Nov 02




Normally: $39.99
ZOT price: $24.97

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An intuitive full-featured personal and small business financial manager.

iBank 2 is designed to manage bank accounts, credit cards and investments, analyze income and expenses with live updating charts, and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting.


Wrapped in a beautiful Aqua interface, iBank 2 is a robust financial application able to meet the needs of the casual spender to online day-trader.

20 Responses to “iBank”

  1. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Damn you MacZot! Damn you! Just bought iBank a few days ago :p

  2. Jan Says:

    Wasn’t checkbook featured a couple of days ago? Or is my memory failing me?

  3. Hessi Says:

    hmm, I am looking for a finance app, but in my opinion, this is just another nice try with lots of bugs and unconsistencies.
    Besides the only half-done translation to German, which results in a completely unusable user interface, I couldn’t even add a budget revenue, since the + Button only adds Expenses.

    Definitely pass that one…

  4. Karsen Says:

    CheckBook is sooo much nicer.

  5. gryphonent Says:

    Is this iBank 3 (THREE!) or iBank 2 (TWO?).

  6. Jefe Says:

    Does anyone know if iBank is able to connect to your bank account and download cleared transactions like Quicken? If I could find an app that would do that, I would drop Quicken in a flash.. but I just can’t do without that feature.

  7. MK Says:

    @Jefe: I think Moneydance is the only non-Quicken app that can actually make connections (as opposed to importing downloaded files).

    I’m still looking for a non-Quicken finance app. Biding my time to see how Cha-Ching develops…

  8. rage Says:

    picked this up on mupromo last week otherwise would have got it here. This one handles qfx from my bank where CheckBook didn’t.

  9. Sean Says:

    This sounds like a closer fit to quicken than checkbook is. I may have to get this as Quicken is the huge peice of *#$% on the Mac side.

  10. Peter Says:

    Anybody able to do nice small business end-of-year tax reports (profit/loss, etc) with this? Checkbook is not up to the task, and I haven’t heard from the developer on this one :-(

  11. gryphonent Says:

    I’m using Liquid Ledger… a true accounting app. Bare bones. Reliable and fast.

  12. jaxx Says:

    macZOT! is starting to become expensive for me, there’s at least one and a half great app per month, now, with iBank, I’ll be able to point out my year’s budget on Zotted apps…

  13. UnLogikal Says:

    It’s iBank 2.x …

    Too bad I just bought Cha-Ching for $15 yesterday. It might not be as usable as iBank right not but I emailed a request to the iBank developer(s) a few months back about putting iBank on maczot. They’re a tad late to the party and I’ve moved on. I wasn’t paying $40 for it. Now I won’t be paying $25 for it either.

  14. nixfu Says:

    Still think moneydance is #1 for MacOS.

  15. iBank Developer Says:

    iBank 2 can do profit-loss statements quickly and efficiently.

  16. G Says:

    @Hessi: Bugs and inconsistencies? Yes, a few. Consider trying the forums. Both the tech support “team” and the developer are very responsive to user input and feedback.

    A recent “switcher,” I’ve tried every personal finance application I could find on the Mac, hoping to find one that would favourably compare to MS Money. I haven’t found one yet, but iBank comes really close. iBank has the appeal of an OS X app’s simple aesthetic, is very easy to use, supports multiple currencies, and isn’t bloated with so-called “features” I’ll never use. At its regular price of $40, which isn’t much cheaper than the far more robust Quicken, iBank’s value is assuredly questionable; but at this price, it’s a great deal.

    @gryphonent: It’s iBank 2. There is no iBank 3. You might be thinking of iBiz 3, a different product by the same developer.

  17. hiltmon Says:

    I hated quicken, looked at cha ching, checkbook, moneydance, liquid ledger, even MS money under parallels, etc etc… and migrated fully to iBank a few weeks ago. After ages of researching, this one came out tops! Why? Its Mac native and handles multicurrency, QIF import and is easy to use. (Note: I am not affiliated with the makers at all – just a satisfied customer)

  18. Tronstr Says:

    Now thats service, I already have my serial number in my e-mail box.

    Gotta love it when a plan comes together

  19. Ben Says:

    I’ve been using Budget for the last couple years and really like it for tracking expenses… just giving a shout-out to the competition. The 2 developers of it are very helpful and you can ask any question in their forums and they will post a detailed answer. (get it from

  20. Trot Says:

    DRAG! I missed the Zot on this one!!!