12 Free ZOTs!)

Get started now!

Submissions must be returned by 11:59 pm PST 12.31.2006

(the image is "Meteor" by Mike Biskup)


21 Responses to “MacZOT Coloring Contest”

  1. ZOT Says:

    Get the bigger image for coloring here!


  2. Glenn Wolsey Says:

    Awesome idea!

  3. cheerful Says:

    lol using the bigger gif, will we get a bigger iPod? e.g. 750 GB iPod/vPod or better still a 1TB Nano with Video and Phone ability ;)


  4. ZOT Says:

    Also, feel free to link us to your blog if you want to post your potentially-winning Meteor.

  5. ZOT Says:

    Our first Entries are now on Flickr

    It’s COLORZOT!

  6. escargot Says:

    Oh, it is a big Katamari! Yes, you will roll us a nice, big colorful Katamari. Roll, roll!

  7. HopelessOptimist Says:

    How many entries can each person submit?

  8. macgirl Says:

    This is so fun. I love the entries on Flickr. I’m going to tell all my friends and their kids!! Great way to celebrate the end of a great year – coloring.

  9. ZOT Says:

    You can now upload your entry to the Flickr Group “colorzot”
    Add your Entry to our Flickr Group

  10. Barney Says:

    Isn’t the image the wrong way up ?

    On Mike Biskup’s web site it’s the other way around.
    The image makes more sense being the other way up.

  11. macgirl Says:

    Have you checked out the entries on flickr? They are so amazing. What a great community!

  12. F451 Says:

    It’s going to be hard to beat lneuma1′s.

  13. Barney Says:

    My favs at the moment are psimonsson and brunermeteor
    The rest are really great as well but those two IMHO are fulgent :)
    psimonsson seems slightly better because he’s kept the original
    artist line work intact.

  14. harringg Says:

    A Flickr newbie question. I’ve uploaded the image and tagged it ColorZot. I’ve joined ColorZot, but don’t know how to make it show up on the MacZot page of Flickr. My daughter had her first use of Photoshop and was hooked.


  15. nightstick Says:

    So, I signed on for the BirthdayZot, and today’s my birthday…what do I win?

  16. dantini Says:

    Here in China, we are still suffering from a major Internet slowdown… Not sure if any other way I tried to post this worked, so here is a page from my MacZOT! Coloring Book…

  17. macgirl Says:

    You can always send your picture to and they’ll upload it to flickr for you.

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