Oct 26


"For those who use Money"

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ZOT price $9.95

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Keeping tabs on your finances can be a lot of work. You ask yourself, “Where is all my money going?” Your old-fashioned paper check register can’t provide the sorting and balancing features you so desperately need, but on the other hand, monster applications like Quicken make you sift through tons of features and distract you with their financial services ads. You could really use a middle ground – a personal finance manager that excels at the basics but keeps things simple. Thank goodness you found CheckBook!



  • Powerful Toolbar – everything you need to manage your Deposits, Debits and Transfers.
  • Single-window interface – keeps your data front and center.
  • Account Summary – visualize where your money came from and where it’s going. Specify a date range and choose from several additional options to get a quick look at your financial picture, including subtotals of all your Types, Descriptions and To/Froms!
  • Reconciliation mode – helps you locate missing entries and compare against Real World statements.
  • Scheduled Entries – configure CheckBook to remind you of repeating transactions.
  • Filters – speedy, always-on filtering let’s you find specific transactions in no time.
  • Interactive Balance – user-customizable field to keep track of any vital Account statistic.
  • Easy Import & Export – import Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) and export tab-delimited text.
  • Auto-completing Fields – streamlines data entry.
  • Printing – print all Entries, the results for the current search or an Account Summary.
  • Multiple Accounts – easily work with more than one account with CheckBook’s Accounts Drawer.
  • Password Protection – keep visitors out of your business.
  • Customizable Entry Types – label your account Entries any way you like.
  • International Date & Currency – settings in Mac OS X’s International preferences are completely supported.
  • Auto-Save – no need to worry about saving or file structure.
  • And more!

31 Responses to “CheckBook – For those who use Money”

  1. kodac Says:

    Wow, you guys must like this as much as I do to put it up again…

  2. Allen Hancock Says:

    We all love to hate Intuit, but can I use this with a palm based counterpart?

  3. highfructose Says:

    Not related to this app, but thought I’d drop a quick comment saying that the colorscheme toggles on the main page are awesome! Green clovers, orange stars, and purple horseshoes! :D

  4. Nick Says:

    I have been using this app for the past two years. Apart from the ugly dark and heavy handed icons it rocks. Hopefully V2 which should be out soon will look as good as this thing works. The best $15 I ever spent on software.

  5. Jeff Says:

    I have to agree with Allen. If it won’t sync to Palm or Windows Mobile I don’t see much of a use for this.

  6. Joao Carlos de Pinho Says:

    > can I use tthis with a palm based counterpart?

    I keep my Checkbook accounts synchronized with my PocketMoney accounts. Both applications use the QIF format to interchange data.

  7. Mark Says:

    I like this app too! I got it in the shoezot … but I hope it isn’t the weekend zot ….. my birthday is tomorrow!

  8. mattt Says:

    Can someone comment on how this compares to iBank? I might switch if it’s worth it.

  9. Rob M. Says:

    blech. metal. big buttons. drawers. every line is colored.

    My eyes hurt.

  10. Rob M. Says:

    Oh, blarg. You can’t edit transactions in the table! It drops a sheet down every time you try to edit a transaction.

    /hugs Quicken
    //”They don’t love you, but we’re still okay”

  11. lgbtech Says:

    Dear MacZOT,

    Can we please have a link to the developer’s product page? You used to do this and have since stopped. It’s nice to be able to look at the details before downloading sometimes.


    p.s. for anyone else that might want it, the link for Checkbook is

  12. Kristen Says:

    I bought this last time it was on here. I really love it. I’ve abandoned my paper checkbook in favour of this. Maybe not the best idea to not have a backup, but I have online banking too, so. The best part is that this does the math for you.

  13. Peter Says:

    Haven’t found a good way to do end-of-year small business reports for tax time, but hopefully that will be possible. No need to buy, got it on the ShoeZOT but haven’t played around with it enough yet.

  14. Eniregnat Says:

    Love this app. I got it in the ShoeZOT. Starting next year I plan to do all of my finances on it, instead of in my ledger.

    It doesn’t have any encryption that I can see, but there are ways around that other than filevalut.

    Then again, who cares that I have no more than 2 bucks in my account after the bills are paid.

  15. Groxx Says:

    Looks really good, actually… Tempted to get it, but not sure yet.

  16. MK Says:

    I need a finance app… Money (by Jumsoft) looks good; iBank looks good; Cha-Ching sounds promising; Checkbook not so much… If Cha-Ching is shooting for a feature set that competes with Money and iBank, I think I’d prefer to go with Cha-Ching at the current beta price.

  17. Groxx Says:

    update from my previous post:
    got it :) The price is right for a poor college student, and the summary features will be useful for me.

  18. runic Says:

    It has a password protection thing. You can password protect accounts individually. I don’t know why you’d need that, but it’s there.

    I love this thing. I wish it did categories, but I love the simplicity. I simply can’t do the Quicken thing. It hurts too much.

    This deal arrived just in time. I was planning to purchase.

  19. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    For ZOTGEIST members who didn’t get this the first time around, it’s a pretty good price.

    I got it with the ShoeZot but haven’t done anything with it yet. I’ve always hated Quicken.

  20. gryphonent Says:

    I recommend Liquid Ledger… the most natural way of doing your finances. However, some accounting experience is needed.

  21. MK Says:

    No more ZG discount for CheckBook. But there appears to be an interesting option to purchase using ZOTBucks… Does anyone have more that two ZOTBucks in their account? Also, it’s not clear if the ZOTBucks is for ZG only…

  22. Groxx Says:

    I’m not in ZotGeist, and I’ve got 3 ZBs.

  23. flec65 Says:

    Where is indicated how many ZOTbucks I have? Can’t find anything in my account…

  24. kodac Says:

    I saw those as well. but I don’t see the ZG discount they mentioned…

  25. Chris Says:

    I am in ZG, and I have 4 ZB…

  26. Groxx Says:

    I couldn’t find anything about ZBs in my account either, but if you attempt to buy it and click the “Pay using ZOTBucks” instead, it’ll tell you. I’m fairly sure there would be a confirmation page, so it shouldn’t buy it if you DO have 7 ZBs.

    Perhaps it’s related to how many Zots we’ve purchased?

  27. flec65 Says:

    Groxx said : “I’m fairly sure there would be a confirmation page…”

    No, I tried it. When you click the button, you buy it right away. There – should – be a confirmation page at this step! I lost 7 ZBs by purchasing an app I already have! :-(

    So be warned…

    “Perhaps it’s related to how many Zots we’ve purchased?”

    probably. But there’s no way to know how much we have in our account. Cool idea, but we’re left in the dark…

  28. NixFu Says:

    This program looks pretty good if all you want to do is simple checkbook/savings.

    But for anything else like investments, or if you want to have built-in online banking and downloading of statements etc, then Moneydance is STILL the best personal finance app available for MacOS.

  29. Cameron Says:

    I’ve got 5ZB so far.

  30. Michele Says:

    I’ve got this one in the ShoeZOT, but decided to uninstall it and get Cha-Ching instead: it’s in beta and a bit unstable, but still much better than Checkbook which is, let’s say, not very usable…

    BTW, no new ZOT today?

  31. cheerful Says:

    now, disco’s into the next beta. maczot, will that be here soon? :) TIA!